55 Beautiful Names Inspired By Fairy Tales & Disney Movies

33 Baby Name Ideas Inspired By Classic Fairy Tales

Disney movie characters and superheroes, with the hopes of them turning out exactly the way these characters are? Well, if you’re due soon, or are just browsing the web for interesting yet classy names for your future kid, here’s an almost exhaustive list of all the beautiful baby names from classic Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies! 

The Little Mermaid

1. Ariel

Otherwise known as the Little Mermaid (in the original Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 Danish fairy tale), Ariel is the main character of the franchise and is the youngest daughter of King Triton, which means, yes, she’s a princess. She’s a character who is extremely curious and adventure-seeking, which is probably why she’s always in trouble with her father. That being said, she also has a lovely voice and is the envy of most of the mermaid kingdom, especially her evil Aunt Ursala. If you’re expecting a daughter, this could be one of the names you can consider!

2. Sebastian

Did you know that Sebastian’s full name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian? The funny sidekick of the Disney adaptation, Sebastian is in-fact a lobster and the “royal court composer” for King Triton. Armed with an amazing voice and a somewhat good sense of wisdom, Sebastian could be a great name for your boy. The perfect nickname would be Seb. 

3. Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista and Andrina

These are Ariel’s sisters. If you’re expecting… more than one daughter, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista and Andrina could be the names for your six other princesses, though it can be quite a mouthful. Though they do not have much of any dialogue in any of The Little Mermaid movies, these sisters are extremely jovial and are closely knitted. Their nicknames could be At, Al, Ella, Aqua, Sta and Andi!

4. Max

A lovable character in the Disney adaptation, Max is Prince Eric’s loyal Old English Sheepdog, who shows not only bravery but also the ability to sniff out Eric’s true love. Max or even Maximum could be great names for your little boy. 

Beauty and the Beast

5. Belle

Otherwise known as the Beauty in the original fairy tale, Belle is a character known for her bravery, self-sacrificial love, and immense love for…books. She also never judge a person by his/her looks and has the aptness to see true inner beauty. Belle, Elle, or even Bel can be possible names and nicknames for your little girl!

6. Maurice

Belle’s father in the Disney adaptation, Maurice is characterised as a somewhat creative yet “crazy” inventor for coming up with ridiculous and impossible ideas for machines. However, despite this “shortcoming”, Maurice is also clearly devoted to his only daughter, Belle, especially after the death of his wife. Maurice is definitely one of the more unique names for your boy.

7. Claudette, Laurette and Paulette

If you’re scratching your head wondering who are these three characters, well, they’re the names of the less-known triplets that’s shown fawning over Gaston in the Disney movie. Even though they might not be the brightest (as can be inferred from their other name “Bimbettes”), we do think these could be beautiful names for little girls. 


8. Anna

One of the main characters of the movie, Princess Anna is known for being one of the most caring, optimistic, daring, and brave people you’ll ever meet. If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll also know that Anna is a genuine person and her act of true love managed to thaw a frozen heart. Possible names or nicknames for your little girl could be Annie or even Ann!

9. Elsa

Elsa might come off as a rigid, strict, and reserved person at the beginning of the movie, not wanting to sing or build a snowman with Anna. However, she is, in fact, an extremely responsible Queen who will do anything to keep her kingdom and her sister safe, even if it means having to let the world know of her mighty secret. If you have two girls, the older one could be called Elsa, with Ellie or Elle as possible nicknames.

10. Kristoff

Though an uncommon name, Kristoff is a character in the movie that is synonymous with hard work, dedication, and independence. He is also a genuinely nice person, accompanying Anna on her dangerous mission to end the eternal winter. Kristoff could be one of the nicest and most unique names for your little boy, with a possible nickname, Kris. 


11. Ella

Ella is the character’s original name in the 2015 live remake of this classic fairytale (Yes, Cinderella isn’t the character’s actual name in the movie). She is a hardworking individual and an extremely good-natured girl. Possible nicknames for your little girl could be Ellie and Elle. 

