5 Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2018


5 Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2018

There’s no denying that the tech world is moving at a rapid pace. So much so that even if you’ve got the latest innovation, a week or two later, there’s something newer you’ve just got to own. From augmented reality (AR) devices to robots becoming companions in our everyday lives, it’s high time to put your finger on the pulse of upcoming tech trends.

So to ensure you’re ahead of the game, here’s a quick rundown of the top tech trends you should definitely keep an eye on in 2018.

Bots will become important companions

Robots or robotic technology is not entirely new. However, what has evolved is how intuitive these robots have become as new innovations enter the market. Take for instance home bots. They will in the near future do more than simply respond to requests. Instead, they’ll be able to provide timely information such as, “It’s time to take your medicine,” or tell you that bag you’re eyeing online is too expensive.  

Essentially, these robotic devices will become your trusted companions and take over lives in a bigger way this year. Are you ready for it yet? 

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Credit: Pixabay.com

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will get smarter

There has been a lot of talk surrounding artificial intelligence lately and the conversations are about to get more robust. From machine learning to robots understanding and interpreting certain data, artificial intelligence is set to smoothen processes and make them more efficient. Smart virtual assistants for instance are already able to order products for you at your mere voice command — without you having to lift a finger or key in anything. These ‘assistants’ will only get smarter and provide greater convenience in time to come.

Connected devices will improve convenience 

With the Internet of Things, connectivity is about to grow and that would mean more connected devices or wearables entering the market. Take for instance the recently revealed L’Oreal UV Sense. It’s a tiny, battery-less adhesive that sticks on your thumbnail with the aim of measuring your level of exposure in the sun. That way you’ll know when to slather on more sunblock. 

Such devices are often created with the aim to bring convenience and offer a different way of measuring important aspects of your daily life.

Pokemon Go App
Credit: Pokemon Go

AR will go mainstream

AR is a fun and exciting way to experience a whole other ‘made up’ world right in front of you. You get to interact and engage with it, essentially breaking all perceptions of reality.

Take for example, the popular mobile game, Pokémon Go. The highly-interactive game could easily be credited for creating the now billion-dollar demand for augmented reality entertainment. As more and more brands identify the limitless possibilities AR will bring, we can definitely start to expect an interesting year ahead with AR glasses or other innovative devices. All of this may very well change the way we work, play and shop as well.

Wireless charging will be enhanced 

Even with tech advances, somehow we’re still caught hostage by our charging cables in this digital age. Well, that might just change as we’ve seen with the wireless stands that some mobile companies provide. Moving forward, the dream is to be able to charge all devices wirelessly — even over air. It’s all in the works and could be ready before you make your next charge. Anything is possible in the rapidly-advancing world of tech.  

While some of these tech trends may seem a little far-fetched, trust us, they’re all on the way to becoming a reality. If you’re a techie yourself, tell us, what other tech trends are you most excited about this year? Who knows, we might even bring these tech gadgets on Shopee