Steam-ulated Tastebuds: 11 Best Pressure Cookers For More Flavour

best pressure cooker singapore

Ever heard that stews and soups kept overnight taste better? Well, that statement isn’t wrong at all. Stews left overnight have to be reheated, thus extracting more flavour from ingredients. This adds an extra oomph to the soup. And it’s also why they tend to be a lot more delish! But what if we told you there’s no need to wait overnight or even intentionally have leftovers just to enjoy this deliciousness? From electric options to stove top ones, all you need is some of the best pressure cookers in Singapore to help you achieve yummy meals everyday!

How does a pressure cooker work?

best pressure cooker singapore how does it work
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Ever wondered why pressure cookers are such miracle makers in the kitchen? Here’s a lowdown on how they work to help you understand the magic behind these kitchen appliances.

  • Accumulates steam to build pressure

Nope, pressure cookers don’t rely on stress. They do, however, require a lot of steam. As food ingredients cook, any liquid heats up and turns to steam. The buildup of steam raises inner pressure and that’s why pressure cookers usually need a surefire way to stay sealed. This prevents steam from escaping during the process and ensures pressure is maintained to cook the contents thoroughly. This constantly high pressure is also how food prepared with pressure cookers is always so tender and moist. The pressure actually pushes liquid and moisture into food, so ingredients like meat will become tender over a short period of time! 

  • Increases the boiling point of water

But why is pressure so important? The high pressure steam raises boiling points. For instance, water that boils at 100 degrees Celsius can now go up to 120 degrees Celsius. This means that cooking is no longer limited to just 100 degrees Celsius. You’ll thus be able to cook food a lot faster. So stews that used to take hours to boil would now only require a fraction of the time!

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How to choose the best pressure cooker in Singapore?

How to choose the best pressure cooker in Singapore
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As a kitchen appliance, it’s important to make an informed decision before investing in one of the best electric or stove top pressure cookers in Singapore. Here are some features you should take note of:

  • Type and function

There are mainly two types of pressure cookers: electric pressure cookers and stove top pressure cookers.

Type of pressure cooker Pros Cons Best for
Stove top
  • Usually able to reach higher temperatures than electric pressure cookers
  • Tend to lack automatic settings and other functions
  • Those who are always at the stove and prefer looking over the entire cooking process
  • Automatically adjusts heat and pressure settings
  • Usually comes with many other functions
  • May be more expensive than stove top pressure cookers
  • Individuals who prioritise convenience
  • Locking mechanism

Some pressure cookers come with just one method of locking. But the best pressure cookers in Singapore are those that have multiple. Whether it’s a lid or an additional locking latch, having several locking mechanisms doubly ensures that your pressure cooker is entirely sealed. 

  • Pressure indicator and settings

These days, most pressure cookers have features that automatically adjust pressure. So there’s usually no need to fuss over how much pressure you need to perfect that cook. Even when you are able to adjust the settings, most of the cookers are still able to optimise pressure to prevent overheating. Most cookers also come with safety features that prevent you from removing the lid before pressure is released, thus promising a worry-free experience!

  • Steam-release valve

Take note of the steam-release valve. Whether it’s automatic or manual, the steam-release valve is how pressure is released from the cooker. It’s therefore essential that you learn how to operate it. Moreover, having a steam-release valve means there’s no need to lug the entire pressure cooker to the sink just to cool it down.

  • Capacity

While available space is an issue, the capacity of the pressure cooker is more dependent on how many mouths you’re usually cooking for. Here’s a guideline on what size you should go for:

Number of people Recommended capacity of pressure cooker
1 – 3 Less than 5L
3 – 6 5 – 7L
6 – 15 7 – 10L

Best stove top pressure cookers in Singapore (2023)

1. NEOFLAM SmartCook Low Pressure Cooker

NEOFLAM SmartCook Low Pressure Cooker
(Credit: Neoflam Singapore Official Store [cropped])

Motivated by their passion to deliver quality kitchenware to every household, NEOFLAM has definitely come up on top with over 30 years of experience. Undoubtedly, the NEOFLAM Smartcook (available on Neoflam Singapore Official Store) is one of the best stove top pressure cookers in Singapore this 2023. Its aluminium body is covered in five layers of coating – two external ceramic layers and three internal layers of non-toxic Xtrema coating. Not only do the layers make the pressure cooker more durable, but they also add anti-corrosion and long lasting non-stick properties.

