How To Draw Eyebrows: Step By Step Guide For Different Brow Shapes

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Even if you’re in a mad rush to head out, there’s one step in your makeup routine that you can’t skip. We’re talking about drawing your brows! Eyebrows are an important facial feature as they frame your eyes, shape your face and can make or break your entire look. However, mastering the way to draw your brows can be challenging for both makeup experts and amateurs alike. Read on to find out how to draw your eyebrows easily with the right brow products! 

Identifying the three main points of your brows

Point 1: The tip of your brows

how to draw eyebrows tip asian girl
(Credit: Aiony Haust / Unsplash)

Defining the tip of your brows is vital so as to avoid overly spaced out brows or worse, a unibrow! Simply flip your makeup brush upside down and place it vertically against the side of your nose tip. Extend the tail of your brush such that it touches your brow — this is where your brow should begin! Using an eyebrow pencil, draw a vertical line to mark the spot. 

Point 2: The highest point of your brows

how to draw eyebrows arch asian girl
(Credit: Aiony Haust / Unsplash)

Angle your makeup brush such that it touches the side of your nose and outer corner of your pupil. Draw a vertical line at the spot where the brush crosses your brow. This is the highest point of your brow and where the arch should be. 

Point 3: The end of your brows

how to draw eyebrows tail asian girl woman
(Credit: Aiony Haust / Unsplash)

Finally, position your brush against the side of your nose and outer corner of your eye. Draw another vertical line to mark the end point of your brow. These three points will serve as reference points when you’re learning how to draw the various eyebrow shapes below. 

How to draw different types of eyebrows

1. Straight Korean brows

how to draw eyebrows iu korean straight brows kpop idol
(Credit: dlwlrma / Instagram)

Learning how to draw straight Korean eyebrows is a must for those who want to achieve a more youthful and innocent appearance. Not only are Korean brows drawn straighter than their western counterparts, they are also slightly thicker than usual to mimic a child’s ungroomed brows. However, don’t mistake thick as bold. Most Koreans like to keep their brows lightly filled and without any harsh lines. Brow powders and brow pencils are the best for drawing straight Korean brows as they don’t result in bold strokes. 

How to:

Step 1 – Using an eyebrow razor (available on, shave stray hairs above your brows to create a straight line from point one to point two. Do not shave stray hairs below your brows as those will lend your brow a natural Korean brow look.

Step 2 – Taper the tail of your brows with the shaver by creating a gentle slope from point two to point three. 

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Step 3 – Comb your brow hair downwards using the A’PIEU Spoolie Brush (available on With a pair of eyebrow scissors (available on, trim any long strands. 

Step 4 – Now that your brows are all prepped, use the EXCEL Powder & Pencil Eyebrow EX (available on Excelmakesg) to create your desired brow shape! Make sure to pick a shade that’s lighter than your hair colour. Using the pencil tip, draw a straight line above your brow from point one to two. Draw another straight line at the base of your brow from point one to three. 

Step 5 – Connect the line you’ve drawn on the top of your brow to the brow tail with the eyebrow pencil. 

Step 6 – Fill in the rest of your brow with the eyebrow powder, avoiding your brow tip. 

Step 7 – Fill in any sparse areas with light, short strokes using the eyebrow pencil to mimic natural hair growth. Repeat this on the tip of your brows. 

Step 8 – Blend everything out evenly with a spoolie brush. 

Step 9 – Apply the Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara (available on PRISM), in a shade that matches your hair colour, to keep your brows in place the whole day!

2. Arched brows

how to draw eyebrows lili reinhart riverdale arched brows
(Credit: lilireinhart / Instagram)

While straight Korean brows accentuate your baby-like features, arched brows can make you look edgy, stylish and powerful. This is also one of the best brow shapes for those with round faces as arched brows will create an angled point that helps to elongate your face. The trick when learning how to draw arched eyebrows is to keep your lines as clean as possible. To create precise strokes, we suggest using a brow gel and some concealer for the best results!

How to: 

Step 1 – Map your brows using an eyebrow pencil so you can adjust the arch before tweezing away any stray hair. Draw a 45-degrees upward sloping line above your brows from point one to point two and continue with a sharp descend from point two to three. Repeat this on the base of your brows. 

Step 2 – Using an eyebrow tweezer (available on, pluck away the hair that falls beyond the brow shape you’ve drawn. 

Step 3 – Pick the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Brow (available on Krafty.Rae) in a shade that’s lighter than your hair colour and trace the lines you’ve mapped out on your brows. 

Step 4 – Fill in your brows from tip to tail with the brow gel, ensuring that the colour intensity is uniform throughout. 

Step 5 – To make the arch more prominent, clean up around your brows with the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer (available on L’Oreal Paris Official Store) and pop the CLIO PRISM AIR Highlighter (available on Club Clio Singapore) on your brow bone! 

3. Curved brows

how to draw eyebrows joanne tseng curved brows
(Credit: chiaochiaotzeng / Instagram)

Curved brows are great for softening angular faces or heart-shaped faces. Unlike arched and straight Korean eyebrows where there are distinct angles to help create the eyebrow shape, curved brows may be more challenging to draw as the lines need to be smooth and round. As such, we think a brow gel pencil is the best tool when learning how to draw curved eyebrows as it can create clean lines and is easy to control. 

