7 Study Room Design Ideas For Kids To Enjoy Learning In

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(Credit: Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay)

Finding it tough to engage your primary school kids to focus on their schoolwork while at home? You’re not alone! Try as you might, there are still many distractions like the television and smartphones that can pull their attention away. Why not design a study room for your little ones instead? It can be a challenge to design a study room in Singapore considering the space limitations in many HDB flats but with attention to a few factors, creating that dedicated space can be achieved!

1. Get them their individual table and chairs

study table study room design
(Credit: AIDEAL, The Furniture Store)

Desks and tables should be the focal point of any study room design for it’s the place where most of the work gets done. Want to maximise space? Then consider investing in a table with in-built shelves like this study table with an in-built bookshelf (available on AIDEAL). Your child will have easy access to drawers and books that he or she needs most. Alternatively, opt for a simple maple wooden desk table (available on The Furniture Store) which also comes with a nifty rack under the table. Be sure to set the desk near the window for ample sunlight! You might just notice a lift in their sluggish after school mood!

study room design chair
(Credit: umdlife)

A study desk is not complete without an ergonomic chair for your little Einsteins! This UMD Life Ergonomic Computer Chair (available on umdlife) supports your kids’ posture and is comfortable for long hours of sitting. It’s also height adjustable and can accommodate kids from four till 17 years of age. Talk about value-for-money!

2. Let your kids personalise their desks!

planner and pencil case study room design
(Credit: CRAYON HOME, roroj cube)

No study room design would be complete without some personal elements reflecting your child’s interests! Be sure to let him or her contribute to the study room design and choose their own stationery! Are they a fan of magical unicorns? Then encourage them to get their own Magical Unicorn Pencil Case (available on CRAYON HOME). Or let them deck their desks with Marvel stationery — we’re sure they’ll be more motivated to study with these around! Take this opportunity to also instil in them a sense of ownership with their own 2020 planner (available on roroj cube) and let them fill you in on their tasks for that day or week!

3. Get the lighting right!

table lamp study room design ideas
(Credit: Maxime Bober, PowerPac)

Desk lamps are often overlooked in any study room designs in Singapore but they are in fact, important in creating a conducive work environment for your kids. In addition to ceiling lamps, desk lamps provide additional luminance that will make detailed tasks like reading more comfortable for your kids.

This PowerPac LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glare Protection (available on PowerPac) boasts an anti-glare protection feature which protects your little ones from straining their eyes. Alternatively, the Morries LED Desk Lamp (available on Morries Official Store) has a dimmable function, is energy-saving and long-lasting. It can also be clipped onto the desk and easily repositioned for the best use!

4. Create a cosy reading corner

bookshelf study room design
(Credit: AIDEAL, ddd156583.sg)

Think study rooms in Singapore can only consist of a simple study table? Think again! Why not use every nook and cranny of the space you have to create a dedicated reading corner for your kids to explore and learn in? We love the idea of a simple bookshelf that can be snuggled into any tight corners. This bamboo bookshelf (available on AIDEAL) is great for kids to display their favourite children’s books. Have toddlers? They’ll adore this cute animal bookshelf (available on ddd156583.sg) that can house a host of things including their favourite plush toys.

rug study room design kids
(Credit: wukecao.sg, statesmarket)

We think your little ones will definitely warm up to the idea of reading if they have this hammock chair (available on wukecao.sg) in their study rooms too! Why not go a step further and throw on a small modern rug (available on statesmarket) to create a separation between the space for work and the area for reading!

5. Design a creative area

study room design chalkboard
(Credit: kalhh / Needpix.com)

Children are known to be better learners when left to their imaginations! Hence, the study room design must encourage creativity and provide space for them to draw, paint and colour whenever possible! This will not only improve fine motor skills but also provides a chance for them to translate their workbook learnings into fun visual representations and make learning more fun for them!

Instead of hunting for paper for them to draw on, why not use this blackboard decal (available on pandaonline.sg) instead? Simply stick it up on the wall and let your kids draw to their heart’s content! It also comes with five chalks so they can start drawing the minute it’s up!

6. Declutter with smart organisation

pencil holder study room design kids
(Credit: sakulastore.sg, songgm.sg)

No space for bookshelves in the study room design? Fret not! Optimise the area on and around your child’s study desk to store as many studying necessities as possible! These pretty metal bookcases (available on sakulastore.sg) will help organise the assessment books with ease while this matte transparent stationery rack (available on songgm.sg) will ensure their pencils are always within reach! Does your little one have hoards of worksheets that need organising? Then this A4 document holder (available on Receesoon Fashion) might just prove to be a lifesaver!

7. Harness the use of wallpapers

kids study room design ideas
(Credit: rocketrain)

Use this opportunity to dress the study room’s walls in wallpapers and colours that can improve overall productivity! Educational wallpapers like this fun animal world map (available on rocketrain) are a great way to instil what they’ve learnt in school at home too! Alternatively, experiment with decking sections of the walls with brighter coloured wallpapers, especially in shades like light blue and green. These colours can help to calm and soothe your child and promote a stress-free study environment. Additionally, you can get them in on the fun with wall art and let them pick their favourite pieces to design the room with!

These study room design ideas in Singapore will have your kid all pumped up to learn! Even though studying is important, don’t forget to bring the little ones out for some playtime too! Go on an adventure across Singapore and discover the best outdoor playgrounds or tick off the most fun things to do with Singapore with your kids!