12. Jaq and Gus

Yes, everyone’s favourite mice in the Disney adaptation of this classic. Did you know that they have real names? They are actually Jacques and Octavius respectively. These two mice are super loyal and good-natured, helping Cinderella find her one true love. If you’re expecting twins soon, these are cute names to have!

13. Anastasia

Anastasia is one of Cinderella’s step-sisters in the Disney movie, and boy, did she start off as an extremely irritating and annoying character, trying to vie for Prince Charming’s attention. However, if you’re a true die-hard Disney fan, you would’ve watched the sequel and witness Anastasia’s struggle to find her own true love. This could be one of the perfect names for your little girl, with possible nicknames such as Annie or Ann!


14. Jasmine

A whole new world~ A new fantastic point of view~ Princess Jasmine is a confident and kind individual who is always dreaming about her next adventure. This name is simple and easy to remember, making it one of the perfect names for your little girl. 


15. Gideon

Gideon might not be the “hero” in Pinocchio and is in fact, one of the antagonists of the fairy tale. But, the name still has a flair to it and could be an excellent name for your baby boy. If anything, you’ll be happy to know that Gideon is relatively smart and has a happy-go-lucky personality, making him easily satisfied. 

16. Cleo

A simple name that’s easy enough to remember, Cleo is the bubbly, good-natured, albeit a little flirtatious goldfish belonging to Geppetto. There is no doubt in Cleo being a one of the nicest names for your little girl.

Tangled/ Rapunzel

17. Flynn

Born Eugene Fitzherbert, Flynn Rider only appears in the Disney adaptation of this classic story. A funny and sarcastic individual as portrayed in the movie, Flynn is a character that you’ll slowly grow to love because of his genuine and caring personality. Either Flynn or Eugene could be great names for your little boy. 

18. Rapunzel

Smart, clever, educated and a fun-loving girl who always seeks out adventure, Rapunzel is clearly not a girl to be trifled with (especially when she’s armed with a pot in her hand). It’s definitely not a requirement to have extremely long hair, but if you picture your girl rocking this look, Rapunzel could be one of the most perfect names for your little girl. Possible nicknames include Zelle or even Elle!

Sleeping Beauty

19. Aurora/ Briar Rose

Aurora, otherwise known as Briar Rose, after she was renamed by the three fairy godmothers, is characterised as an extremely beautiful and pretty lady, who is gentle and pure. Whether it’s Aurora, Briar, or even Rose, we think these could be great names for your little girl (or triplets)! 

20. Flora

Flora is actually one of the names of the three fairy godmothers, and it is such a beautiful name. She is extremely helpful and together with her two sisters, they use their magical powers to help Aurora find her one true love – Prince Phillip. Psst, Flo could be her nickname!

21. Phillip

Prince Phillip is actually the first prince that has a name in Disney’s adaptation of these classic tales. Portrayed as a handsome, young, and brave person who slays the antagonist – Maleficent – in the animation to save his true love – Aurora, Phillip could be an excellent name for your young boy, with Phil as a possible nickname.

22. Stefan

If you’re wondering who is Stefan, well, this is actually King Stefan, Aurora’s father. Not much is said about him in Disney’s adaptation of the tale, except the fact that he is very protective of his daughter. Stefan could be a nice name for your boy, with possibly a nickname such as Stef. 

23. Leah

Queen Leah is Aurora’s mother and similar to King Stefan, not much is revealed in the movies. Leah could still be one of the prettiest names for your little girl though. 

24. Hubert

Similar to King Stefan and Queen Leah, not much is known about King Hubert except for the fact that he is Prince Phillip’s father and King Stefan’s best friend. Hubert has a nice and jovial tone and could be one of the nicest names for a boy.

