15 Best Smart Mirrors in Singapore That Do More Than Just Reflect Your Good Looks

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Especially with Singapore’s SmartNation initiatives, smart homes and the technology that make them possible only continue to grow in popularity here. In fact, you will find that there is a lot of smart furniture like mirrors that are being rolled out in 2023. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to automatically defog your bathroom mirror or play your favourite songs via Bluetooth. That’s why we’ve sussed out these best smart mirrors in Singapore just for you!

Why should you get a smart mirror?

best smart mirror singapore backlit mirror
(Credit: Max Rahubovskiy / Pexels)

Smart devices like smart home systems and mirrors make our lives so much more convenient and efficient. In fact, most smart devices are multifunctional and can be controlled all at once via a single application or button. Compared to traditional glass mirrors, smart mirrors often come with adjustable lighting and anti-fog features that clear excess condensation. At the same time, some have Bluetooth-enabled features that allow you to play music, take calls, and voice-command the mirror. There’s just so much that smart mirrors can do for you. And you don’t even have to lift more than a finger!

Smart mirrors are typically backlit or come with LED light panels. This adds dimension and brilliance to a room. Coupled with their various shapes and sizes – simple or unique – they make for great decor items that can add to a home’s aesthetic.

Best conventional smart mirrors in Singapore (2023)

1. YIXIN Round LED Smart Mirror

best smart mirror singapore yixin round mirror
(Credit: YI XIN Official Distributor)

Round mirrors are some of the most popular mirrors for bathrooms in Singapore this 2023. On one hand, they’re a stylistic choice for people who are going for the mid-century modern aesthetic. Take a look at the rounded curves of this YIXIN Round LED Smart Mirror (available on YI XIN Official Distributor): they’ll break up any hard angles found in your bathroom, which can often be found in the cabinets and tiles. Moreover, they take up less wall space than the typical rectangular mirrors, giving the impression that your home is less cluttered! 

But the cherry on top has got to be its smart features. As one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore, it has up to three light settings that are touch-enabled. One simply has to tap the buttons on the mirror to adjust the warmth and intensity of the lighting, and even defog it after a steamy shower! This YIXIN mirror also comes with Bluetooth capabilities, which enable you to play music so you can do karaoke while having a shower!

2. Urban Mood HERITAGE Smart LED Bathroom Mirror

best smart mirror singapore heritage smart mirror
(Credit: Urban Mood)

The Urban Mood HERITAGE Smart LED Bathroom Mirror (available on Urban Mood) is an all-in-one bathroom accessory. Not only is it equipped with a digital display to tell you the time and temperature of the room, but it also has anti-fog and light adjustment features. And all of this is at the touch of a button on the mirror! Whether you’re getting ready for the day or waking up in the night, you’ll never have to worry about getting overwhelmed by overly bright lights. There are up to three brightness levels to toggle between, as well as warm, day, and cool light settings as well. In fact, this Urban Mood mirror could be used to create different moods – from relaxed under warm lights, to fresh and alert under bright white lights.     

3. MNS Arch Smart Mirror

best smart mirror singapore mns arch mirror
(Credit: MNS Official Distributor)

Anything with arches naturally has a modern flare to it, adding sophistication and elegance to the space it’s in. The same can be said for this MNS Arch Smart Mirror (available on MNS Official Distributor), which makes a stylish addition to any room. On top of aesthetics, this smart mirror’s Bluetooth capabilities are truly a plus! Picture yourself taking a nice, warm shower and you hear your phone ringing outside. You can now pick it up with a simple tap on the mirror, without having to deal with the hassle of drying up and getting dressed first. In fact, no matter where you install this MNS mirror, it can also act as a speaker via Bluetooth. You can create a more fun or tranquil ambience at home by playing your favourite playlists! It’s no doubt one of the best smart mirrors to get for your home in Singapore.

4. Urban Mood YABEL Smart LED Full Length Mirror

best smart mirror singapore yabel smart mirror
(Credit: Urban Mood)

If you’re a gamer or Gen Z looking for vibey decor with RGB lights, the Urban Mood YABEL Smart LED Full Length Mirror (available on Urban Mood) is going to be right up your alley. It’s an LED backlit mirror that can take on any colour on the rainbow – controlled via a mobile app, of course. Furthermore, it’s a convenient alternative to colour-changing LED strip lights, which are much more cumbersome to install and position. As one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore, this Urban Mood dressing mirror has the ability to make any room bespoke or unique! This means that it can easily complement any wallpaper or room colour scheme. Also, this smart mirror comes with a digital display that tells you the time and temperature outside. The latter will surely come in handy when selecting a weather-friendly outfit!