Additionally, the layers come together to give you an amazing stove top pressure cooker that speeds up cook time by up to 70% without compromising on nutrient levels. So bring out that cookbook! It’s time to whip up those overnight stews with this NEOFLAM pressure cooker!

Capacity: 4.8L
Locking mechanism: Silicone gasket and safety valve
Steam-release method: Smart release valve that equalises pressure and limits steam release

2. ASD Ultra Fast Pressure Cooker HP6002PC

ASD Ultra Fast Pressure Cooker HP6002PC
(Credit: Metro Official Store [cropped])

The ASD Ultra Fast Pressure Cooker (available on Metro Official Store) is where you’ll get the best of both worlds. It’s one of the best stove top pressure cookers in Singapore that can also be used for regular cooking. And you can use it on all types of stoves! From induction to gas, this ASD pressure cooker can handle it all. 

This ASD pressure cooker definitely lives up to its name. Thanks to the adjustable pressure modes, you can easily bake cakes, cook congee and even make red bean soup in a jiffy. Moreover, being able to adjust pressure levels also means you can ensure more nutrients are retained throughout the different cooking processes. So not only is it ultra fast, but also ultra healthy!

Capacity: 6L
Locking mechanism: Silicone gasket, self-regulating auto-lock and One-Click 360° Lock & Unlock system
Steam-release method: Pressure release safety vent with self-regulating pressure function

3. JML Official Gourmet Chef Low Pressure Cooker

JML Official Gourmet Chef Low Pressure Cooker
(Credit: JML Singapore Official Store)

While most pressure cookers are left alone to work their magic, the Gourmet Chef Pressure Cooker (available on JML Singapore Official Store) is one that can be opened anytime. This is one of the best stove top pressure cookers in Singapore this 2023 that’s fitted with a smart-lock mechanism. You can easily lift the lid with just one hand to add extra ingredients or seasonings and perfect that cook. 

This JML pressure cooker also has far-infrared and low vacuum technology that ensures an even cook. There won’t be any cold spots or uncooked meat that isn’t falling off the bone yet. And there’s no need to worry about cleaning up after. This non-stick pressure cooker prevents any residue from binding to the interior. All that’s needed is some dish soap and a light wipe to get the job done!

Capacity: 7L
Locking mechanism: Smart-lock mechanism and silicone rim
Steam-release method: Residual pressure release

4. Huohou Stainless Steel Enamel Micro Pressure Cooker

Huohou Stainless Steel Enamel Micro Pressure Cooker
(Credit: Daiiak Lifestyle)

Aesthetics, check! Functionality? Of course! The Huohou Pressure Cooker (available on Daiiak Lifestyle) is reinforced with Japan imported enamel glaze. It adds a glossy shine to the pressure cooker while preventing bacteria from accumulating on its surfaces. More importantly, the enamel bonds with the stainless steel body of the Huohou pressure cooker to make it more durable. 

Our favourite feature of this Huohou pressure cooker is its transparent glass lid. You’ll be able to monitor the entire cooking process instead of laying in wait and hoping for the best. Forgot to add that pinch of salt and pepper? Simply unlock the lid and add them in along with any other extra ingredients! The stainless steel will retain the heat and there’ll be no hindrances to the cooking process at all.

