15 Socks That Are Quirky AF

Feet your socks obsession with these dobby-approved socks. The quirkier, the better!

1. Transform your legs to fins with this pair of Mermaid Socks.

Mermaid Socks


2. Because nothing will keep you warm like Shabu Shabu… Socks!

Shabu Shabu Socks


3. Ostrich Feet Socks because their feet are #leggoals.

Ostrich Feet Socks


4. Win-ot get your housemate to get a glass for you with these Bring Me Wine Socks!

Bring Me Wine Socks!


5. There’s no better way to avoid people than with some Bloody Socks.

 Bloody Socks

6. A pair of sole scary Skeleton Socks.

Skeleton Socks

7. Socks that show off your one true love – Burgers!

Burger Socks

8. Socks that will leave people wanting a Pizza it!

pizza socks

9. We’re paws-itively sure no socks are cuter than these Cat Paw Socks.

Cat Paw Socks

10. Get Unicorns that prance on your feet! With a donut.

 Unicorns Socks

11. A pair of Owl Socks because you’re such a hoot.

Owl Socks

12. Fish Net Socks that you’ll want to be caught wearing.

Fish Net Socks

13. Bow Socks because you’re fancy.

Bow Socks

14. When 12 & 13 combines to form 1 stylish Fish Net with Bow Socks.

 Fish Net with Bow Socks

15. Channel your inner animal with these adorable Knee High Socks!

Knee High Socks
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