11 Funny Memes About Going Back To School

Goodbye to you, September holidays. It was nice knowing you, social life.

1. Starting out your #FirstDayOfSchool like…

First day of school
Twitter: @FactsOfSchool

2. Trying to decipher compositions.

Alternative Career Option
Instagram: @theclassroomkey

3. Hate all work and all assignments~

All of me
Twitter: @college_20

4. When you actually relate to your horoscope, for once.

Signs as Back-To-School supplies
Twitter: @fantasyminds

5. When you receive a helluva schedule.

Class Schedule
Twitter: @CommonWhiteGirI

6. When all you can think about is “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU!”

First thoughts of going back to school

7. *Cries myself to sleep*

Crying before sleep
Tumblr: so-relatable

8. Clinging onto the holidays like…

hanging onto summer
Instagram: soaring_sandy

9. You when only half a day has gone passed.

Have to go home

10. When the teacher assigned seats and puts you beside someone annoying.

Lord is testing

11. And this is all of us as soon as we get home.

Going to bed

Let us know if you can relate in the comments below!


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