Upgrade Your Setup With These 9 Best Monitors For Work

best desktop monitors for work

Instead of sticking to that small screen on your laptop, why not get some of the best monitors for work to upgrade your setup at home? Whether you’re pulling up data or editing pitch slides, these best monitors in Singapore can make all the difference. With a larger display, you’re instantly more efficient as you can view more spreadsheet rows and documents at one go! Wondering which are the best monitors for work to help you unlock this extra productivity? From LG to Xiaomi, here’s our top picks for the best monitors in Singapore this 2022!

What is a monitor?

What is a monitor
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Monitors are one of the computer hardware items that everyone should own. They display video and graphics information generated by a connected computer through the latter’s graphics card. So if you’ve connected your laptop to an external monitor, you’ll notice that the monitor is displaying the same thing as your laptop! 

What to consider when choosing the best monitors for work?

choosing the best monitors for work
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  • Purpose

Is your computer monitor purely for work purposes or would you also be playing some computer games? This is the first thing you’ll have to consider when choosing the best monitors in Singapore. The best monitors for work may not be optimised for hardcore gamers, so once you’ve determined the purpose, you’ll then be able to figure whether you need a larger screen, better resolution and so on. 

  • Screen resolution

The monitor’s screen resolution is basically how high-definition your display is. The number of pixels are responsible for this, so the higher the pixels, the sharper and clearer your pictures and videos will be. When you’re looking at the best monitors for work, the minimum resolution should be either HD or FHD (full high-definition). These are usually the monitors with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. For more crisp images, go for QHD (quad high-definition) and 4K monitors. 

  • Screen size

A larger screen will allow you to view more items at the same time. This is largely dependent on the screen resolution too. Larger screen sizes may not display crisp and clear images if the resolution isn’t high enough. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 if the monitor is 25 inches and below. QHD and 4K resolutions are perfect for monitors between 27 inches and 43 inches. You can also go for the best curved monitors in Singapore as these allow for a wider viewing angle where your eyes can see everything at a glance. But ultimately, choosing the right size depends on how far you’ll be seated away from the monitor and your preference. 

  • Refresh rate

Refresh rate is basically how often your monitor will be updated with new information each second. Therefore, the higher the hertz (Hz), the smoother your videos and images will be. The best monitors for work are those with a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, if you’re going to play a lot of games on the monitor as well, it’s best to get a refresh rate that’s at least 75Hz. 

What is the difference between a monitor and TV screen? 

difference between a monitor and TV screen
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Although you can connect either a monitor or a TV to your computer, what’s displayed isn’t really the same. Here are the main differences:

Display Screen size Resolution Refresh rates
  • Smaller as compared to TV screen
  • More high-definition than TV screens
  • Higher refresh rates than TV screens, thus lesser chances of experiencing lag and freeze frames
TV screen
  • Larger as compared to monitors
  • Lower-definition as compared to monitors
  • Lower refresh rates than monitors, thus higher chances of experiencing lag and freeze frames

Best monitors for work in Singapore this 2022

1. LG 32UN500 — overall best monitor for work

LG 32UN500 — overall best monitor for work
(Credit: LG Official Store)

Resolution — the one thing that determines how many pixels go on your display at once! While pricier than their low-res counterparts, the best monitors in Singapore that are perfect for work are those with 4K resolution. Not only do 4K UHD monitors offer superior colour reproduction and contrast, this vibrance ultimately makes them more pleasant to look at for prolonged periods. For specific recommendations, the LG 32UN500 (available on LG Official Store) trumps the competition! With HDR10 and black stabilising features, you won’t find a better 32 inch monitor on our list that offers a crisper image. Also, 4K resolution allows your LG monitor to display more for less as you can simultaneously squeeze more on your screen!

2. BenQ SW240 — best monitor for creatives

benq sw240 best monitors for work
(Credit: BenQ Singapore)

Need the best monitors for work and tasks like professional image or video editing? Then the superior colour accuracy of BenQ SW240 (available on BenQ Singapore) cannot be understated! With 99% Adobe RGB Colour Space, your media will come bursting to life thanks to the wider colour gamut and greater colour accuracy on this BenQ monitor. For beginner creators, take advantage of BenQ’s Palette Master Element Software that does the monitor calibration for you so colours are optimally accurate with a few clicks! As a bonus, the BenQ SW240 utilises Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array Resolution. This offers some extra display real estate so you can see more in one instance without excessive scrolling while having an HD resolution!

3. Xiaomi 1C — best monitor for budget shoppers

Xiaomi 1C — best monitor for budget shoppers
(Credit: Mi TV Official Store)

On the lookout for the best budget monitors for work in Singapore? The Xiaomi 1C (available on Mi TV Official Store) will be perfect for you! If you’re familiar with Xiaomi’s vast array of home appliances and gadgets, you’ll know they offer tremendous value for anyone shopping on a budget. Don’t let its affordability fool you — this Xiaomi monitor is a neat addition to any modern workspace as it seamlessly blends in with its modern touches and quality specifications. From its 178-degree wide vision field to ultra narrow bezels, these features will meet your productivity needs without forcing you to break the bank.