5. YIXIN Special Shape Round Smart Mirror

best smart mirror singapore yixin special round mirror
(Credit: YI XIN Official Distributor)

Unlike your typical round mirrors, this one looks like a plate that’s been tucked into the walls. Coupled with its unique cropped shape, the YIXIN Special Shape Round Smart Mirror’s (available on YI XIN Official Distributor) backlights create an almost eclipse-like effect. Also, like most smart mirrors out there, you’ll find that their lights can be adjusted according to their colour temperature and brightness. This means that you’ll be able to customise it according to the mood or feel you want to achieve at home. However, do note that this smart mirror looks best when installed above a countertop vanity or a vanity cabinet! Otherwise, it might not achieve the same eclipse effect it was intended to have.

This YIXIN smart mirror has an electronic defogging system. You’ll never have to bother with wiping off excess condensation on the mirror! In fact, it’s also made with high-strength automotive-grade float glass and sealed with explosion-proof film, making it more durable and safe to use.

6. MNS Human Body Induction Smart Mirror

best smart mirror singapore mns human body smart mirror
(Credit: MNS Official Distributor)

The MNS Human Body Induction Smart Mirror (available on MNS Official Distributor) is for those who are looking for a rectangle bathroom mirror that’s functional and aesthetic. Even for those who think they don’t have much space in their homes for landscape-oriented ones, listen up! This MNS smart mirror comes in a whopping eight sizes, ranging from 60cm to 1500cm in length. Its frameless design makes it look sleek and minimalistic, as if it’s blending into the wall behind. 

But less about this mirror’s aesthetics and more about its fascinating smart features! Did you know that you can turn the lights on this mirror on and off simply by walking past it? This MNS mirror automatically switches on when it detects movement within a 90-degree radius. And if you’re worried about wasting electricity, it automatically switches off after 10 seconds of inactivity! Coupled with a slew of other features like defogging and becoming a music speaker via Bluetooth, this is one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore.

7. YOULITE Anti Fog LED Smart Mirror

youlite smart mirror
(Credit: YOULITE Official Distributor)

So far, we’ve covered the best round, arch, and rectangle smart mirrors in Singapore. But to end off this list of conventionally shaped smart mirrors, we have the YOULITE Anti Fog LED Smart Mirror (available on YOULITE Official Distributor). Unlike its round or circle-shaped counterparts, this oval mirror is slightly longer, which means you can see more of yourself. That makes this smart mirror more versatile, as it can be installed in the bathroom or as a vanity mirror in your bedroom. It’s also the perfect mirror for your daily #OOTD shots! 

The ring of LED lights on this YOULITE mirror also makes it easy to get ready. You can do your makeup, or review your daily outfits no matter the lighting outside! However, most of its smart features might be more useful in the bathroom, such as the anti-fogging and motion-sensor functions.

Best irregular smart mirrors in Singapore (2023)

8. Irregular Cloud Smart Mirror

best smart mirror singapore irregular smart mirror
(Credit: longlong880327a.sg)

Puddle-shaped, cloud-shaped – call them whatever you like. It seems like irregular mirrors are a trend that’s here to stay! In fact, why don’t we take it up a notch with this Irregular Cloud Smart Mirror (available on longlong880327a.sg)? Not only does it perform in the aesthetics department but it also packs a punch in terms of functionality. You’ll have that perfectly even lighting for when you apply makeup or groom yourself! 

Furthermore, the colour temperature of the lights ranges between a soothing warm light and a stark white light. Simply toggle between the different shades by holding down the control button on the mirror. It’s no surprise that this makes it one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore!

9. MNS Irregular Smart Mirror

mns irregular smart mirror
(Credit: MNS Official Distributor)

The MNS Irregular Smart Mirror (available on MNS Official Distributor) might be shaped like an egg, but its asymmetrical composition easily adds a fun and interesting character to your home. Moreover, you can get it in another orientation – the version where it’s hanging upside down! As one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore, it comes with tricolour light settings, where one can adjust between warm, day, and cool light! When you’re thinking of doing skincare before bed, warm lights will be great for a relaxing mood. But if you’re dressing and grooming yourself for the day, cool light might create a fresher and brighter environment. 

In fact, the MNS Irregular Smart Mirror is silver-coated and creates a more vivid reflection. It’s also less likely to oxidise, which means crusty rust marks are less likely to form along the sides.

10. XYNordic Bear Smart Mirror

xynordic bear smart mirror
(Credit: Winni Fox’s shop)

This next mirror is one of the best smart mirrors for children in Singapore! While not exactly irregular in shape, the XYNordic Bear Smart Mirror (available on Winni Fox’s shop) is unique and adorable. Just like its name, the wall-mounted mirror resembles a teddy bear’s head and is bound to win the hearts of your children.

