13 Products To Help You Survive The Semester Ahead!

The first week of school is always full of rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that these good days will last till the second week. Here are 13 products that will help you survive school (for the remaining nine weeks or so) till the December School Holidays!

1. Pretty Rainbow Ombre Double Sided Highlighters that will make studying your History and Social Studies Notes a delightful affair.

rainbow ombre highlights

2. Or get the classic Pastel Zebra Mildliners in all 15 shades and make deciding which colour to use a daily game!

zebra highlight

3. School Notebooks are so passé. Minimalist Marble Printed Notebooks are the in-thing now.

marble notebook

4. Or if you are already swarming with work and in dire need for motivation, these Singlish Motivational Notebooks should help you lah!

singlish notebook

5. You might be one week late, but better late than never! Get a pretty Monthly Planner to start organising your school term right. (And not scramble at the end because you have not studied all the 2031832 pages of your textbook)

monthly planner

6. Bored in class? Get Windows Post-it Notes and send your friends secret messages the old-school way because, no texting/WhatsApping/Telegraming in class!

window post it

7. Or get cute Food Post-it Notes to make studying your mundane notes a tad bit sweeter.

food post it

8. Of course you need these adorable Animal Bookmark Markers to remind you where you should focus on for the exams.

animal post it

9. Simply be basic and get this Minimalist Mechanic Pencil that will make note-taking a classier affair.

minimalist pencil

10. Or grow some stationery plants on your desk with these Grass Leaf Pens!

grass pen

11. Fed up with school already? Get this poop sharpener so you can literally throw s**t at your annoying group mates.

pencil sharpener

12. Uhm…Not like we need more reasons to love recess. But we just had to include this because all food will taste better eaten out of a Hamburger Lunchbox (EVEN SALAD!)

hamburger lunchbox

13. Well, it is supposed to be a 2-in-1 Bottle and Pill Storage Organiser, but we think this is a perfect bottle to keep all sorts of candies and snacks for your midday perk-me-up too!


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