Less Is More With These Best All-In-One PCs [2021]

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Pressed for space on your desk and can’t commit to a full-scale desktop computer? Why not opt for a space-saving all-in-one desktop PC instead! By combining the monitor, speaker and desktop PC into a single unit, AIO PCs in Singapore save you tonnes of space while not depriving you of the features you need for maximum productivity. Keen on picking one up? From Acer to Lenovo, these are the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore that money can buy.

Is it worth buying all-in-one desktop PCs?

The premise of AIO PCs in Singapore seems fantastic — you’re minimising the footprint of your desktop computer and maximising convenience as everything comes included. Here’s our reasons why the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore can change the way you view PCs. 

  • All-in-one PCs are aesthetically pleasing

imac setup best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: Hippopx)

Say what you will about custom desktops but nothing quite beats the feeling of owning an all-in-one PC that prioritises a minimalist and classy appearance. Everything from the display to the webcam comes neatly wrapped up in one package so you won’t have to fuss about colour coordinating your accessories or ensuring they’re up to par! In Apple’s case, they’ve taken this to the extreme with a sleek, modern-looking design that’ll immediately beautify any desk.

  • All-in-one PCs require less cable management

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to deal with messy cables when using a desktop computer. By buying an all-in-one PC, you’re freeing yourself from cable clutter as there’s lesser individual components to worry about. While you might have to purchase a monitor, webcam and speakers with your existing tower PC, everything comes packaged with the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore so you just have to plug in the power cable and you’re good to go!

  • All-in-one PCs are perfect for computer newbies

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For beginners who’ve yet to enter the desktop space, shopping for such a contraption can feel daunting. From choosing your monitor to deciding what components you need, traditional desktop PCs require plenty of pre-planning and going through multiple builds to understand what will meet your needs. Fortunately, all-in-one PCs simplify this by streamlining your decision process. Whether you’re confused between IPS and VA displays or wondering what’s the difference between AMD and Intel CPUs, the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore have it all sorted for you!

Best all-in-one PCs in Singapore at a glance

All-in-one PC Average price Why we love it
Acer Veriton VZ4870G ~$1100 Aesthetics that’ll fit in any corporate office
HP ENVY 32-a1085d ~$4000 Premium features that are worth the money
Apple iMac ~$1500 True to Apple’s “It Just Works” slogan
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3  ~$1000 Upgradable components for futureproofing
HP All-in-One 24-df0211d ~$850 Best value for money all-in-one PC
Acer Aspire C24-1651 ~$1500 Includes all-new Iris Xe integrated graphics
Acer Zen AIO 24 ~$1600 Beautiful all-in-one PC with intricate design touches

Our picks for the best space saving AIO PCs in Singapore

1. Acer Veriton VZ4870G

acer veriton vz4870g best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: Acer Official Store)

Of our picks for best all-in-one PCs in Singapore, Acer’s Veriton VZ4870G (available on Acer Official Store) is certainly the most professional looking of the bunch. With its matte black frame and sturdy rectangular stand, this all-in-one PC will fit right into any office environment with its conservative and clean-cut aesthetics. To boost productivity, Acer has included a 512GB SSD that helps your applications and system boot quickly and an Intel i5 10th generation processor for effortless multitasking. Did we also mention the Veriton comes with a built-in webcam? The 1080p webcam is smartly tucked away at the front panel, popping up when necessary!

2. HP ENVY 32-a1085d

hp envy 32-a1085d best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: ATRiX Official Store)

If you have the budget to spare, the HP ENVY 32-a1085d (available on ATRiX Official Store) is certainly one of the best all-in-one PCs money can buy as it includes everything you could want from a productive workstation. From its 4K ultra HD display to its dedicated RTX 2070 graphics card, HP has spared no expense in offering a luxury all-in-one PC. The bells and whistles don’t stop there as the ENVY also includes a booming Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth soundbar and a gorgeous wood grain base that doubles as a wireless charging pad!

3. Apple iMac

apple imac best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: Apple Flagship Store)

We can’t talk about the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore without mentioning the one that started it all! In the past when beige-coloured office computers dominated the PC space, Apple iMacs (available on Apple Flagship Store) stood out with their unique design philosophy. Today, Apple still puts the focus on aesthetics and user convenience, allowing iMacs like these to single-handedly popularise the all-in-one desktop concept. From its gorgeous retina display to its ease of use, the iMac retains its popularity by working right out of the box and eliminating the set-up fuss!

4. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 24ARE05

lenovo ideacentre aio 3i best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: Lenovo Official Store)

The Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 24ARE05 (available on Lenovo Official Store) is an all-around solid pick when it comes to the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore at the entry-level price! From first impressions, you’ll be won over by its tubular stand that’s both uniquely designed and space saving. On the specifications front, this Lenovo all-in-one PC includes an AMD Ryzen mobile processor with integrated Radeon graphics alongside 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. If this isn’t enough for your multitasking productivity needs, you’ll be happy to know the IdeaCentre AIO 3 supports modifiable components so you can freely add on to its memory and storage. Talk about reliable futureproofing for AIO PCs in Singapore!

5. HP All-in-One 24-df0211d

hp aio 24-df0211d best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: HP Official Store)

New to the world of all-in-one desktop PCs? HP’s All-in-One 24-df0211d (available on HP Official Store) proves you can shop for the best all-in-one PCs while on a budget! With its thin bezels and slim metal stand, this HP all-in-one PC is compact and best suited for small spaces. From having an NVMe SSD for minimal boot times to its anti-glare 1080p display, you can be rest assured no corners have been cut despite its affordable price tag!

6. Acer Aspire C24-1651

acer aspire c24-1651 best all in one pcs singapore

No dedicated graphics card? No problem! Acer’s Aspire C24-1651 (available on CR GROUP OFFICIAL STORE) proves that you can get gaming and creative work done thanks to Intel’s Iris Xe integrated graphics. Intel’s trump card lets the Acer all-in-one PC shave off considerable bulk, with the end result being a slimmer and lighter desktop computer! Add to this a metal-like finish with a 23.8-inch 1080p borderless touchscreen display and you have one of the best all-in-one PCs that fits into any workspace without breaking the bank.

7. ASUS Zen AIO 24

asus zen aio 24 best all in one pcs singapore
(Credit: ATRiX Official Store)

On the lookout for the best all-in-one PCs in Singapore that embrace minimalism? The ASUS Zen AIO 24 (available on ATRiX Official Store) is your best bet! Right from the get-go, the ASUS all-in-one PC dazzles with its off-centre metal stand and TV-like slimness that’ll immediately draw your attention. On closer inspection, ASUS has even thrown in tessellated patterning and a frameless NanoEdge display for an elegant aesthetic that complements any contemporary workspace! Performance-wise, we loved how the Zen AIO 24 breaks industry standards by including not one but three storage options with its 1TB HDD and double 512GB SSD.

Embracing minimalism with these best all-in-one PCs in Singapore

From the premium offerings of HP’s ENVY to the crowd favourite Apple iMac, we have you covered when it comes to quality AIO PCs in Singapore! With these best all-in-one desktop PCs, you can own computers that are both aesthetically pleasing and powerful workstations. Interested in computers that are more portable? Here’s our rundown of the best cheap laptops. Also, complete your work from home setup with these best office chairs and best standing desks that’ll boost your productivity!