4. Samsung S24R350 — best monitor for work and gaming

Samsung S24R350 — best monitor for work and gaming
(Credit: Samsung Brand Store)

Can’t decide whether to get a monitor that’s primed for productivity or leisure? Why not buy one of the best monitors for work and gaming! In addition to its anti-glare matte finish and angular modern design, Samsung’s LS24R350FZEXXS (available on Samsung Brand Store) ships with AMD freesync. If you have a gaming rig powered by an AMD graphics card, you’re in luck as the Samsung monitor will be dynamically refreshed to sync with whatever game you’re playing. This is fantastic if you’re facing issues like screen tearing and input lag! Also, this best monitor in Singapore has a Game Mode that optimally adjusts contrast and colour levels so you can game in more vivid detail.

5. Acer SA241Y — best monitor for workaholics

Acer SA241Y — best monitor for workaholics
(Credit: Acer Official Store)

Contrary to popular belief, the best budget monitors for work don’t skimp on productivity features. This is especially so for this Acer SA241Y (available on Acer Official Store) as it features everything you’ll need to make prolonged use less straining on your eyes. From its BlueLightShield that reduces harmful blue light emissions to ComfyView which minimises light reflection, Acer’s monitor comes packed with eye-friendly applications and settings. To take the Acer SA241Y up a notch, pair it with a monitor stand so it sits higher on your desk. This will make sure the monitor is closer to your eye level so viewing will be a whole lot easier!

6. ViewSonic VG2455 — best monitor for workspace minimalists

ViewSonic VG2455 — best monitor for workspace minimalists
(Credit: ViewSonic SG Official Store)

We understand — having dual monitor setups can be a nightmare given the amount of cable management required. From multiple power cords to display adapters being used, your workspace runs the risk of being an eyesore with each computer accessory being plugged in. Fortunately, the ViewSonic VG2455 (available on ViewSonic SG Official Store) is USB-C compatible so charging, displaying content and outputting audio is all done with a single wire. Talk about convenience! Add to this the freedom to pivot and adjust the ViewSonic VG2455 to your preferred angle and you have one of the best monitors for work that prioritises the user experience.

7. Anmite Portable Monitor — best monitor for hot deskers

Anmite Portable Monitor — best monitor for hot deskers
(Credit: Anmite SG Official Store)

Of all the best monitors for work on this list, Anmite’s Portable Monitor (available on Anmite SG Official Store) immediately stands out for its portable nature! Look beyond its travel-friendly foundations and you’ll find that the monitor holds plenty of promise. From having multiple ports for easy compatibility with various devices to an interactive touch screen, this Anmite monitor doesn’t hold back when it comes to convenience. This can be helpful in today’s hotdesking culture as a convenient secondary display is essential for productivity. Specifications-wise, you’ll also adore how this best portable monitor in Singapore shines with its full HD resolution and 15.6-inch screen!

8. Prism+ W240 — best monitor for productivity 

Prism+ W240 — best monitor for productivity
(Credit: PrismPlus Official Store)

Working at home can feel unfruitful at times, which is why the PRISM+ W240 (available on PrismPlus Official Store) would be right up your alley if you need a boost of productivity! As one of the best monitors for work in Singapore, it makes use of a blue light technology that eliminates eye strain and improves eye comfort for long hours of use. With a 24-inch display screen, it is also wide enough to place two or more full-screen windows side-by-side without the need for a multi-monitor setup. All you’ll need then is a monitor arm so you can freely adjust the PRISM+ W240 closer to you, further and basically, however you please! Psst, gamers can use this PRISM+ monitor for gaming as it has a 75Hz refresh rate for a smoother experience.

9. Huawei MateView GT — best monitor with wider viewing angles 

Huawei MateView GT best monitors for work
(Credit: Huawei Official Store)

Look no further than the Huawei MateView GT (available on Huawei Official Store) for the best curved monitors for work! Boasting a 27-inch display, this Huawei curved monitor is equipped with the widest viewing angles. Your eyes will be able to comfortably take in everything on the screen. You won’t have to constantly look left and right to see what’s on the other side! This is also the best curved monitor in Singapore thanks to its high resolution. With QHD and a 165Hz refresh rate, the Huawei MateView GT is where you’ll get the most crisp images and videos. This also means that the Huawei MateView GT is the best curved monitor in Singapore for gamers. Bid goodbye to lag and freeze frames! 

Overview of the best monitors for work in Singapore

Monitor Display Refresh rate Price
LG 32UN500 32-inch display with UHD  60Hz $499
BenQ SW240 24-inch display with FHD 60Hz $529
Xiaomi 1C 23.8-inch display with FHD 60Hz $174
Samsung S24R350 24-inch display with FHD 75Hz $178
Acer SA241Y 23.8-inch display with FHD 75Hz $168
ViewSonic VG2455 24-inch display with FHD 75Hz $419
Anmite Portable Monitor 15.6-inch display with FHD 60Hz $208 – $368
PRISM+ W240 24-inch display with FHD  75Hz $239
HUAWEI MateView GT 27-inch display with QHD 165Hz $398

Cruise through 9-5 with the best monitors for work in Singapore this 2022

Whether you prefer the clear 4K resolution of LG’s 32UN500 or the ultra portability of Anmite’s Portable Monitor, we have you covered with this list of 2022’s best monitors for work in Singapore! Remember to snag your preferred monitors during our 9.9 Super Shopping Day for exciting deals and promotions! Need more tips on how to get work done quickly while you’re working or studying from home? Check out the best standing desks to fight that post-meal food coma! Alternatively, take a quick break from work by playing a game or two with the best gaming monitors or best gaming laptops for the best experience! 

This article was updated on 20 July 2022. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.