Impress Your Ah Gong (or Ah Ma) With These Chinese New Year Greetings

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All Ah Gongs and Ah Mas dream of the day when their Jiak-Kan-Tang (westernised) grandchildren will finally be able to greet them with Chinese New Year greetings other than the yearly “年年有余” (abundance year after year). That’s when you’ll earn your place as a real Chinese kinsman.

There’s no quicker way to make them smile, and no easier way to get those ang baos stacking up. Sounds good? Then check out these 8 Chinese New Year greetings which are sure to help you impress your Ah Gong and Ah Ma this year! #yourewelcome #NewGreetingsMoreAngBaos!

Chinese New Year greetings perfect for wishing wealth and prosperity:

1. 财源广进(cái yuán guǎng jìn)

  • Translation: “Money and treasures will be plentiful”.
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Ah Gong Ah Ma 你好! 祝您的家人个个都财源广进 so you can continue giving me big ang baos! <3”

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2. 金玉满堂(jīn yù mǎn táng)

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  • Translation: “May gold and jade fill the halls” (abundance in terms of prosperity and also children).
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Ah Ma, your jade bracelet very 漂亮 (pretty) eh! Perfect for this Chinese New Year, Ah Ma 我祝您金玉满堂!”
  • Alternatively, if there is someone you would like to takan (target for fun), you could also say: “Ah Gong, 新年快乐,祝您金玉满堂! Laura, when are you going to have more children for Ah Gong to play with?” (Warning: only attempt this if you yourself are immune to the ammunition that is sure to be fired right back at you).

3. 生意兴隆 (shēng yì xīng lóng)

  • Translation: “May your business flourish”.
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Uncle 祝您生意兴隆! If you guys are ever looking for a new hire, just know that I’m right here and I’m going to graduate soon yah?”

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4. 事业发达 (shì yè fā dá)

  • Translation: “May you do well in your career”.
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Uncle, Auntie, 祝您事业发达!” May you climb the corporate ladder as high as your ego!”

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Chinese New Year greetings for wishing about peace and happiness:

5. 和气生财(hé qì shēng cái)

  • Translation: “May harmony bring wealth”
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Auntie 祝您和气生财! 红包拿来 (Give me ang bao)!”

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6. 五福临门 (wǔ fú lín mén)

  • Translation: “May the five blessings come to you. I wish you longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death”).
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Uncle I wished you 孙子满堂 (to have many grandchildren) last year but it seems like you 白发满航 (grew white hair all over) instead? This year Uncle 我祝您五福临门, hope you won’t end up 无福 (no fortune) and 岭色 (stingy) instead. Please continue to give me more ang bao!”

Chinese New Year greetings that will take your ang baos to the next level:

7. 和气吉祥全家乐(hé qì jí xiáng quán jiā lè)

  • Translation: “Harmony and joy for the whole family”.
  • How to Use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “祝您和气吉祥全家乐! Let’s all stay away from the topic of when I’m going to get married so there will be more peace and luck in this household!”

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8. 四季平安過旺年(sì jì píng ān guò wàng nián)

  • Translation: “Wish you peace and prosperity throughout the year”.
  • How to use this Chinese New Year greeting in a sentence: “Wah we are eating at Four Seasons hotel! 祝你们四季平安過旺年! Let the blessings continue throughout the entire year!”

Now you’re totally armed for Chinese New Year with an impressive spread of greetings to whip out any time an auntie, uncle, ah gong, ah ma is around. But what if you’re the one having to give out ang baos? Perhaps your niece or nephew has read this article and will be the ones eyeing you for ang baos. Check out our guide on the current ang bao rates in the market to help you pack those ang baos!

Next, it’s time to look at the second most important thing about Chinese New Year, next to ang baos (and family, of course)– food! Find the best catering for your family’s reunion dinner with our guide on the 8 best catering options this Chinese New Year. Or, if you’re health conscious and keeping things simple, check out our 7 healthy options for a wholesome tingkat meal delivery!


Which Chinese New Year greeting did you like best? Comment down below and let us know!

(Credits: Imgflip)

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