9 Meal Replacement Products To Achieve Your Dream K-Pop Body

korean diet meal replacement products
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Thanks to the Korean Wave, the Land Of Morning Calm is now well-known for its music, culture and… beauty, of course! Beyond the eye-catching makeup and flawless skin, people from all around the world are adopting the Korean diet to achieve the enviable figure that many K-Pop idols are known for. Thankfully, there’s now a wide variety of easy Korean food replacement products available in Singapore to make your Korean diet conversion a fuss-free one! 

Secrets of the Korean diet

korean diet food to eat
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The Korean diet promotes eating whole and minimally processed foods plus foods that are rich in fibre so that you stay fuller for longer. Some foods are also specifically eaten for their myriad of health benefits. One of them is kimchi. This fermented dish helps to boost gut health and is also full of acid and vinegar which will keep you fuller for longer. Koreans also swear by soy-rich food like tofu, veggies (that are also incorporated into banchan) and seaweed! Snacking is also frowned upon — except for healthy snacks (hint: the section on meal replacement snacks). And of course, it’s important to complement your efforts with daily movement — simple workouts will only make the diet more effective.

With so many factors to think about, it’s no wonder that meal replacement products have been adopted by Korean stars. In short, meal replacement refers to a beverage, protein bar or porridge that’s lower in calories and replaces solid meals such as scrambled eggs and toast or rice and dishes that you may have during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Read on to find out what the best meal replacement in Singapore to have while on the Korean diet!

Best meal replacement shakes 

1. Labnosh Food Shake 

labnosh korean diet meal replacement shake
(Credit: misomimo)

Labnosh Food Shakes come in aesthetically pleasing packaging that make them hard to resist but do they taste as good as they look? According to Sharmaine (hint: watch the video at the end of this article), these easy food replacement beverages did not disappoint and kept her full all afternoon! 

The Labnosh Food Shake Full Set (available on misomimo) comes in five delicious flavours — milk tea, multi-grain, chocolate, cookie & creme and coffee. To make it even more effective, replace two meals, breakfast and dinner with a Labnosh food shake. You can eat lunch as per normal but be sure to avoid unnecessary snacking.

Concerned about compromising on nutrient intake during your Korean diet journey? Don’t be! Each bottle of food shake contains 335-345 kcal and three major nutrients — carbohydrates, protein and fat (with zero trans fat). But that’s not all! You’ll also find 19 types of vitamins and minerals along with every serving. On top of that, the drinks make up for up to 28% of our daily fibre requirements, making these beverages perfectly healthy for your Korean diet.

2. Glam.D Light Meal Shake 

glam d light meal shake korean meal replacement
(Credit: Glam D Official Store)

Breakfast is probably the most important meal, especially if you’re on a Korean diet. Having a hearty breakfast keeps you full for longer which in turn reduces your calorie intake throughout the day. The Glam.D Light Meal Shake (available on Glam D Official Store) makes for a great breakfast choice as it contains a mixture of muesli cereal and multigrain to keep you satisfied. 

The injeolmi or soybean flavour is definitely one to try. Not only does soybean contain a high level of protein but also pack loads of fibre, calcium and magnesium. The chocolate flavour will also satisfy with its high level of whey protein concentrate, wheat, barley and oat milk. Reach for the matcha flavour — the best choice for green tea lovers. It contains wheat, barley milk and Bosung Malcha or green tea powder. 

To top it all off, this meal replacement product in Singapore is quick and easy to prepare in the morning. Simply pour 150ml of milk or water or fill it up to the dotted line of the packet, shake thoroughly and voila!

3. Calobye Low Calorie Grain Flavor Diet Shake

calobye diet shake korean meal replacement
(Credit: Calobye Official Store)

The Calobye Low Calorie Grain Flavor Diet Shake (available on Calobye Official Store) is a popular Korean meal replacement product. At 190kcal per juice bottle, can be consumed for breakfast, a quick snack or even a post-workout treat.

Each diet shake bottle has a savoury flavour brought about by the roasted barley powder, roasted brown rice powder and grain mix powder. Brown rice flakes are also added in for a crunchy taste when you take this meal replacement diet shake. The powder contains carbohydrates, protein and fat along with vitamins and minerals. You’re recommended to take the product one to two times a day when on a diet! 

Best meal replacement snacks

4. Labnosh Food Bar 

labnosh meal replacement snack bar
(Credit: Seoul Unnie)

If you find yourself often too busy for a proper meal, try Labnosh Food Bars instead! Despite your hectic study or work schedule, avoid skipping meals as it may cause you to binge eat even more later on. Simply toss a few Labnosh Food Bars (available on Seoul Unnie) into your bag to fuel your Korean diet! Labnosh food bars have been upgraded with even more benefits than before. Each of these food bars now contain about 20-22% of protein, 42% dietary fibre and chicory root fibre which can aid in controlling blood sugar and supporting weight loss.

