13 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Dream Wedding

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From bridal gowns to third party vendors, wedding costs can add up to a hefty sum in a blink of an eye. This is why many budget-savvy brides-to-be look for creative ways to cut costs. One of the most effective ways to do so is to go for DIY wedding decorations! Be it wedding arches or wedding car decor, make your dream wedding happen with affordable DIY wedding decor ideas in Singapore!

Is it cheaper to DIY your own wedding in Singapore?

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Engaging a wedding stylist in Singapore can easily set you back by at least $1,000. That’s why DIY wedding decor ideas will definitely help to save cost for your big day. You can source and handpick your decor materials, and make sure to keep everything within your budget.

What decor can you DIY for your wedding?

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From photo tables, aisle runners to banquet chairs, there’s a slew of things that you can DIY for your wedding. Here’s a list of DIY decor projects you can embark on for your big day!

DIY wedding decor 
Solemnisation Chairs, ring box
Reception Photo table
Wedding banquet Table centrepiece, flower vases, card holders
March in Aisle runners, arch decor
Wedding stage Backdrop
Wedding car Bouquets, soft toys

DIY wedding decor in Singapore for your solemnisation

1. Minimalistic solemnisation decor ideas

diy wedding decor ideas minimalist solemnisation
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Say your wedding vows in a romantic setting with DIY wedding decor in Singapore! Instead of typical Tiffany chairs, we suggest turning your solemnisation into a minimalistic affair with Nordic Transparent Chairs (available on DAXINSI Official Distributor). These chairs give off a ‘glass’ like effect and provide you versatility to style them however you like — try hanging these Small Bride And Groom Signboards (available on Tic Tag Clover) or Rustic Bride And Groom Chair Banners (available on lanfy.sg) on the back to spice things up! These wedding chair signs will serve as great props for your solemnisation photos. 

2. Bohemian solemnisation decor ideas

bohemian themed solemnisation
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For a more bohemian solemnisation theme, go for unique DIY wedding decor such as LED Dream Catcher (available on bestlife2019.sg) and Decorative Dried Flowers (available on xzdk8r0ile). Secure the flowers onto the dreamcatcher and hang them on the back of your chairs. Keep your solemnisation backdrop simple yet whimsical by layering a Wedding Organza Curtain (available on fashionshophr) over a Fairylight Curtain (available on Green life.sg). We’re sure this affordable DIY wedding decor idea will turn out great in your wedding photos! 

3. Solemnisation ring holder ideas

solemnisation ring holder diy wedding decor ideas singapore
(Credit: beautymart123.sg)

And let’s not forget about the highlight of the solemnisation — the ring exchange! Many wedding photographers will take shots of your wedding ring box. Hence, be sure to pick one that’s aesthetic! We suggest something classy like this Glass Ring Box (available on beautymart123.sg) or rustic like Customisable Floral Ring Holder (available on sca.production.sg). Psst, you can even pick your favourite florals, colour theme and name tags for this ring box! If you prefer something more simple and vintage, the Walnut Wood Ring Box (available on Infashion Accessories Mall) will do the trick. 

DIY wedding decor in Singapore for the photo table

4. Rustic photo table ideas

wedding photo table diy decor
(Credit: propsandpetals / Instagram)

Instead of a photo album, we suggest stocking up on pretty photo frames. The MUJI Magnetic Frames (available on MUJI Official Store) and these HDD92 Slim Golden Photo Frames (available on cldeen Trading) make for great photo displays on your photo table. They are able to stand steadily on their own and can accommodate photos of various sizes. If you wish to display larger photo posters, this Picture Display Stand (available on 2020tutu.sg) will be right up your alley. Fill up the rest of the photo table with the Letterboard Collection Wood MDF (available on Klosh Official Store) which you can use to spell out punny phrases or your favourite love quotes. 

5. Oriental photo table ideas

oriental photo table
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Here’s another unconventional DIY wedding decor idea for your photo table if you’re into quirky, oriental designs! Instead of a table, display your photos on a Choice Furniture Brogan Book Shelf (available on choice_furniture). Deck the shelves with Chinese Ceramic Vases (available on tteynliu2aa.sg), Flower Tingkats (available on Nctstores), old school Straw Sewing Boxes (available on superSuper.sg) and Dim Sum Steamer Baskets (available on Shiwaki home flagship store). This photo station will surely be a hit among the older guests!

