Guide To Bikinis: 14 Styles To Show Off Your Beach Body This Summer [2022]

Call up your girlfriends, it’s time for a beach party! With the relaxed restrictions (no need to wear a mask outdoors, yay!), there’s no better time to enjoy the sun, sea and sand than this summer! Before you hit your fave spots at Tanjong Beach Club or Ola Beach Club, there’s one essential you must not go without – a flattering bikini! Read on for our guide to the different types of bikinis that suit your body shape. Feel confident and HOT with the right swimsuit this summer! 

What is a bikini? 

woman at beach in blue orange bikini sand
(Credit: Anthony / Unsplash)

When we talk about bikinis, many of us picture the typical triangle bikini that we’ve seen so often in magazines. While this isn’t wrong, the bikini has since evolved to include many modern variations such as tankinis, skirtinis and even bandeukinis. This also means that there are more types of bikinis for us to choose from!

What type of bikini is best for your body?

We may come in different shapes and sizes, but we are all beautiful the same. Learn about your body shape and find out which are the most flattering types of bikinis for you this summer! 

  • Best swimsuits for pear body shape

pear body shape curvy woman bikini yellow tribal
(Credit: Leo Moko / Unsplash)

Body shape: Also known as the triangle body shape, pear-shaped bodies are curvier around the hips and thighs and have a smaller top.

Bikini style tips: The best type of bikini for pear-shaped bodies are swimsuits that can help to balance out your proportions. Also, pick one that provides more coverage for your bottom half. A bikini with a plunging neckline or eye-catching top design can also help draw attention upwards. 

Best types of bikini: Skirtinis, high waisted bikinis

Bikinis to avoid: Tankinis, bikini bottoms with ruffles, thick waistbands, side-ties or loud designs

  • Best swimsuits for apple body shape

purple bikini apple body shape woman
(Credit: Armin Rimoldi / Pexels)

Body shape: Apple-shaped body types are broader in the shoulders and waist compared to the hips. This body type tends to also have a bigger bust, smaller bottoms and slimmer thighs. The ratio of your busts, waist and hips are 4:4:3. 

Bikini style tips: The best type of bikini for apple-shaped bodies are swimsuits that can help draw attention away from the wide upper frame while playing up your strong features – your legs. You should also look for a bikini bottom that adds emphasis to the curve of your hips with ruffles, vibrant patterns of side-ties. 

Best types of bikini: Tankinis, high waisted bikinis, skirtinis

Bikinis to avoid: Boy shorts, bandeukinis

  • Best swimsuits for athletic body shape

athletic body shape pink beige bikini beach
(Credit: Julian Paolo Dayag / Unsplash)

Body shape: Athletic body types are less curvy and usually have a smaller bust. The shoulders are wider than the rest of the body and the hips are almost of the same width as the bust and waist. 

Bikini style tips: Picking the right bikini for your athletic body type is easy – just place extra emphasis on your curves! Pick a bikini with less coverage to create the illusion of a shapelier figure. Go for bikini sets with bold prints, ruffles and embellishments. Pick a smaller bikini bottom to make your bum appear rounder. Tie-side bikini bottoms are your best friend!

Best types of bikini: String bikini, microkini, high neck bikini, trikini, flounce bikini, high waisted bikini

Bikinis to avoid: Bandeaukinis, tankinis, boy shorts

  • Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

hourglass body shape bikini green
(Credit: Alexi Romano / Unsplash)

Body shape: Just like an hourglass, this body type has an evenly proportioned bust and hips with a well-defined waist. 

Bikini style tips: Those with hourglass body types are in luck because most bikini styles are flattering on this body shape. But we suggest sticking to matching sets to keep your body’s great proportions. 

Best types of bikini: All bikinis

Bikinis to avoid: Mismatched designs which can throw your silhouette out of proportion 

  • Best swimsuits for rectangle body shape

orange bikini rectangle body shape woman
(Credit: Carlos Augusto / Unsplash)

Body shape: The rectangle body shape is often confused with the athletic body shape. While the latter is widest in the shoulders, the rectangle body type has a straight silhouette with minimal difference between the upper and lower torso. 