The Princess and the Frog

25. Tiana

Tiana is a slightly less well-known princess from Disney’s animated film The Princess and the Frog. Unlike the other princesses, Tiana does not live in the castle. Instead, she is a hardworking waitress who works diligently in hopes that one day she will be able to open her own restaurant. Her life changes when she kisses a frog and turns into a frog too! Both of them embark on a journey to find the cure. Naming your baby girl Tiana might give her the same amount of courage and determination to chase her dreams in life too!

26. Eudora

Eudora is Tiana’s Mom and confidant. While she plays a minor role in the movie, she was a great pillar of support for Tiana. Fun fact: she was voiced by the inspirational Oprah Winfrey!

27. Charlotte

Many will remember Tiana’s dramatic, rich best friend – Charlotte. While she can be seen as spoiled in the show, she is always a generous lady and a wonderful friend to Tiana.


28. Merida

If you are looking for a more unique name, how about Merida? The name comes from the Disney movie Brave and means a person who has achieved a high place of honour.

29. Elinor

One of the more rare names that we have heard of – Elinor – but nonetheless, a name that sounds pretty feisty! Did you know that it actually means “shining light” as well? Similar sounding variants of the name are Eleanor and Elianora, though our vote goes to the shining beacon of light!


Anastasia Names

30. Anya

Anya is the Russian form of Anna, and it means to be gracious. In the film Anastasia, Anya portrays a strong, independent female, the perfect embodiment of girl power! We’d all want our kids to grow up resilient, don’t we?


Enchanted Names

31. Giselle

Giselle is the name of the princess in the 2007 film Enchanted. Pronounced as jiz-elle, the name gives off a very graceful and elegant feel.

32. Narissa

Putting aside the fact that Narissa was the evil queen in the Enchanted film, it is a lovely name that grows on you the more you hear it.

33. Edward

Did you know that the name Edward is widely known as a name of royalty, having been borne by eight kings of England and running? Besides this, the pronunciation of Edward is easy on the tongue, and there are also several nicknames you can use, such as Ed and Eddie!

34. Nathaniel

Well, thankfully Nathaniel realised his mistake in the film Enchanted and made a change for the better! If Nathaniel is a mouthful for you to say, Nate or Nathan would be great nicknames too.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Names

35. Peter

Peter is one of the main characters in the classic fairy tale, Peter Pan. Mischievous, brave, and all sorts of spunky, we’d sure hope your son always brings a bundle of joy and energy to you every day!

36. Wendy (Darling)

The name Wendy has a very feminine ring to it, making it a beautiful name for your little girl. The Darling is optional, of course.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Names

37. Alice

How about naming your daughter Alice? Alice is often portrayed as a smart and brave girl in books and movie adaptions of the whimsical Alice in Wonderland.

Toy Story

Toy Story Names

38. Hannah

Although Hannah plays a minor character as Sid’s younger sister in the film, her easygoing and kind nature makes her a memorable character! The origin of the name is also very beautiful, as it means “favour” or “grace”.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Names

39. Christopher

How could we forget our favourite cuddly and loveable teddy bear and his adventures with his friends? Christopher Robins plays the best friend of Pooh and the only human character in the book, and his cheerful and compassionate personality makes him well-liked by anyone who crosses his path. Psstt…there are several good-looking and talented actors that we know called Chris (such as Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth). Just saying~

The Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia Names

40. Lucy

Queen Lucy of Narnia – she is brave, cheerful, and kind! Most importantly, she discovered the hidden passage to Narnia while she was playing hiding in the wardrobe. The youngest of the four Pevensie siblings, she brings everyone together with her outgoing and fun personality.

41. Edmund

King Edmund of Narnia – while he started off as a mean older brother to Lucy, he becomes courageous and loyal as the story develops. He was used by the White Witch but soon joins his siblings and Aslan to defeat her.  Edmund is a unique name you can consider for your baby boy.


Queen Susan of Narnia – she is calm and smart. As the oldest daughter of 4 siblings, she takes great care of her siblings. If you decide to name your girl Susan, there are some nicknames to consider too – Sue, Susie, Suzy!

