17 Best Sanitary Pads For When Aunt Flo Comes Around

best sanitary pads singapore

Moodswings, cramps and out-of-whack appetites. They’re probably the most foreboding signs that she’s visiting soon. Whether you just want to prepare for the first time your period comes or just thinking about trying something new, here are some of the best sanitary pads and brands in Singapore that you should consider. 

How to choose the best sanitary pads?

How to choose the best sanitary pads
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With the sheer number of sanitary pad brands on the market, it’s no doubt tough to narrow down your choices. But here are some things to consider before zeroing in on one:

  • Absorbency

It’s always important to give a new sanitary pad a test run before you decide on getting more. Take note of how absorbent it is on your heavy-flow days and determine whether that’s all right for you. If you need to change it every hour or so, then it’s most likely that this isn’t the best pad for you. But most importantly, the pad must absorb any discharge quickly. This means that most of the blood would be caught in the center, so there won’t be any backflow or leakage.

  • Breathability

Sanitary pads can be made of different materials. But the best sanitary pads in Singapore are those that can “breathe”. Otherwise, the pad will trap not just air, but bacteria from your blood as well. This will then lead to a buildup of harmful bacteria, which will result in unpleasant odour, allergies, rashes and even skin conditions. One of the best sanitary pads to consider are organic ones. These usually have an organic cotton cover that absorbs and locks any fluid away, thus keeping things dry and breathable at all times.

  • Sensitivity

Other than breathability and absorbency, sensitivity needs to be considered when choosing sanitary pads. One of the best ways to determine this is by using the sanitary pad. That’s how you’ll get to experience and feel whether the material is just right for you. You wouldn’t want to end up buying too many of the same sanitary pad only to find out that you’re allergic to its material! 

  • Length 

Depending on your flow and preferences, you can always opt for different lengths of sanitary pads for separate purposes. Most people would go for shorter ones in the day and longer ones at night. Some would also use longer ones on days where they have heavier flows. It’s ultimately up to you!

  • Your lifestyle

As you can tell by now, there’s a large variety of sanitary pads. From different lengths to unique material, the best sanitary pads in Singapore won’t be enough if they’re not perfect for your lifestyle. If you have a more active lifestyle, it’s best to go for sanitary pads with wings. These pads are more secure and won’t move around as much, thus ensuring no leakage. And if your day-to-day is more sedentary, you can go for wingless options that may be more comfortable as well.

Sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup: Which is the best? 

sanitary pad tampon menstrual cup
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Stuck between sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups? Read on for a lowdown on their pros and cons to decide the best for yourself:

Type of period product Pros Cons Best for
Sanitary pads
  • Easier to determine when it’s time for a change
  • Tend to be cheaper than tampons in the long run
  • May be easier to wear for some users
  • Less likely to carry risk of toxic shock syndrome
  • Might be less comfortable for those who have very active lifestyles
  • Usually bulkier than tampons and menstrual cups and may result in panty lines
Beginners or those that prefer products that are easier to use.
  • Tend to last longer than sanitary pads
  • Generally more comfortable than sanitary pads
  • May require some getting used to in terms of wearing it
  • Need to remove it in time, or there will be risk of toxic shock syndrome
Those who prioritise comfort and tend to have an active lifestyle, especially those who frequently swim.
Menstrual cups
  • A lot cheaper over time since it’s not meant for one-time use
  • Available in many shapes and sizes
  • Can be used for up to 12 hours, more than tampons and sanitary pads
  • No period “smell” since they’re not exposed to external environment
  • Steep learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to use them
  • Needs proper sterilisation
  • Need to empty, rinse and clean them before you wear them again, which may be hard if you’re in public
  • Wearing them is likely messier as compared to tampons and sanitary pads
People who prioritise comfort and convenience, and are more eco-conscience.

Best sanitary pad brands in Singapore: Day use

Most people will use different lengths of sanitary pads for specific times of the cycle. For instance, the best sanitary pads for day use are typically shorter than those for night use. So here are some of the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore you can consider for daytime usage. 