Bikini style tips: Worried that you won’t look as good in a bikini as an hourglass body type? Fret not, most bikinis will work well with your body shape as they add curves to the bust and hips! Go for bikinis with less coverage or those with bold patterns, ruffles, frills and ruching – they add volume to your bust and hips for a curvier silhouette. 

Best types of bikini: String bikini, microkini, high neck bikini, skirtini, high waisted bikini, flounce bikini

Bikinis to avoid: Bandeaukinis, boy shorts, bikinis with square and boxy necklines

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: Bandeaukinis

Also known as a strapless bikinis, bandeaukinis are simply tube tops for swimming. They are extremely comfortable and easy to put on. If you hate dealing with straps, this is the perfect type of bikini for you! They look best on ladies with smaller busts as well as those with hourglass body shapes. Meanwhile, bustier ladies should stay away from bandeaukinis as the tube top does not give enough support for your girls. This style of bikini is also not suitable for surfing.

1. Tommy Bahama Tie Front Bandeau

tommy bahama tie front bandeau bikini nautical
(Credit: Ocean Paradise Official store)

Rock that nautical look with this cute Tommy Bahama Tie Front Bandeau (available on Ocean Paradise Official store)! The wavy stripes and adorable tie front design will help to enhance your assets! This bandeau top also boasts an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50. This means it’s capable of blocking out 98% of the sun’s rays, providing excellent UV protection for your beach date! Pair the bandeau with a matching Tommy Bahama Reversible Shirred Hipster (available on Ocean Paradise Official store) bikini bottom to complete the set!

2. Trendyol Crystalised Bandeau Bikini 

trendyol crystalised bandeau bikini top black
(Credit: Trendyol.os)

Who said you can’t wear something bling at the beach? The Trendyol Crystalised Bikini Top (available on Trendyol.os) comes with a glamorous crystal centrepiece to amp up your poolside look. This bandeau bikini features a sweetheart neckline that’s flattering for all body shapes. With removable and adjustable straps, you can adapt your bikini to suit any activity! Pair this bikini top with a plain bikini bottom or one with polka dots like this Trendyol White Swimwear Bottoms (available on Trendyol.os) to add a hint of playfulness! 

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: String bikinis

As its name suggests, string bikinis usually feature cups that are connected by a string. The overall bikini style is also secured by tie-strings around the neck, waist and back. This type of bikini provides lesser coverage and works great for enhancing your curves. They look best on ladies with athletic, rectangle or hourglass body shapes. Ladies who are bustier or heavier on the bottom should avoid string bikinis as they don’t provide sufficient support and coverage. 

3. Lovito Boho Printing Tribal Ring Bow Bikini

lovito boho printing tribal ring bow bikini

Cute swimwear doesn’t need to break the bank. Introducing Lovito, one of the best and most affordable bikinis and apparel brands in Singapore! The Lovito Boho Printing Tribal Ring Bow Bikini (available on LOVITO OFFICIAL STORE) is every boho girl’s dream come true. Featuring multi-coloured tribal prints and a sexy tie-string front, this is THE type of bikini that will turn heads at the beach! Just remember to secure all your knots – especially the ones on the bikini bottoms – to avoid any unwanted slips! 

4. FUNFIT Bikini Set In Dotted Print

funfit bikini set dotted print type of bikini swimsuit
(Credit: Funfit Outlet Official Store)

You may know Funfit as one of the best affordable activewear brands, but Funfit also carry a wide range of bikinis! This simple FUNFIT Bikini Set In Dotted Print (available on Funfit Outlet Official Store) is incredibly cute with dainty polka dots peppered across the set. It comes in two colours – baby pink and red. We think both colours are vibrant and perfect for summer! The best part about this Funfit bikini is its removable paddings. This gives you full control over the support for your busts, allowing you to swap out the paddings for a better fit!

