7 Sanity-Saving Tips For Parenting Toddlers

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The days are long but the years are short.

Being prepared can help keep some of your sanity intact when it comes to toddlers, but also knowing when to let go can turn a potentially disastrous day into a manageable one. Life with children is never easy buts its so rewarding when you actually find the time (or catch your breath).

Remember momma, you’re doing a fantastic job.

Have a snack treasure trove. Always.

Having your toddlers’ favourite snacks at hand will save you from many, many breakdowns and buy you some time when you really need it whether you’ve gone a little over lunch time or are waiting in line at the bank or grocery store.

Keep wet wipes in your bag, his bag, the car… EVERYWHERE.

Toddlers are constantly touching the ickiest of things and an innocent cracker can quickly turn an otherwise clean toddler into a crusty, hot mess.

Plus if you’re eating out, you’re gonna want to give tables and chairs a quick wipe because back to point one, toddlers constantly touch the ickiest of things.

An extra set of clothes (or three)

Toddlers are messy, they get into everything. It’s their brilliantly curious little minds that turn our cute little ones into a walking hot mess.

A simple meal, or art session (or walk) can quickly spell disaster for that beautiful white t-shirt you just bought with the cute dinosaurs. Keep spares in the car or diaper bag. This is non-negotiable.

Hand sanitiser. Period.

Don’t leave home without it. Use it to sanitise hands, tables, chairs, toilet seats. ESPECIALLY baby chairs. Baby chairs are such a convenience when eating out but are also notoriously dirty.

Wipe down the straps and surfaces before plonking bub in there, because there’s a good chance he’s gonna rub his food against all available spaces before proceeding to put said food into his mouth.

Expect dirty looks

Toddlers. Temper Tantrums. Meltdowns. They’re real expect them. When your toddler throws himself on the floor or cries inconsolably know that you’re not alone, momma, we know you’re dying a little inside but truth be told, better a screaming toddler than a screaming momma.

Eating doesn’t have to spell disaster

Kids will go through fussy spells, some worse than others. But making each meal a power struggle will only prolong the episode turning mealtime into a war zone. Instead, give them options.

If they won’t eat it, they’d at least have to tolerate it being on their plate, be casual about it and it will usually get easier over time. If you see your child losing weight and really struggling with eating though, see a doctor — it may be more than just fussy eating.

To share or not to share

If you’re going to demand your child share what he holds in his possession, get ready for lots of resistance, tantrums and tears (some kids just have stronger personalities and there’s nothing wrong with that!) instead of demanding, sit with the two kids and mediate by playing a little game with the item in question. This takes the pressure off your child and would make him more open to sharing on his own accord.

If that doesn’t work, give it some time, he may just really want to enjoy it for a bit before he’s ok with passing it on. And that’s ok too.


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