9 National Day Deals Every Singaporean Should Chiong For From 4 To 9 August


It’s that time of the year again, where we don ourselves in red and white, and get all patriotic and soaked up in National Day tunes. And while you sit back and watch the National Day Parade with your loved ones, here are some great National Day deals to make your long weekend all the more sweeter. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can look forward to during Shopee’s National Day Sale:

1. Bonus Vouchers Day (4 August)

We are starting the party early from 4 August so that you guys can get your National Day shopping essentials done in time for the long weekend gathering with friends and family. There will be highly attractive and limited upsized vouchers released at midnight so be sure to set your alarm for it! You can also look forward to upsized all day Shopee Mall, category and seller vouchers. Talk about starting National Day with a bang! 

2. Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG) Day (5 August)

You won’t want to miss out on this day because there will be collections featured from ALL categories with the Lowest Price Guaranteed deals. This is your best chance to get your products at the lowest price, sealed with a promise! If you can find a lower price from any of our competitors for products marked with a Lowest Price Guaranteed label, we will reward you with twice the price difference. This is how confident we are. Pssttt..this National Day deal is only happening on 5 August, so grab it while it’s hot.  

3. Upsized Flash Deals Day (6 August)

Our favourite flash deals are back again, this time even bigger and better! Look out for upsized National Day flash deals on 6 August at the following timings: 12AM,10AM, 12PM, 6PM, 8PM, 10PM. Be excited because some items dropping include the Nintendo Switch, Philips Slim LED TV,  Hoegaarden White Beer carton and many more at amazing discounts. I am postponing all appointments and setting reminders for this, and I’d highly recommend you do it too!

4. Cashback Day (7 August)

7 August is Cashback Day! You are as lucky as lucky number 7 because only for today, you can get up to 10% cashback on 3 featured collections – Everything Under $2.54, Bestsellers Up to 89% OFF & 5-star Deals. Simply apply the code “CASHBN10” upon checkout and instantly get 10% coins cashback. Be right back, carting out now!

5. National Day Exclusives (4 – 9 August)

What’s a celebration for National Day without uniquely Singaporean products for sale? From 4 – 9 August, look forward to National Day exclusive deals such as Kit Kat bundles in Singapore flavours like Nasi Lemak, Ice Kacang, Durian and Apam Balik (which is actually peanut pancake)! The Kit Kat bundle and Apam Balik flavours can only be found exclusively on Shopee, so all you collectors take note! Other items that you can look forward to are the HP Printer, JBL GO speakers in red and white, The Singaporean Dream Collectors set and many more which will be going on huge discounts during the National Day sale. While being patriotic, why not enjoy some good deals on the side? 

There will also be a finale sale happening on 9 August, and you can look forward to all-day upsized promotions on all National Day Exclusives & local collections, as well as Brands flash sales, upsized flash vouchers and deals! Stay tuned to our social media pages and Official Account to get the latest updates on the best offers available on National Day~

6. National Day Themed Games  (4 – 9 August)

We are bringing back our popular games with a localised twist this National Day. Instead of slicing fruits during Shopee Slice, you will get to slice ingredients to form your bowl of mee siam and avoid the hums. Yes, time to get rid of all those nasty hums! Think East is better than the West and vice versa? Show your support for your region by voting in our new Battle of the Regions game and stand a chance to win Shopee coins. Share the post on Instagram and stand a chance to win an attractive prize worth $540!

Our Shopee Quiz is also back from 4 – 7 August daily at 9pm, and 12pm and 9pm on 8 – 9 August! Get ready to answer fun facts and questions on anything and everything about Singapore, and stand a chance to win up to 54,000 coins per game, and up to 98,000 coins on 8 and 9 August. Pro tip: time to brush up on your knowledge of Singapore’s history! Pssstt…in case you missed the quiz, fret not! Simply take a screenshot of the quiz and share it on our Facebook post here and you can stand a chance to win an attractive digital prize bundle worth at least $200!

Last but not least, there will be live streams happening during this period too, so keep a lookout for the dates on our Facebook and Instagram and participate to win amazing prizes!

7. Auntie Sale Tip of the Day (4 – 9 August)

Watch out for our daily Auntie Sale Tip of the Day as she dishes out wise words and life advice on our official Facebook page, Instagram and on the Official Account. Aunties are the most naggy, but you got to admit they give good advice because of their life experiences. So in case you are feeling down and lost about life, you know where to head to get some inspiration! 

8. Cardmember Promotion (1- 9 August)

There will be a special Maybank Kiasu deals collection from 1 – 3 August during the sneak peek period. Key in the code “KIASU8” to get $8 off when you spend a minimum of $88. Look forward to exciting products from the different categories such as the Philips Slim LED TV, Mi A3 phone, Drypers carton and many more. Satisfy all the inner kiasu-ness you have been suppressing within before it’s too late! 

Maybank is also celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday by offering all Maybank cardholders $5.40 off the entire order with a minimum spend of $54 on 1 – 8 August! But on 9 August, you only have to spend $50 and you will get $5.40 off! There are only limited redemptions available for this exclusive offer, so hurry start shopping away~

9. Official Giveaways (4 – 9 August)

Of course, what’s a sale without giveaways? Look out for daily giveaways on our Facebook, Instagram and Official Account. In line with National Day, you stand a chance to win attractive National Day themed bundles worth $300! There will be lots of localised goodies in the bundle too, so if you’re a true-blue Singaporean, you will look forward to these items in the bundle as they will evoke great memories for sure. 

Are you dressed in red and white and all ready for National Day? Let us know how you will be spending the long weekend in the comments section below!