Try The Korean Diet: 8 Korean Meal Replacement Products In Singapore With Low Calories

korean diet meal replacement singapore labnosh

Thanks to the Korean Wave, the Land Of Morning Calm is now well-known for their music, culture and… beauty, of course! Beyond the eye-catching makeup and flawless skin, people from all around the world are adopting the Korean diet to achieve the enviable figure that many K-Pop idols are known for. Thankfully, there’s now a wide variety of easy Korean food replacement products available in Singapore to make your Korean diet conversion a fuss-free one! 

Check out our two weeks Korean diet experience with some popular food replacement meals from Korea! And scroll on to explore other Korean diet products to consider. 

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1. Labnosh Food Shake 

korean diet meal replacement singapore labnosh food shake starter kit

Labnosh Food Shakes come in aesthetically pleasing packaging, making them hard to resist. But do they taste as good as they look? According to Sharmaine, these easy food replacement beverages did not disappoint and kept her full all afternoon! 

The Labnosh Food Shake Starter Kit (available on includes five delicious flavours. The multi-grain flavour tastes like wholemeal biscuits and consist of a blend of brown rice, barley, corn, white sesame and white corvania. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the blueberry yogurt and chocolate flavours. Need a quick caffeine fix? Ditch your regular coffee for the Labnosh Coffee Food Shake which features creamy Vietnamese and Colombian coffee latte.

Concerned about compromising on nutrient intake during your Korean diet journey? Don’t be! Each bottle of food shake contains 160kcal and three major nutrients — 18% carbs, 32% protein and 14% fat (zero trans fat). But that’s not all! You’ll also find 15 types of vitamins and minerals along with every serving. On top of that, the drinks contain 28% dietary fibre, making these beverages perfectly healthy for your Korean diet.

2. Labnosh Food Bar 

korean diet meal replacement singapore labnosh food bar snack low calorie

If you’re like Sharmaine, who’s often too busy for a proper meal, try the Labnosh Food Bars instead! Even if you have a hectic study or work schedule, avoid skipping meals as it may cause you to binge eat later on. Simply toss a few Labnosh Food Bars (available on into your bag to fuel your Korean diet! Don’t scoff at this small snack bar — it contains 200kcal and is all you need to keep your tummy satisfied on busy days.

Choose from the sweet and sour chocolate-coated strawberry pie flavour or banana crunch food bar that packs a punch with every munch! There’s also the mild choco flavour for chocolate lovers. Each meal replacement Labnosh food bar contains 13g of protein, an array of vitamins and 11 types of minerals. 

3. Labnosh Porridge

korean diet meal replacement singapore labnosh porridge low calorie

We understand that at some point during your Korean diet journey, you’d be craving for a proper substantial meal that isn’t a beverage or a snack. This is where the Labnosh Porridge (available on comes in! Packaged in a convenient juice bag, this meal replacement alternative in Singapore is easy to pack on-the-go and prepare with a microwave. 

Sharmaine highly recommends the Kobe style curry porridge (110kcal), which tastes like Japanese curry rice with addictive barley bits. Meanwhile, the nutritious chicken porridge (85kcal) will warm your body on a rainy day with its healing ginseng flavour and protein-rich chicken breast slices. If you’re craving for something sweet at night, why not go for the honey sweet pumpkin porridge (140kcal) or sweet red bean porridge (170kcal) — the perfect guilt-free supper treats!

4. Labnosh Konjac Noodles

korean diet meal replacement singapore labnosh konjac noodles low calorie

Gone are the days where dieting means you’d only be eating salad and nothing else. With Labnosh Konjac Noodles (available on, you can slurp your way to a slender figure! Konjac noodles have a wonderful springy texture and are unbelievably low in calories. This gluten-free meal replacement in Singapore comes in four flavours and can be enjoyed hot or cold — think authentic Korean naengmyeon on a hot summer day!

The Konjac Donkotsu Ramen (165kcal) is Sharmaine’s favourite as the pork bone broth is rich and flavourful. Meanwhile, those craving a spicy kick will prefer the Konjac Hot Chicken Ramen (70kcal) which has a robust flavour thanks to the addition of stir-fried sesame seeds and crispy seaweed powder. Other flavours include the Konjac Warm Soba (95kcal) and the Konjac Rice Noodle (105kcal) which taste similar to Vietnamese Pho! 

5. CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnuts

korean diet meal replacement singapore cj real roasted chestnut low calorie snack

We’ve all been there — sudden cravings for something sweet, hunger pangs right before meal time and the need to munch on something while working. Even Sharmaine couldn’t resist sneaking in a snack or two! The best solution? A diet-friendly snack like the CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnuts (available on which won’t tip your calorie count over the edge while you’re on your Korean diet!

Setting you back at only 90kcal, the CJ 100% Real Roasted Chestnut snack is a popular Korean meal replacement snack in Singapore. Besides its characteristic taste, this addictive treat is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It’s known to help reduce cholesterol levels, improve bowel movements, increase energy levels and strengthen the immune system. 

6. Ever Bikini Korea Diet Oats Shake

korean diet meal replacement singapore ever bikini diet oats shake low calorie
(Credit: Kseoa_Korea)

Breakfast is probably the most important meal, especially if you’re on a Korean diet. A hearty breakfast keeps you full for longer which in turn reduces your calorie intake throughout the day. The Ever Bikini Korea Diet Oats Shake (available on Kseoa_Korea) makes for a great breakfast choice as it contains a mixture of boiled and roasted oats to keep you feeling satisfied. 

In general, oats are gluten-free and unbelievably nutritious. They provide high-protein dietary fibre are rich in antioxidants and have a vast variety of vitamins. Wondering why the Ever Bikini Korea Diet Oat Shakes (168kcal) are able to keep you feeling full for hours? That’s because they contain a soluble fibre known as Beta-Glucan, which dissolves in water to become a thick, gel-like solution. This delays the time taken for your stomach to empty out, keeping your hunger at bay! 

To top it all off, this meal replacement product in Singapore is quick and easy to prepare in the mornings. Simply pour 200ml of low-fat milk into the bottle, shake thoroughly and voila!

7. Dr. You Energy Diet Bars 

korean diet meal replacement singapore dr you energy diet bars snack

Hitting one of the gyms in Singapore to speed up your dieting progress? Hold up, you don’t want to be exercising on an empty stomach! By burning fat rapidly without supporting your body with the right amount of food, you unintentionally activate your body’s survival instincts. That is, your body will burn fewer calories and reduce your metabolism on purpose — everything you don’t want during your Korean diet journey. 

Instead, keep your energy level up with Dr. You Energy Diet Bars (available on which are made of almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries, raisins, corn and wheat flour. Each meal replacement energy bar provides the same amount of protein as an egg in addition to a rich supply of Vitamin A, B, C, E, niacin and folic acid. While the regular Dr. You Energy Diet Bar has 197kcal, you can opt for the Dr. You Oat And Honey Light Bar that only contains 99kcal to keep within your diet restrictions. Once your tummy is filled, try these easy 15-minute workout routines to stay slim and fit!

8. Calobye Diet Water Jelly

korean diet meal replacement singapore calobye diet water jelly low calorie
(Credit: YONIYONI Beauty & Fashion)

Touted as the best kept secret behind K-Pop idols’ diets, the Calobye Diet Water Jelly is one of the most popular Korean meal replacement products in Singapore. At less than 200kcal per juice pouch, Calobye Diet Water Jelly (available on YONIYONI Beauty & Fashion) can be consumed for breakfast, a quick snack or even a post-workout treat.

Each packet of water jelly holds 600mg of apple phenon, a nutritious and effective ingredient known for targeting excess body fat. Instead of using sugar, Calobye uses erythritol as a calorie-free sweetener to provide the water jelly with a light and delicious taste. Choose from a wide variety of flavours, including green apple, grapefruit, calamansi and blueberry! 


We hope this list of meal replacement products in Singapore can encourage you to push through your Korean diet plans and achieve your desired figure! Remember that the best dieting results can only be achieved through healthy eating and consistent exercise. Not a fan of running? Don’t fret, try out these workout alternatives or set up your own home gym so you never have an excuse to skip a workout!

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