11 Genshin Impact Collectibles That Don’t Require Primogems

genshin impact merchandise singapore keychain plushie amber bunny

When it comes to Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore, there’s no need for you to be a whale (someone who has a lot of money to pour into the game). Even if you’re out of Primogems (premium currency in Genshin Impact), you can still achieve your favourite game characters by collecting their merchandises. Be it Venti’s figurine or Zhongli plushies, check out the hottest Genshin Impact merch in Singapore!

What is Genshin Impact?

genshin impact merchandise singapore raiden shogun
(Credit: Genshin Impact / Facebook)

In case you’re new to the game, here’s a brief introduction to Genshin Impact. This open-world action role-playing game (ARPG) is created by the Chinese gaming company, miHoYo. Gamers are armed with a team of multiple interchangeable characters as they embark on adventures and quests to boost their rank and meet powerful allies. New characters are introduced in stages and gamers can make use of their Primogems (accumulated through quest completion or in-game purchases) to win a chance to unlock the characters on the Character Event Wish banner. Since this is based on gacha mechanic (tl;dr: pure luck), it’s possible to spend all your Primogems without unlocking the character you desire. But if you can’t get the character you want, don’t be sad — you can still collect your favourite figures by checking out our guide to Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore, with everything from gaming accessories to plushies and hoodies!

Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore for your gaming set up

1. Genshin Impact Desk Mats

genshin impact merchandise singapore desk mat mousepad zhongli childe liyue harbour
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

Marvel at the glorious night view of Liyue Harbour or witness the rivalry between Zhongli and Childe — all printed in high quality resolution on these Genshin Impact Desk Mats (available on Hakken! Online Official Store)! Spanning the length of 70cm, this Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore is a must-have for any avid Genshin gamer. It not only acts as decor for your gaming station, but also doubles as a gaming mousepad! Talk about practicality!

2. Genshin Impact Characters Acrylic Stands

genshin impact merchandise singapore figurine acrylic stands
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

If there’s one thing common among all Genshin Impact players, it’s our love for the intricate character designs. From Ganyu to Ningguang, admire the details that go into these iconic characters when you own these Genshin Impact Characters Acrylic Stands (available on Hakken! Online Official Store)! Simply assemble your desired Genshin Impact character figurine and place it next to your monitor — who knows, you may get the exact same character in your next banner pull! 

Pro Tip: If you intend to purchase the entire collection of this Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore, we suggest getting a figurine display shelf to showcase them in a neat and tidy manner. 

3. Genshin Impact Invitation To Mundane Life Acrylic Calendar

genshin merch singapore invitation to mundane life acrylic calendar desk monthly planner
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

Why get an ordinary desk calendar when you can decorate your gaming rig with this adorable Genshin Impact Invitation To Mundane Life Acrylic Calendar (available on Hakken! Online Official Store)? Soaking up the moonlight in Liyue Harbour is some of our favourite characters like Xiao, Venti and Qiqi — all designed in chibi (miniature) art style to melt your heart. Positioned right in the middle is a stack of monthly calendars which you can switch out accordingly. This Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore helps you to keep track of important events, such as the launch of the all-new Character Event Wish banner!

Huggable Genshin Impact plushies 

4. Genshin Impact Xiangling Guoba Furry Panda Plush

guoba genshin impact xiangling plushie soft toy
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

“Guoba, get them!” Launch this furry Guoba Panda Plush (available on Hakken! Online Official Store) the next time you use Xiangling’s elemental skill for extra fun! Guoba, a panda, is Xiangling’s sidekick who’s equipped with the skill of flame. He is named after the Chinese term for scorched rice, which is Xiangling’s favourite childhood snack. Standing at 16cm tall, this adorable Guoba plush will make the perfect huggable gaming companion!

5. Genshin Impact Hilichurl Furry Hand Pillow Plush

genshin impact hilichurl plushie soft toy
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

Practise your Hilichurlian (the native language of Hilichurls, monsters in Genshin Impact) with your very own Hilichurl Furry Hand Pillow Plush (available on Hakken! Online Official Store)! While this cuddly Hilichurl plush won’t dance for you, it’ll keep your gaming hands nice and warm. Simply slot your hands into the openings of the plush when you’re feeling cold.  