How to:

Step 1 – Map your brows as if you’re creating an arched brow. Then, erase the sharp arch at the top of the brow on point two and replace it with a gentle curve. Repeat this at the base of your brows.

Pro tip: If you find it hard to draw a proper curve, use the edge of a spoon to guide you! 

Step 2 – With the CLIO Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pen (available on Club Clio Singapore), fill in your brows evenly. Those with a longer heart-shaped face can extend the tail of the brows to widen up the face shape. 

Step 3 – Clean up your brow shape by tracing along your brows with a concealer and voila

4. S-shaped brows

how to draw eyebrows penelope cruz s shaped brows
(Credit: penelopecruzoficial / Instagram)

With all the hype about straight Korean brows and arched brows, it’s no wonder S-shaped brows are not receiving as much attention. If you haven’t heard of S-shaped brows, this is a brow shape that’s great for girls with round or square faces. The brow dips down and up, creating an illusion of longer face to balance out your proportions. When learning how to draw S-shape eyebrows, pick a stiff and pigmented eyebrow pencil so you can emphasize the highs and lows in the brows. 

How to:

how to draw eyebrows s shaped brow tips
(Credit: Aiony Haust / Unsplash)

Step 1 – Shaping your brows into S-shaped eyebrows require you to map a fourth point — the spot in between point one and two. Using an eyebrow razor, trim the hair to create a straight brow from the tip of your brows to the new point you’ve created. 

Step 2 – From point four, shave 45 degrees upwards until point two to create a distinct arch. 

Step 3 – Then, create a soft curve downwards towards the end of your brows with the razor. Make sure that the ends of your brows are not lower than your brow tips or you may look perpetually worn out and upset. 

Step 4 – Before going in with your brow pencil, be sure to sharpen the lead in the Hensi Waterproof Eyebrow Kohl Pencil (available on until it resembles the likes of a sword — flattened on both sides with an angled tip. This shape helps to draw precise strokes needed for the S-shaped eyebrow.

Step 5 – From point one to four, fill in your brows thick as if you’re drawing a Korean straight brow. 

Step 6 – Thereafter, draw fine strokes upwards to accentuate the arched from point four to point two.

Step 7 – Lastly, draw short strokes downwards to taper off your brow tail naturally. 

5. Skinny brows

how to draw eyebrows Madelaine Petsch riverdale skinny thin brows
(Credit: madalame / Instagram)

Thin brows were THE look to go for in the past, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated. This style is great for those who want to look more mature and professional. To ensure you don’t look like a disaster with overplucked brows, we suggest making full use of your concealer and an eyebrow brush pen when you’re learning how to draw skinny eyebrows. 

How to:

Step 1 – Using a full coverage concealer such as the Dermacol Filmstudio Barrando Prague Make-Up Cover (available on NANA MALL), conceal your brow hair to create skinny brows. We suggest going for slightly arched skinny brows and avoid skinny curved brows — you don’t want to risk looking like Drew Barrymore from the ‘90s. 

Step 2 – The modern skinny brows focus more on texture than creating a clean brow shape. Hence, use an eyebrow liquid pen like the EXCEL Long Lasting Eyebrow (available on Excelmakesg) to draw realistic brow hairs. Make sure to fill in your brows in the direction of hair growth for a more natural effect. 

Pro tip: If you’re drawing skinny brows, use an eyebrow liquid pen that’s one shade darker than your hair colour. This helps to create more prominent brows that frame your face better. 

6. Feathered brows

how to draw eyebrows cara delevinge feathered brows bushy
(Credit: caradelevinge / Instagram)

Cara Delevinge’s eyebrows are every girl’s #eyebrowgoal. Not only are they dark and boyish, they are also bushy and nicely feathered out. There’s a common misconception that one must have voluminous eyebrows like Cara to achieve such picture-perfect brows but that’s not true! With the latest brow comb pens, even girls with sparse brows can learn how to draw feathered eyebrows easily!

How to:

Step 1 – Grow your brows out as much as possible before tweezing away stray hairs around your brow bone. Do not trim the length of your brows, we want your brows to be as fluffy as possible. 

Step 2 – The Etude House Tint My 4-Tip Brow (available on Younfamily) is one of the best brow products for feathered brows. It has a fork-like design that resembles a microblading tool to create hair-like strokes. Pick one in a shade lighter than your hair colour. Then, fill in your brows in the direction of hair growth. Fan out your strokes at the tip of your brows for a bushy effect. 

Step 3 – Now, pick a shade that’s darker than your hair colour and focus on filling in your brows from point two to three. This creates the illusion of bushier brows. 

Step 4 – Coat your brows with the RUDE Eyebrow Gel Clear Mascara (available on LAYCY) to sculpt every strand into place and you’re Vogue ready! 

Compliment your brows with makeup that’s on point

After you’ve mastered the art of how to draw eyebrows, complete your look with the best foundation for Asian skin. Then, pop on the best mascara for your lashes and get ready to hit the town!

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singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
singapore shopee 11.11 big sale
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