While it might be smart and sophisticated-sounding, this XYNordic smart mirror is easy to operate – even for kids! Simply hold down each button to activate the various features: anti-fogging, tricolour lights, date, and time. Trust me – once you cop this mirror, your kids will be more excited to brush their teeth and wash their hands than ever before. Say goodbye to nasty germs and bacteria accumulating on their hands! 

11. Semicircle Wall-Mounted Smart Mirror

semicircle smart mirror
(Credit: xinju8ge822.sg)

Mirrors have always been used as statement home decor pieces. At times, it’s used to enhance the brightness and interior style of a home. Otherwise, it’s also used to create the illusion of additional space – something most Singaporeans might be interested in. Well, this Semicircle Wall-Mounted Smart Mirror (available on xinju8ge822.sg) is unlike traditional full-length mirrors. It’s one of the best smart mirrors in Singapore, and gives the impression that it is only half a mirror, which will intrigue anyone who lays eyes on it. Install it in the living room or by the front door and you’ll create more definition in your home. 

Additionally, this smart mirror’s tricolour feature makes it a great dressing or bedroom mirror. Depending on the activity, you can easily adjust the warmth and intensity of the LED lights to that which you prefer!

12. Urban Mood KOHEI Smart LED Wall Mirror

kohei smart mirror
(Credit: Urban Mood)

Another best irregular smart mirror, the Urban Mood KOHEI Smart LED Wall Mirror (available on Urban Mood) is a sleek bathroom accessory you should get in Singapore! On top of its tricolour light function, this smart mirror also has anti-fog capabilities that would come in handy after a steamy bath. With a simple tap of a button, the built-in heat technology will easily clear the condensation to reveal your gorgeous reflection. 

The mirror’s asymmetrical shape also resembles a guitar pick, starting off broad-shaped and narrowing down into a slim end. Coupled with the fact that it’s backlit, this Urban Mood smart mirror has a modern and sophisticated appearance. That’s why it can even double up as a vanity mirror or statement decor piece!

Best smart mirror cabinets in Singapore (2023)

13. Full Length Smart Mirror Cabinet

full length smart mirror cabinet
(Credit: zawujian.sg)

A smart mirror and a cabinet? Count me in! This Full Length Smart Mirror Cabinet (available on zawujian.sg) is a multi-functional, space-saving piece of furniture. Behind the guise of a smart mirror are numerous hidden storage compartments – ones for skincare, makeup products, and even jewellery! There’s even another mirror on the interior so you can easily do your makeup without having to constantly shut and open the cabinet! 

As these compartments are sealed away from sight, your rooms will look less cluttered and more spacious. If you’re looking for one of the best smart dressing mirrors in Singapore, this is it!

14. Modern Bathroom Smart Mirror Cabinet

modern smart mirror cabinet
(Credit: Consider Offical Store)

Here’s another wonderful hybrid of a mirror – the Modern Bathroom Smart Mirror Cabinet (available on Consider Offical Store) utilises free wall space that’s often left untouched next to bathroom mirrors. In fact, oftentimes people have to choose between installing extra storage or a mirror on the wall. Well, this smart mirror cabinet definitely gives you the best of both worlds.It comes with several compartments for all your toiletries and decor items. Our favourite part is how the shelving is also backlit – it really adds a unique charm to your washroom!

 As one of the best smart mirrors to get in Singapore this 2023, it also comes with anti-fog features and tricolour lighting. Furthermore, one can easily view the time and live temperature with just a glance at the digital display!

15. LHSG Bathroom Smart Mirror Cabinet

lhsg smart mirror cabinet
(Credit: LHSG.SG)

If you have more space for a larger smart mirror cabinet for your bathroom, we absolutely recommend the LHSG Bathroom Smart Mirror Cabinet (available on LHSG.SG). The mirror is wide and expansive, giving you a good view of your entire bathroom and yourself. In fact, more than one person can see themselves in the mirror at the same time. This makes it a great accessory to go along with homeowners who have the privilege of owning a double vanity. Otherwise, it’ll still be handy when it comes to clearing condensation and getting good lighting while doing makeup! 

But that’s not all this smart mirror offers. The LHSG Bathroom Smart Mirror Cabinet comes with a built-in towel rack, tissue paper dispenser, and nearly ten storage compartments? Not only does it help you save space, but it also makes using the bathroom extremely fuss-free. It’s no wonder that it’s been raved as the best smart bathroom mirror cabinet in Singapore this 2023!

Get an aesthetic and functional smart mirror that can do it all

From round mirrors to irregular and teddy-bear-shaped ones, shop for the best smart mirrors in Singapore this 2023! If you’re looking to convert your home into a smart and convenient one, check out the best smart lighting in Singapore! Otherwise, we recommend these best dishwashers and best water dispensers in Singapore for your home, too! Just remember to cop deals on all you need for your home during our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale this year!