6. Genshin Impact Slime Pillow Cushions

genshin impact merchandise singapore slime plushie soft toy
(Credit: lynn.store)

As much as we find the slime monsters in Genshin Impact annoying (especially the Dendro slimes), we can’t deny that they actually look pretty cute and squishy. This makes them great cushions to have around in your house! Grab some of these Genshin Impact Slime Pillow Cushions (available on lynn.store) without worrying about their deadly elemental reaction for once! They come in various designs, including Anemo, Cryo and Pyro slimes. Prefer something smaller? Go for the 10cm version instead!

7. Genshin Impact Amber Baron Bunny Plush

genshin impact amber baron bunny plush soft toy
(Credit: minyaya.sg)

If Amber is your main DPS character (main damage dealer), there’s no way you’re going to give this Amber Baron Bunny Plush (available on minyaya.sg) a miss! This Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore stands at about 40cm and sports a similar outfit as Amber. It is extremely well made with all the distinctive features of the Baron Bunny — including its furry chest and perky bunny ears. Its endearing yet lifeless look is an intentional character design modelled after a scarecrow or puppet, which makes sense considering its main skill is to taunt the enemy and draw their fire. 

8. Genshin Impact Character Pillows

genshin merch character pillow traveler paimon klee
(Credit: miYoo)

No list of Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore is complete without some character pillows. These Genshin Impact Character Pillows (available on miYoo) are created in chibi style for extra charm and features dual-sided designs. Each side shows a different expression. Think: a dashing Diluc on one side and a nonchalant Diluc on the other. The best part about these character pillows is that they also feature new characters from the latest Inazuma patch, including Ayaka and Yoimiya! We won’t be surprised if a Raiden Shogun version is launched soon.

Other Genshin Impact merchandise in Singapore 

9. Genshin Impact Q Ver. Characters Keychain

genshin impact merchandise singapore Q ver. characters keychain
(Credit: Hakken! Online Official Store)

Prefer a dainty decorative Genshin merch in Singapore that you can bring on the go? Consider these Genshin Impact Q Ver. Characters Keychain (available on Hakken! Online Official Store) which can be easily attached to your women’s backpack or men’s backpack. These official miHoYo Genshin Impact merch come in many different characters, including Traveller, Klee and Chongyun.

10. Genshin Impact Hoodies

genshin impact hoodie purple red klee keqing
(Credit: miYoo)

Doing a stream of your Genshin gameplay? If you’re appearing on your game stream, why not throw on one of these Genshin Impact Hoodies (available on miYoo) to complete your setup? From toned down yet stylish designs inspired by Klee and Keqing to more in-your-face ones featuring Paimon and Diluc, you’re bound to find a hoodie that fits your fashion style. There are three sizes to choose from, so be sure to check the size chart before your purchase!

11. Genshin Impact Metal Card Collection

genshin impact official merchandise singapore metal card collection
(Credit: SleeverQueen)

Experience gacha in real life by trying your luck with the Genshin Impact Metal Card Collection (available on SleeverQueen)! ‘Pull’ from a range of four and five stars characters in this mystery card pack featuring 32 designs from the earliest characters to the latest ones. We absolutely adore the luxurious metallic sheen on these cards which adds dimension to the overall design. Each pack comes with four random character cards — so put your luck to the test and try for your favourite characters today!

Begin your Genshin Impact merchandise collection in Singapore

From hoodies to figurines, these Genshin Impact merch will definitely light up your space and (hopefully) bring you better luck when you wish upon your next banner! For the best gaming experience on Genshin Impact, we suggest equipping yourself with a good gaming monitor which will do justice to the game’s intricate graphic design. And if your gaming sesh spans over a couple of hours, perhaps it’s a good idea to get one of these best gaming chairs to keep your body supported as you set the enemies ablaze!

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