1. Blood

Blood best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Blood Official Store)

Irritation, itchiness and more. These are things you definitely won’t experience with Blood Sanitary Pads (available on Blood Official Store). They’re made entirely with corn topsheet. And this makes it very soft and suitable for all skin types. Moreover, these Blood sanitary pads do not contain any chemicals, so you can rest easy as your intimates are kept safe. But there’s another reason why these are some of the best sanitary pads in Singapore. Thanks to their GushDry™ Anti-Leak Japanese core, Blood sanitary pads are one of the most absorbent. You won’t experience any leaks or backflow here! 

Lengths available (cm): 25, 29, 33, 41

2. Secret Day

Secret Day best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Japalang Official Store)

After rigorous research and testing, Secret Day has turned up with another one of the best sanitary pads in Singapore. Their Secret Day Liner and Pad Series (available on Japalang Official Store) has passed the skin irritation test, ranking “Excellent” for the Germany Dermatological Test. This shows how soft these sanitary pads are and if that doesn’t convince you, you’ll be happy to know that the brand has also gotten feedback from users. And thanks to this feedback, Secret Day has perfected their sanitary pads to create one of the best for users all around the world. But of course, we’re also absolutely sold by the adorable animal packaging (wink)

Lengths available (cm): 15, 21, 24.5, 29, 36, 43


ADORE best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Adore SG Official Store)

Did you know that you can take part in the “support local” move? One of the best sanitary pads was designed right here in Singapore! And we’re talking about ADORE. Their Happy Days Ultra Slim Pads (available on Adore SG Official Store) is where you’ll experience freedom like no other — all while you’re on your period! They’re only 0.2cm in thickness, so you’ll barely feel a thing. It’s no wonder these are one of the best sanitary pads in Singapore. These pads have a green compound core, containing negative ions that keeps bacteria away for up to 18 hours. It also eliminates the possibility of any odour! And the greatest part is how they’re available in different lengths. But if you’d like to give all their pads a try, go for their Perfect Combo Travel Pack (available on Adore SG Official Store) that contains three of their bestsellers —  Mini Love, Happy Days and Good Night. Psst, it’s also a great option to bring along your travels instead of including three different packs of sanitary pads.

Lengths available (cm): 15.5, 19, 24, 28, 33, 41

4. Rael

Rael best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Corlison Official Store)

You can rely on Rael for one of the best sanitary pads that’s meant for those heavy-flow days. The Rael Sanitary Pads (available on Corlison Official Store) are absolutely secure — boasting Leak Block panels that will prevent any overflow. These panels can be found on both the left and right sides. Coupled with the Leak Locker core, you’ll get security from these sanitary pads that no other can offer! Did we also mention that these Rael sanitary pads are hypoallergenic? They’re entirely made with organic cotton, so these are perfect for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin issues! 

Lengths available (cm): 15, 17, 23, 25, 28, 32


(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

We’ve heard herbal teas being good for you, but herbs in sanitary pads? That’s a first. But the YEJIMIIN Mild Herb Day Sanitary Pad (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store) begs to differ. It contains five types of premium Korean herbs like mugwort, peppermint, angelica and more. And these herbs are meant to help reduce or potentially eliminate odour! But that doesn’t mean they’ll cause skin irritation. It’s one of the best sanitary pads in Singapore, especially for heavy-flow days. Due to the leakage-proof line and soft cotton cover, you’ll have a breathable sanitary pad that prevents any accidents!

Lengths available (cm): 17.5, 25, 28

6. Whisper 

(Credit: P&G Official Store)

Whisper is one of the most trustable brands when it comes to the best sanitary pads in Singapore. But their new Luxury Air series has elevated them to a whole new level. These Whisper Luxury Air Sanitary Pads (available on P&G Official Store) are so cottony smooth that they’re as soft as a whisper. Worthy of its name, these Whisper sanitary pads incorporated Japanese fibre technology to guarantee softness like no other. Moreover, anti-sticky Japanese technology has been used to prevent any grimy feel you’d get with most other pads. And while these sanitary pads boast high absorbency, they also dry rapidly. So bid goodbye to that sticky feeling with the best sanitary pads from Whisper!