43. Caspian

Caspian is a prince who meets the Pevensie in the second movie of the Chronicles of Narnia. He is a noble and handsome young prince who successfully started a revolution in Narnia. This is a great choice if you are looking for a more special name for your little prince.

The Princess Diaries 

Princess Diaries Names

44. Mia

First up, we have none other than Princess Mia from Genovia. Mia has been leading an ordinary life of a high school girl until her 16th birthday when she discovers that she is actually a princess. Isn’t that every girl’s dream? She is a sweet, kind, and candid princess. A simple yet beautiful name that you could give to your own baby princess.

45. Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Mia! If you watched Princess Dairies, this name cannot be unfamiliar to you. Jeremiah is princess Mia’s magician best friend. While he is not a main character in the movie, he is quite eye-catching with his red hair and magic tricks! This could be a great name for your boy.

46. Lilly

Lilly has been princess Mia’s best friend since kindergarten. She is a smart, confident, and socially responsible girl. In the show, Lilly protects Mia and even has her own TV show where she talks about social issues. This is also a variation from the common name Lily (the flower) which helps to make the name a little more special!

The Incredibles

Incredibles Names

47. Dashiell/Dash

Energetic and not-at-all shy to show his abilities to the world, Dash is a cute and simple name for any boy. In The Incredibles, he’s the second child of the family and has the superhuman ability to be super-fast. To top it off, he is also kind of cute. His confidence is definitely something you want your little boy to have.

48. Violet

While Violet was depicted as a shy girl at the start of the movie, she grows to embrace herself and develop a sense of maturity. At the end of the movie, she becomes a confident young lady who is not afraid to use her superpower to protect her family and chase after what she wants! A demure name option if you are expecting a little girl.


Up Names

49. Carl

Carl may have appeared to be a grumpy old man in Disney Pixar’s UP, but he is actually a kind and sweet man especially when it comes to his wife Ellie! At the end of the movie, he kept his promise and fulfilled Ellie and his dream to visit Paradise Falls. Carl could be a slightly more unique name for your little boy!

50. Russell

Curious, energetic, kind, and fun-loving! Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer who is always looking out for an adventure. In the movie, he follows Carl on his journey to find Paradise Falls and he always insists on doing the right thing! If you like exploration and adventures, Russell is a great name to consider for your baby boy. Russ is a pretty cute nickname too!

51. Ellie

Just like Russell, Ellie is an adventurous young girl who wins over Carl’s heart with her outgoing and fun personality! She brings Carl on many adventures as kids and the two continued to lead a happy and contented life together later. Name your baby girl Ellie, there will never be a dull moment with her around.

The Avengers 

Avengers Names52. Tony (Iron Man)

While Tony seems to be a little self-absorbed in the Avengers, he is also undoubtedly a leader that many follow and look up to. He is a confident businessman who runs his own company. If you are a fan of Iron Man, consider naming your boy after this superhero!

53.Steve (Captain America)

Idealistic and extremely loyal, Captain America always insists on doing what is right and he never gives up easily. He is also the leader of the Avengers, bringing everyone together. Wouldn’t it be cute to name your baby boy Steve and dress him up as a mini Captain America?

54. Clinton (Hawkeye)

Here comes the world’s greatest marksman! Clinton is a member of the Avengers and also the person who recruited Black Widow into S.H.I.E.L.D. Outside of being a superhero, he is also a great husband and a super dad.

55. Natasha (Black Widow)

You probably cannot find another spy as beautiful, confident, and intelligent as Natasha, also known as Black Widow. She is calm and is always in control of her emotions. If you choose to name your baby Natasha, it comes with many nicknames for your girl too – Nat, Natty, Tash, Tasha, pick your favourite!

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Not forgetting some essentials like the best baby strollers recommendations, and even adorable baby outfits under $8! What other names do you think we should include in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

This article was updated on 29 June 2021. Additional research done by Jamantha Lim.

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