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: Tankinis

Want more coverage at the beach? Instead of throwing a t-shirt over your swimwear, why not opt for a tankini instead? Made up of a tank top and a bikini bottom, tankinis provide decent coverage and look great one those with hourglass or apple body shapes. 

5. FUNFIT Underwire Push-Up Tankini And Boyshorts

funfit underwire push up tankini boyshorts types of bikini swimsuit
(Credit: Funfit Outlet Official Store)

Less revealing than the usual bikinis, the FUNFIT Underwire Push-Up Tankini And Boyshorts (available on Funfit Outlet Official Store) comes with a modest full bottom coverage. This means you can move freely in the water without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. The top comes with underwires and push-up cups to provide full support while enhancing your girls. 

6. Arena Tankini Swimsuit Set

arena tankini swimsuit set type of bikini swimsuit brand
(Credit: VITO Official Store)

As one of the best brands for bikinis and swimwear, Arena should be on the top of your list when you’re shopping for a bikini. The Arena Tankini Swimsuit Set (available on VITO Official Store) is designed for both style and performance. The two-piece set is made of 80% nylon and 20% Extra Life Lycra, a durable, comfortable and figure-fitting material designed to resist chlorine and UV damage. In fact, this tankini can last up to 10 times longer than swimsuits made with unprotected spandex – what a worthy investment!

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: High neck bikinis

You can think of high neck bikinis as turtlenecks – except for the beach! This fashionable bikini style covers most of your upper chest and is a good choice if you’re doing a fair bit of swimming or surfing. Go for this type of swimsuit if you have an athletic, hourglass or rectangular body type! 

7. V-Shaped High Neck Bikini Set

v shaped high neck bikini set black brown type of bikini swimsuit
(Credit: ikon(bra lingerie panties tops))

We absolutely adore the decent amount of coverage that the V-Shaped High Neck Bikini Set (available on ikon(bra lingerie panties tops)) provides. Thanks to the high neck design, the swimsuit is not as revealing as many of its counterparts. However, this does not make the bikini set any less flattering. With a V-shaped waistband, this bikini style subtly adds definition to your waist and volume to your hips, balancing out your proportions for an hourglass silhouette!

8. Plus Size Keyhole High Neck Bikini Set

plus size keyhole high neck bikini set
(Credit: Closetonline Women Flagship Store)

The Plus Size Keyhole High Neck Bikini Set (available on Closetonline Women Flagship Store) is a godsend for ladies. The high neck criss-cross design helps to hide the small pooch next to the armpit. In addition, the high waisted bottoms elongate your legs and hide your belly. The keyhole design is the highlight of this bikini, revealing a hint of sexiness to keep your outfit fun! 

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: Skirtinis

You would’ve guessed it by now – a skirtini is made up of a bikini top and a skirt combined! Skirtinis are one of the most popular types of bikinis because it offers decent coverage for the bottoms. In addition, skirtinis give off a girlish vibe and flatter a wide variety of body shapes, including pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. 

9. Tropical Two-Piece Skirtini Set

tropical two piece skirtini set skirt bikini
(Credit: sportswear)

Grab a glass of cocktail and laze by the pool in this pretty Tropical Two-Piece Skirtini Set (available on sportswear). Featuring ruffles on the top, this romantic bikini set will work well even for ladies who are not as well endowed in the chest area. The short flowy A-line skirt adds a hint of cheekiness to the getup and also helps to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Each skirtini comes with a pair of safety shorts so you won’t have to worry about unwanted exposure! 