Lengths available (cm): 24, 28

7. UUcare

(Credit: UUcare Official Store)

Got a niece or daughter about to get their very first period? Lean on UUcare to take care of it all for you! Their Young Girl Sanitary Pads (available on UUcare Official Store) have an antibacterial surface. And this actually prevents buildup of harmful bacteria, protecting your intimate areas from irritation and more. Additionally, the antibacterial properties in UUcare pads have a 12-hour protection window. So they’ll keep any first-timer safe, especially since they may not have gotten the hang of when they should swap their pads out. But if you’re still worried, fret not. These sanitary pads have been designed with anti-leakage grooves. The U-shape design traps any potential leakages, thus preventing any accidents if any should occur.

Lengths available (cm): 15.5, 18, 24, 28, 32, 36

8. Laurier

Laurier best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Kao Official Store)

You’ll be no stranger to Laurier when you’re searching for some of the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore. Their Ultra Gentle Pads (available on Kao Official Store) hail all the way from Japan. Made in the country of superior beauty and personal care products, these Laurier sanitary pads are one of the newest and most highly-raved. Many have remarked how they feel extremely gentle and comfortable. And it’s no surprise since they’re made to be ultra gentle. But these are also one of the best sanitary pads for those heavy-flow days. There’s a highly absorbent layer that traps any discharge rapidly. So there won’t be any loose discharge nor any feeling of wetness. And that’s also thanks to the breathability that promotes drying. Along with less friction, these sanitary pads are no doubt one of the best you can have.

Lengths available (cm): 20.5, 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 40

9. Beaba

Beaba best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: BEABA)

If you’ve never heard of BEABA, it’s high time you do. Known for their diapers, BEABA also offers some of the best sanitary pads in Singapore. The BEABA Lucien Series (available on BEABA) have antibacterial properties to make sure everything stays clean at your intimate areas. But more importantly, we love these sanitary pads because of their ultra-thin core. These pads are extremely breathable and highly absorbent. They lock discharge into place without the uncomfortable feeling of stuffiness or stickiness. Other than that, the pads come in an adorable packaging that doesn’t resemble most others. So bringing these pads for a change in the washroom won’t be too obvious. 

Lengths available (cm): 18, 24.5, 29, 35

Best sanitary pad brands in Singapore: Night use

While most sanitary pads can be used in the day, some are also great for when you turn in for the night. Most of these night time sanitary pads are usually longer to prevent backflow. Here are our favourites when it comes to the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore for night use.

10. Kotex

Kotex best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Shopee Supermarket)

Kotex is the typical go-to when one thinks about the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore. While they may have some of the best options for daytime use, their Super Overnight Pads (available on Shopee Supermarket) are also frontrunners for night use. It features four-way total protection to prevent leakage from all sides of the pad. The anti-leak lines also make sure all discharge stays in one place — your pad! More than that is the wide back wings that really have your back. And that’s not all. These Kotex sanitary pads have herbal properties. They contain natural extracts that prohibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria. You’ll definitely have peaceful nights of sleep with these overnight pads!

Lengths available (cm): 23, 28, 30, 32, 35, 41

11. SOFY

(Credit: Unicharm Personal Care Official Store)

You know you’re in good hands with SOFY. Especially since they’re one of the best sanitary brands in Singapore and Japan! Their Hadaomoi Slim Wing (available on Unicharm Personal Care Official Store) is so soft that it can even be described as fluffy-like. But this ultra softness doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on other qualities. These SOFY sanitary pads are so absorbent and rapid-drying that you won’t feel a thing throughout the night. And since they also have shorter lengths, you can get your preferred ones for day use too. With these sanitary pads, nothing’s ever going to get in the way of your daily activities again!

Lengths available (cm): 23, 26, 29, 33, 36, 40

12. Oldam

(Credit: The Dinky Shop 小家货 Official Store)

You’ve probably seen their wet wipes around, but did you know that OLDAM also has some of the best sanitary pads in Singapore? Their Signature Sanitary Pad (available on The Dinky Shop 小家货 Official Store) is made with an extraordinary cotton top sheet. The cotton used in these OLDAM sanitary pads are 100% organic and non-GMO. This means it’s pure cotton in all its OG glory. Moreover, the cotton hasn’t been subjected to any toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. You’ll also be happy to know that these sanitary pads have been dermatologically tested. They’re definitely safe for all skin types, so rest easy and have peace of mind with these sanitary pads!