Choose from the sweet-sour strawberry pie flavour (pictured above) made with Korean strawberry powder and dried cranberries or go for the matcha green tea flavour for a nuttier taste. There’s also the mild choco flavour for chocolate lovers! 

5. CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnuts

roasted chestnutes korean diet
(Credit: koreafarm.kr)

We’ve all been there — sudden cravings for something sweet, hunger pangs right before meal time and the need to munch on something while working. The best solution? A diet-friendly snack like the CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnuts (available on koreafarm.kr) which won’t tip your calorie count over the edge while you’re on your Korean diet!

Setting you back at only 90kcal, the CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnut snack is a popular Korean meal replacement snack in Singapore. Besides its characteristic taste, this addictive treat is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It’s known to help reduce cholesterol levels, improve bowel movements, increase energy levels and strengthen the immune system. 

6. Calobye Perfect Power Protein Bar            

calobye protein bar korean diet
(Credit: Calobye Official Store)

Hitting one of the 24 hour gyms in Singapore to speed up your dieting progress? Hold up, you don’t want to be exercising on an empty stomach! By burning fat rapidly without supporting your body with the right amount of food, you unintentionally activate your body’s survival instincts. That is, your body will burn fewer calories and reduce your metabolism on purpose — everything you don’t want during your Korean diet journey. 

Instead, keep your energy level up with [CALOBYE] Perfect Power Protein Bar (available on Calobye Official Store). Each of these meal replacement energy bars provides the same amount of protein as an egg — 13g of it in addition to essential amino acids, multivitamins and minerals. Choose from two delicious flavours —  yogurt and banana. The yogurt bar contains soy protein and has a crispy and savoury taste while the banana one also has whey protein and tastes a little sweeter. Each box contains 10 bars — suitable to take before or after your workout or whenever you feel peckish at night!

7. Sugarlolo Delicious Konjac Jelly

intake jelly meal replacement korean diet
(Credit: Intake Korea Official Store)

Can a dessert contain less than 7kcal and zero sugar? Well apparently, the Sugarlolo Delicious Konjac Jelly (available on Intake Korea Official Store) does. This konjac jelly makes it easier for you to be on a diet while allowing you to indulge in your favourite desserts guilt-free. Key ingredients include konjac which is a soluble fibre that keeps you full for longer and may go some way in aiding weight loss. This Shopee exclusive box contains six packs with new flavours — mangosteen(7kal) and passion fruit (4kal) which are perfect to get you out of an afternoon slump at work!

Best meal replacement meals

8. INTAKE Morning Porridge

intake porride meal replacement korean diet
(Credit: Intake Korea Official Store)

We understand that at some point during your Korean diet journey, you’d be craving for a proper meal that isn’t a beverage or a snack. This is where the [INTAKE] Morning Porridge (available on Intake Korea Official Store) comes in! Packaged in a convenient spout pouch package, this breakfast meal replacement in Singapore is easy to pack on-the-go and prepare with a microwave. Alternatively, you can even choose to have it cold.

Choose from nine flavours — the best selling ones are sweet potato, sweet pumpkin, red bean, and chestnut. If you’re a fan of traditional bakery red bean buns, then you’ll love the red bean flavour (75kcal). It contains Korean red bean and gives a chunky, sweet red bean flavour. The other flavours also contain 60 – 135kcal, with no MSG, artificial preservatives or flavouring included. We’re sure you won’t be skipping out on breakfast anymore with these low-calorie and yummy options!

9. Labnosh Konjac Noodles

labnosh konjac noodle meal replacement korean diet
(Credit: Seoul Unnie)

Gone are the days where dieting means you’d only be eating salad and nothing else. With Labnosh Konjac Noodles (available on Seoul Unnie), you can slurp your way to a slender figure! Konjac noodles have a wonderful springy texture and are unbelievably low in calories. This low-calorie meal replacement in Singapore comes in two flavours — Topokki and Migoreng — yum!

Each pack of the Toppoki noodles (50kcal) is spicy and sweet — a quintessential Korean drama recipe to try. Meanwhile, those craving a local flavour will love the Migoreng (55kcal) which has the taste of Thai stir-fried noodles. The best part is it’s super simple to prepare these noodles! Mix the noodles with accompanying sauce before popping it into the microwave to cook. You can even add on meat like fresh chicken breast to bolster your protein supplement. 

We put the Korean meal replacement diet to test!

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Korean diet experience over two weeks, using some of the most popular food replacement meals from Korea!

Embark on a Korean diet in a healthy way!

We hope this list of meal replacement products in Singapore can encourage you to push through your Korean diet plans and achieve your desired figure! Feeling the effects of eating just too much during the recent CNY and V-day celebrations? Check out expert tips on how to lose weight fast and healthy recipes for weight loss so you can get back into shape fast! Remember that the best dieting results can only be achieved through healthy eating and consistent exercise. Set up your own home gym so you never have an excuse to skip a workout!

This article was updated on 3 March 2021. Additional research done by Rajveen Kaur Aujla.

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