Capacity: 6L
Locking mechanism: Pot lid seal lock, silicone rim
Steam-release method: Constant pressure release valve

Best electric pressure cookers in Singapore (2023)

5. Russell Taylors x Sanrio Hello Kitty Pressure Cooker

Russell Taylors x Sanrio Hello Kitty Pressure Cooker
(Credit: Russell Taylors Singapore)

Want a cute pressure cooker without compromising on functionality? Russell Taylors’ has you covered with one of the best looking electric pressure cookers in Singapore this 2023! The Russell Taylors x Sanrio Hello Kitty Pressure Cooker (available on Russell Taylors Singapore) comes in the loveliest shade of pink. It’s also covered in Hello Kitty prints, so Sanrio fans will definitely fall head over heels for this Russell Taylors pressure cooker! 

This pressure cooker isn’t just excelling in the Looks Department. From baking and steaming to sauteing, you’ll have 11 pre-set programs at your fingertips to make any meal you want with this pressure cooker. The best part is how you can even use it to make rice, so there’s no need for an additional rice cooker!

Capacity: 6L
Locking mechanism: Self-locking lid and sealing ring
Steam-release method: Vent valve

6. Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker
(Credit: Instant Pot Official Store)

Furnishing the new home can be tough, especially when there are so many appliances to get. But that won’t be an issue when you have the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker (available on Instant Pot Official Store). It’s two for the price of one as this Instant Pot pressure cooker doubles up as an air fryer as well. The combination of two appliances also brings you more cooking functions. You can forgo that oven, sous vide machine, slow cooker and more as the Instant Pot Duo Crisp boasts 11 functions in total. It even has a dehydrating function, so you can DIY dog treats that are a lot healthier!

As your constant source of scrumptious delights, the Instant Pot Duo is no doubt one of the best electric pressure cookers in Singapore this 2023. This pressure cooker is also designed with a protection feature that immediately halts the cooking process when it’s getting too hot. There’s no need to worry about potential accidents or overcooked and burnt food with this amazing pressure cooker!

Capacity: 7.5L
Locking mechanism: Auto-sealing pressure cooking lid and sealing ring
Steam-release method: Steam release valve and quick release button

7. Tefal CY601 Home Chef Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

best pressure cookers singapore Tefal Home Chef Smart Electric
(Credit: Tefal Official Store)

One-pot recipes, here we come! The Tefal CY601 (available on Tefal Official Store) is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that boasts 15 preset programs and two special functions. A push of a button is all you need to whip up some beef rendang, braised abalone, Thai green curry and more. Simply add all your ingredients to the pressure cooker and let it work its magic for you. But if you want some customisation, this Tefal pressure cooker also has options for you to adjust the pressure, cook time and temperature. It even delays starting the cooking process depending on when you’d like your meal to be served.

But cooking isn’t the only thing that’s fuss-free here. The Tefal CY601 has a non-stick coating, so cleaning up won’t be a problem at all. Moreover, the accessories are dishwasher-safe, thus saving you from extra clean-up time!

Capacity: 6L
Locking mechanism: Sealing gasket
Steam-release method: Pressure limit valve and pressure release button

8. Mayer Mini Pressure Cooker MMPC1650

Mayer Mini Pressure Cooker
(Credit: Mayer Official Store)

The Mayer MMPC1650 (available on Mayer Official Store) is the best electric pressure cooker in Singapore for those who are new to cooking. It’s a straightforward electronic appliance that’s extremely easy to use. Activating one button is all that’s needed to get your lunch or dinner settled for the day. In fact, the eight preset functions might have you spoiled for choice! Whether it’s ribs, congee or soup, there’s no better time like the present to switch things up for your meals.

This Mayer pressure cooker isn’t just mini-sized. It also has a handle that’s designed for portability. Bring the Mayer MMPC1650 out and have it whip up a meal as you head towards your picnic destination. Alternatively, why not bring this Mayer pressure cooker to the office? You’re guaranteed to have gourmet lunches every single day!

