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With all their fancy features and new specifications, the latest iPhones definitely don’t come cheap. Thankfully, if you’re a previous generation iPhone owner, you’ll be glad to know some models can still fetch a high price on the preowned market! Thinking of making the upgrade and maximising the trade-in value of your current iPhone? Here’s what you need to know about iPhone trade-ins in Singapore and how you can get the most bang for your buck!

What to know before you do an iPhone trade-in in Singapore

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Before even considering where to sell your iPhone in Singapore, it’s important to protect your privacy and data. After all, the last thing you’ll want is your contacts and photos being backed up on a stranger’s hard drive. Here are some tips on how to wipe your iPhone before you trade it in:

  • Unpair your devices: Unpair gadgets like Airpods to your Apple Watch, you’ll want to unpair these gadgets before trading in your iPhone in Singapore so you can easily sync them to your new device.
  • Back up your data: It would be quite the disaster if you didn’t save all your important data before trading your iPhone in. Thanks to Apple’s iCloud service, you can effortlessly upload your contacts and media to cloud storage! This can be done by tapping the Back Up Now option in the app. Alternatively, you can back up data the manual way. Simply download iTunes onto your computer, connect your iPhone and click the Back Up Now button.
  • Turning off Find My iPhone: Toggling off Find My iPhone is a mandatory step so Activation Lock is disabled and new owners are able to access your iPhone. Simply navigate to Settings > your name> Find My iPhone and turn it off.
  • Wiping everything: Once you’ve backed up everything, it’s time to push the big red buttons and reset your phone. You can find the Reset All Settings and Erase All Content And Settings options by navigating to Settings > General > Reset to return your iPhone to factory settings.
  • Removing your SIM card: Don’t forget to remove your precious SIM card so you can keep your existing number after your iPhone trade-in.

Done with preparing your iPhone for trading in? You’ll now have to decide where to sell your iPhone in Singapore.

Where is the best place to trade in your iPhone?

Tired of having to bargain with second hand shop owners on how much you can sell your iPhone for in Singapore? Enter our Online Trade-In programme — a convenient way for you to get your iPhone trade-in value appraised without the haggling and bargaining. To start, simply locate your mobile phone or tablet model and enter its details. Within seconds, Sell Up tallies the options. This gives you the net value of how much you can sell your iPhone in Singapore for! Then, set up an appointment for a walk-in or pick up and you’re good to go.

Apple iPhone trade-ins in Singapore have never been simpler with this Online Trade-In programme. To sweeten the deal, we’ll be giving an additional $50 voucher (min. $500 purchase) when you use Shopee Pay. So what else are you waiting for? Start selling your iPhones in Singapore with Sell Up today!

Securing the most iPhone trade in value in Singapore with us

With these tips, you can easily upgrade your phone with the highest iPhone trade-in value! Want to protect your iPhone from potential nicks for your next iPhone trade-in? Keep your device scuff-free with these best iPhone cases! Already traded in your iPhone and deciding where to put your money next? Consider these best budget phones — they have excellent specs and come just under $400!

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singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
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