Lengths available (cm): 24, 28


REFINED best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Refined SG)

Talk about unique materials. These REFINED Sanitary Pads (available on Refined SG) are made with organic bamboo fibre. And this actually makes the pad more absorbent than most others that are typically made with cotton. The material also has inherent properties. The bamboo pads are naturally odour repellent. Moreover, they have antimicrobial properties. So they’ll impede the growth of natural bacteria. But these REFINED sanitary pads have also been dermatologically tested. And they’re proven to be hypoallergenic, thus perfect for those with sensitive skin! So toss and turn all night, and you’ll wake up to freshness like never before with these sanitary pads.

Lengths available (cm): 31.5

14. Lunavie

Lunavie best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Lunavie Singapore Official Store)

New mums, we’ve got you. Trust Lunavie, one of the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore for heavy flow days. Their Premium Pads (available on Lunavie Singapore Official Store) are also one of the highly-raved maternity overnight pads. They’re exceptionally long and padded enough to capture all discharge, especially the natural blood loss most new mums will experience after giving birth. But that doesn’t mean comfort is compromised. The cotton surface layer is remarkably soft. Coupled with the antibacterial properties, you’ll have one of the best maternity sanitary pads that will guard against bacterial growth, skin issues and more!

Lengths available (cm): 36


POISE best sanitary pads singapore
(Credit: Watsons Singapore Official Store)

Tired of waking up to the red sea? Go for POISE, one of the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore you can trust for heavy flow days. Their Extraplus Pads (available on Watsons Singapore Official Store) are reinforced with four layers that rapidly absorb all discharge. Discharge is also immediately trapped so you won’t feel any dampness or discomfort. Everything will be trapped in one place, thus making these POISE pads leakproof! With all the discharge in one place, POISE has also adopted their Absorb-Loc feature that ensures there’ll be no odour at all. So welcome those restful nights with an open embrace thanks to POISE!

Lengths available (cm): 19, 21.5, 24.8, 27.6, 31.5, 36.5

16. Always Infinity

Always Infinity
(Credit: P&G Official Store)

The ALWAYS Infinity Sanitary Pads (available on P&G Official Store) are one you must definitely give a go. If you’re one who constantly tosses and turns in your sleep, these sanitary pads will be your lifesaver. They’re meant to be flexible without breaking, so this pad won’t budge at all in your sleep — it’s ultimate protection! These ALWAYS Infinity sanitary pads will also mould to your unique shape, making sure every inch is covered so every drop is captured. The best part is how despite this form-fitting function, there isn’t any feeling of stickiness at all. The ALWAYS Infinity pads are moisture-wicking. So any dampness will not be felt at all. And you’ll feel fresh throughout the night, even if there’s heavy flow!

Lengths available (cm): 19

17. Stayfree

(Credit: Johnson & Johnson Official Store)

Going to sleep at night with a heavy flow is always concerning. But cast your worries aside with Stayfree, one of the best sanitary pad brands in Singapore! Their Ultra Thin All Night Pads (available on Johnson & Johnson Official Store) come with Fast Lock pockets and an Advanced Anti-Leak core. These reinforce the absorbency properties of the pad. All discharge will be trapped and kept in one place, thus preventing any leakage as you turn in for the night. And since all moisture is trapped in one place, you’ll feel clean and comfortable at all times. Moreover, these Stayfree pads are made with a cottony-soft material, so your skin will not have any irritation!

Lengths available (cm): 20.5, 29, 29.5

Have freeing days and restful nights with the best sanitary pads in Singapore

Whether you’ve just gotten your very first period, a seasoned host of Aunt Flo’ or just given birth, these are definitely some of the best sanitary pads in Singapore that’ll have your back. But we all know you’d need some pampering whenever it’s that time of the month. So here are some of the best hair serums, the best retinol serums and the best body lotions for your at-home spa sesh! Psst, keep your eyes peeled during our 11.11 Big Sale and you could catch amazing discounts and promotions on your preferred beauty and skincare products!