Capacity: 1.6L
Locking mechanism: Stainless steel lid with plastic cover
Steam-release method: Steam-release button

9. TOYOMI Micro-com Pressure Cooker

best pressure cookers singapore TOYOMI Micro-com
(Credit: Toyomi Singapore Official Store)

Don’t be taken in by appearances. Despite its minimalist aesthetic, the TOYOMI Micro-Com (available on Toyomi Singapore Official Store) is where form and functionality come together to give you one of the best electric pressure cookers in Singapore. Designed for daily usage, this TOYOMI pressure cooker can detect minor temperatures, so it’ll make adjustments where needed to ensure consistent heating. And that’s on top of the 14 preset cooking programs that will perfect any meal you desire!

But what’s pivotal is the nine safety systems integrated in this TOYOMI pressure cooker. All of them work in tandem to make sure there isn’t any overheating and overpressure. The safety system also prevents any cooking processes from starting if the lid hasn’t been shut properly. You can simply leave this TOYOMI pressure cooker alone and rest assured that safety is guaranteed!

Capacity: 2L
Locking mechanism: Lock and release lid
Steam-release method: Pressure valve and release button handle

10. PowerPac Electric Pressure Cooker

PowerPac Electric Pressure Cooker
(Credit: PowerPac Official Store)

The PowerPac Electric Pressure Cooker (available on PowerPac Official Store) is your go-to for a heavy duty yet affordable choice. It’s one of the best electric pressure cookers in Singapore that comes with all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. With presets for temperature control and food like spare ribs, soup and more, you’ll definitely be well taken care of thanks to this PowerPac pressure cooker. 

There’s no limit to functionality with this PowerPac pressure cooker. Instead of turning off, this pressure cooker will automatically enter keep-warm mode. There’s no need to rush to finish the stew. And you can even keep it overnight for an even better tasting meal! 

Capacity: 4 – 6L
Locking mechanism: Seal ring on aluminium plate
Steam-release method: Pressure release valve

11. La Gourmet Multifunctional Pressure Cooker

best pressure cookers singapore La Gourmet Multifunctional
(Credit: Metro Official Store)

Families with kids, this is the best pressure cooker in Singapore for you. The La Gourmet Multifunctional Pressure Cooker (available on Metro Official Store) is equipped with several safety features that will reduce the potential of any accidents. The child lock prevents your little ones from making adjustments to any cooking settings. And if that isn’t enough, this La Gourmet pressure cooker has an auto cover sensor that automatically stops cooking processes if the lid isn’t shut well. To top it off, there’s overheating protection and a safety lid lock to boot. There’s therefore no need to fret with this La Gourmet pressure cooker!

Another reason why this La Gourmet pressure cooker is one of the best is due to its multifunctional properties. From deep frying to steaming, the La Gourmet Multifunctional Pressure Cooker truly lives up to its name. But what sets this pressure cooker apart is how it’s also a yoghurt maker! So move aside store-bought and hello homemade Greek yoghurt!

Capacity: 4L
Locking mechanism: Safety lid lock with seal ring
Steam-release method: Pressure release valve

Are pressure cookers safe?

The concerns regarding pressure cookers typically stem from their early models. In the past, pressure cookers lacked sufficient fail-safe measures that should seal the entire appliance well. Without proper weighted valves and seals, the old models of pressure cookers would give way as steam and water pushes the lid off. But these days, improved and better versions now include all these safety measures and more. The best pressure cookers in Singapore this 2023 now come with several valves, pressure regulators and multiple locks to keep everything sealed in. Thus, pressure cookers are safe to use so there’s no need to worry as long as you keep these in mind! 

Stress-free cooking with the best pressure cookers in Singapore (2023)

Whether you prefer electric or stove top options, the best pressure cookers in Singapore will be your ticket to unlimited gourmet meals! But if you’d like to complete the meal with something extra, why not whip up some smoothies with the best blenders in Singapore? Alternatively, head out to some of the best traditional dessert spots in Singapore that are oh-so-delicious. Just remember to wash up after cooking! Or leave your kitchen tools in one of the best dishwashers in Singapore for a fuss-free cleanup. Just remember to cop deals on all your kitchen appliance needs during our 12.12 Birthday Sale this year!