10. High Waist Skirtini Three-Piece Set

yellow black tropical print bikini high waist skirtini three piece set
(Credit: Sonny’s pajamas shop)

While skirtinis may be suitable for #OOTDs by the pool, let’s admit it – they are not the best choice of outfit for serious swimmers or surfers. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favourite skirtinis! The High Waist Skirtini Three-Piece Set (available on Sonny’s pajamas shop) offers you the best of both worlds. This bikini set comes with a pair of swimming shorts as well as a skirt so you can pick the style that suits you best. The skirt also doubles as a cover up in case you want to dine at a nearby restaurant after your romantic beach date. You’ll feel incredibly comfortable in this swimsuit as the shelf bra comes without underwires and offers sufficient support. 

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: High waisted bikinis

High waisted jeans, high waisted skirts and now, high waisted bikinis. We simply can’t get enough of high waisted apparel simply because they make us look so good! Here’s the trick: high waisted bottoms begin from near our navel and as a result, create the illusion of a higher waistline. This visually shortens our upper torso and makes our legs look extra long! This is why high waisted bikinis are so flattering on all body shapes. 

11. Lovito Boho Plain Ring RibKnit Bikini

lovito boho plain ring ribknit bikini type of swimsuit best brand

Trust the best bikini brand to bring out the trendiest designs! The Lovito Boho Plain Ring RibKnit Bikini (available on LOVITO OFFICIAL STORE) is incredibly stylish with its cut-out toga bikini top and ultra high waisted bottoms. The unique design draws gives attention to your sunkissed chest and legs, making you look ooh-la-la on your beach date. 

12. Bandage High Waist Korean Bikini Set

bandage high waist korean bikini set type of swimsuit
(Credit: fitmore bikini swimsuit)

Korean bikinis have a sophisticated flair to them, and the Bandage High Waist Korean Bikini Set (available on fitmore bikini swimsuit) is no exception. Despite the minimalistic design, this bikini set brings manages to bring out all the flattering aspects of your figure. The sexy deep plunging neckline shows off your cleavage while the trendy laced up back design help to define your slender waist. Together with the high waisted bikini bottom that elongates your length, this bikini set is a winner on any occasion. 

Types of bikini styles to rock this summer: Flounce bikinis

Flounce bikinis, also known as ruffle bikinis, have a distinct flowy design that adds volume to your chest or waist, depending on where the ruffles are placed. This type of bikini works best for ladies with a straighter silhouette such as the athletic or rectangle body shapes. Meanwhile, curvier ladies may want to steer away from flounce bikinis as they may look over the top. 

13. Mismatched Ruffle Bikini Set

(Credit: Lovito Floral Print Ruffle Hem Bikinis

Looking for a bikini style that’s unconventional? We’ve got you covered with the Mismatched Ruffle Bikini Set (available on Lovito). The bikini top features a unique cascading ruffle design that adds volume to the chest while lending subtle coverage to the midriff. Psst, this is great for hiding that food belly from all the poolside snacking. The mismatched high waisted bikini bottom also adds a pop of colour to the getup – how cute!

14. Rinka Two-Piece Ruffled Bikini Set

rinka two piece ruffled bikini set
(Credit: Rinka Official)

Rinka has got to be one of the best bikini brands for summer. This Taiwanese brand offers a wide range of stylish bikini styles that we find hard to resist. Case in point: the Rinka Two-Piece Ruffled Bikini Set (available on Rinka Official) that make for a failproof swimsuit that will look good on most body shapes. The flounce bikini top can be worn over or under the arms to create two different looks. This is one of the best types of bikini for ladies who are concerned about their ‘bat wings’ (saggy upper arms) as the flounce design can be worn over the arms to hide them. The top also comes with paddings and underwires for shapely support. As the flounce design can look excessive, the bikini bottoms are kept simple and high waisted for a slimming effect. 

Pick the right type of bikini for your beach day out

We hope that our guide has helped you to find the perfect type of bikini to feel comfortable and confident in! Planning for a summer trip? Be sure to pack your swimwear and other travel essentials along for your vacation. Don’t have any travel plans set in place to show off your beach body? It’s time to book a trip to one of these best Bintan resorts or best Batam resorts for a relaxing getaway!