DIY wedding decor in Singapore for guest tables

6. Long table wedding decor ideas

long table wedding diy decor ideas
(Credit: hellofromflour / Instagram)

Many couples tend to be shocked when they realise decorations are not included for most unconventional wedding venues (think cafes). Luckily, there is a wide variety of affordable DIY wedding decor you can get online to impress your guests! If you’re going for a long table seating arrangement, these Metal Flower Racks (available on Home Fashion) can be placed in the middle of the table to instantly change up the look and feel of your space. You can engage a florist to deck the flower racks with fresh florals or drape these Artificial Silk Cloth Cherry Blossom Garlands (available on melanie1.sg) for a soft, romantic look. Still find that the tables look too empty and boring? Line some Test Tube Racks (available on A pet loves home) with fresh roses — you can also remind your guests to bring the stalk home with them!

7. Round table wedding decor ideas

wedding banquet round tables
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Compared to long tables, we find centrepieces for round banquet tables easier to design with affordable DIY wedding decor. Usually, the VIP tables feature larger centrepieces. You can recreate this look with the tallest Gold Wedding Floral Centerpiece (available on HC.Home & Living). As for the rest of your guest tables, a small vase like this Gold Vase (available on Haizi Living Home) will be classy enough. In addition, consider getting some pretty place card holders such as the Wooden Log Card Holder (available on Insfree Home & Living) or Metal Heart Ring Card Holder (available on Huiran Home Decor Shop). They can hold cards with your guests’ names and make them feel extra special. 

8. Banquet chair decor ideas

banquet chairs with maroon ribbon sash
(Credit: suhe.sg)

Don’t like the look of the chairs at your venue? Switch them up easily with Banquet Seat Covers (available on yinjinmaoyi.sg) — champagne, light purple and white are some of the most popular choices. You can also add a Banquet Chair Sash (available on suhe.sg) to the VIP seats in a complementary colour. 

DIY wedding decor in Singapore for your march in

9. Aisle runner decor ideas

wedding aisle diy decor
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The first march down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments for the bride and groom. This is why you should invest more in sprucing the aisle up! To transform your wedding into an event of great grandeur, we suggest laying a White Aisle Runner (available on Tiasport) and sprinkling Rose Flower Petals (available on HomeBeauty0103) along both sides of the aisle. 

10. Alternative queue pole decor ideas

fairy light aisle wedding decor
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While most ballrooms don’t do queue poles anymore, couples can still hang rows of fairy lights to amp up the scene. Position several Wedding Flower Columns (available on eruiopn) along the aisle and link them up with Fairy Lights Collection 10 LED Glass Bottle Lights (available on Klosh Official Store). When the lights dim for your march in, these fairy lights will twinkle brightly and make you feel like a princess! 

11. Wedding arch decor ideas

wedding arch diy decor
(Credit: orchardhotelsingapore / Instagram)

Dream of walking through wedding arches with your partner? You’ll be happy to know that we’ve got the perfect DIY wedding decor in Singapore for you! Pick between the Rustic Wedding Arch (available on ahagexa.sg) for your indoor wedding or the Curved Wedding Iron Arch Way (available on Family room) for your outdoor venue (it can be pushed firmly into soil or sand to secure). Many of these wedding arches don’t come with decorations and this allows you to add your own creativity to them. Deck the arches with Wedding Arch Flower Arrangements (available on surfing.sg) to match your enchanted garden wedding theme!

12. DIY wedding decor ideas in Singapore for the stage

stage decor wedding pink floral
(Credit: propsandpetals / Instagram)

Stage decorations can easily cost a bomb and bust your wedding budget. This is why many budget brides take it into their own hands. For those who want something easy to assemble, the Wedding Curtain Backdrop (available on neimengo.sg) is an affordable, fail-proof DIY wedding decor in Singapore. Simply hang it up, add some fairy lights and you’re good to go! Meanwhile, complex designs such as big circular backdrops can be conveniently achieved with this Party Hoop Stand Holder (available on Cat’s Party & Event Supplies). Tie balloons or flowers around the hoop and drape a Silk Fabric Backdrop (available on Eternity.sg) down on one side — no one will know you’ve created the backdrop yourself!

13. DIY wedding decor in Singapore for your wedding car

wedding car
(Credit: Karftwerks)

Don’t forget to add some glitz and glamour to your ride for the day! Go for something cutesy like this Couple Bear Wedding Car Decoration (available on Xiumin, an exquisite shop) which will make every go ‘Aww!’. Alternatively, stick to the classic Wedding Car Flower Bouquet Decoration (available on Karftwerks) which will never go wrong. 

Are you ready to tie the knot with the love of your life?  

Draw inspiration from our list of DIY wedding decor ideas in Singapore to create your dream wedding on a budget! If you’re looking for other ways to cut costs, why not check out these affordable si dian jin sets? Meanwhile, read these bridesmaid gift ideas for personalised, thoughtful gift ideas for your girlfriends!

This article was updated on 9 November 2022. Additional research done by Liang Shi Nan.