Best Bubble Tea In Singapore: 9 Colourful Concoctions To Try Out

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(Credit: Heytea / Facebook, The Local Box / Facebook, Oh Cha Cha / Facebook, Bobii Frutii Singapore / Facebook)

Just when you thought the battle for best bubble tea in Singapore was done and dusted, newcomers like Bobii Frutii and veterans like HeyTea enter the market to once again stir up the Singaporean craze for bubble tea. From Instagrammable brown sugar milk teas to unique takes on cheese teas, here are our candidates for the best bubble tea in Singapore!

Best Bubble Tea In Singapore

1. Hee Tea – Guangzhou’s other popular bubble tea shop

If you’re up for something different, Hee Tea has you covered! Branding controversy aside, we’re going to give credit where it’s due — Hee Tea’s Super Four Seasons Fruit Tea definitely deserves praise for understanding its customers and providing a bao ka liao option for value-seeking Singaporeans.

By including a vast variety of fresh fruit chunks like passionfruit, strawberry and calamansi, the refreshing beverage gains a much-needed tinge of sweetness that successfully balances out the oolong tea’s bitterness!

Must-Try Drink – Super Four Seasons Fruit Tea ($6)

Flagship Outlet Address: 10 Eunos Road 8, SingPost Centre, #B1-147, S(408600)
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 9.30pm

2. R&B Tea – A different form of brown sugar bubble tea

If you thought brown sugar fresh milk couldn’t get any better, R&B Tea’s take on this will have you swooning with excitement! Their Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cheese Brûlée has been taking social media pages by storm. Many cheese tea fans claim this to be the best bubble tea in Singapore.

Featuring chewy tapioca pearls and rich fresh milk from Meiji as the base, the beverage is topped off with cream cheese to create a perfect sweet and salty balance. What’s also noteworthy is how R&B Tea takes great pride in the quality of their drinks, especially with their slow-cooked brown sugar tapioca pearls creme brûlée glaze that’s specially imported from Taiwan!

Must-Try Drink – Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cheese Brûlée ($4.80)

r&b tea creme brulee glaze best bubble tea in Singapore
(Credit: R&B Tea Singapore / Facebook)

Flagship Outlet Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, #B2-50, S(018956)
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am – 9pm

3. Oh Cha Cha – Home of the original Matcha Tofu Latte

oh cha cha range best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: Oh Cha Cha / Facebook)

If you’re a matcha-holic, you have to try Oh Cha Cha’s unique rendition of matcha latte! As experts in oolong tea, you’d expect nothing short of perfection with their matcha tofu latte. By merging its pressure brewing expertise with premium Uji Matcha from Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture, Oh Cha Cha presents a matcha base that’s rich in earthy flavours but not overly bitter.

Let’s also not forget about Oh Cha Cha’s answer to the cheese foam trend: tofu cream froth! Largely seen as just being a healthier alternative, you’ll definitely be able to taste the difference as the foam gives the drink a contrasting soy flavour.

Must-Try Drink – Matcha Tofu Latte ($5.70)

matcha tofu latte best bubble tea in singapore oh cha cha
(Credit: Oh Cha Cha / Facebook)

Address: 930 Yishun Avenue 2, Northpoint City, #01-01, S(769098)
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10.30pm

4. True Boss – Singapore’s First Fruit Vinegar Tea Shop

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Healthy and Beauty Benefits of Drinking Fruit Vinegar! 1) Anti-Diabetic effects: Fruit vinegar has anti-glycemic properties to help reduce blood sugar levels. It's acetic acid lowers blood sugar by preventing the complete digestion of complex carbohydrates. 2) Weight Loss: Fruit vinegar may help you to lose weight! The enzymes produced during fermentation process help to increase metabolism, which helps maintain a healthy weight. 3) Brain Health: Fruit vinegar improves your cognitive function and enhances memory retention. The acetic acid bacteria contained in fruit vinegar produces precursors of important building blocks of brain tissues. 4) Power of Antioxidants: Fruit vinegar are high in antioxidants, which helps to fight free radicals that result in oxidative stress and premature aging. 5) Nutrient Absorption: Fruit vinegar is high in acetic acid which can increase your body's absorption of important mineral and vitamins from the foods you eat. And the list goes on… Start drinking fruit vinegar to enjoy these health and beauty benefits! #TrueBossSG #bubbletea #healthsg #eatoutsg #igfoodies #igsg #eatoutsg #eatsg #beautydrink #fruitvinegar #醋头家 #taiwan #vinegartea #northpointcity #openingsoon #healthyfood

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True Boss’s nutritious fruit vinegar drinks offer a refreshing alternative to syrup-laden, sugar-filled bubble tea options! As Singapore’s only vinegar tea shop, you won’t be able to enjoy the tartness of fruit vinegar anywhere else. With five different base flavours and fruit toppings to choose from, this is the best bubble tea in Singapore for health conscious individuals!

If you can only go with one, try their Peach Vinegar With Kiwi And Mango. Besides enjoying the health benefits of  fruit chunks in your drink, the peach vinegar’s acidity perfectly complements the mango’s sweetness and the kiwi’s sourness. This makes the drink ideal for situations when you’re feeling bloated or if you simply want to detoxify your body.

Must-Try Drink – Peach Vinegar With Kiwi And Mango ($3.90)

true boss fruit vinegar best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: True Boss at SG / Facebook)

Address: 1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, #B2-134, S(768019)
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

5. HeyTea – The original mastermind behind Cheese Tea

Who could’ve predicted that a quirky logo depicting a man drinking would have created such a mass following? HeyTea has finally launched its first outlet outside of China and it has been warmly welcomed by avid fans who’re more than willing to wait in line. If you’re a tapioca pearls fan, you might want to look away: every item except for the Very Strawberry Cheezo comes without the chewy bubbles.

For the uninformed, the Cheezo King Fone is HeyTea’s most popular option and is widely considered by many fans to be the best bubble tea in Singapore! Leveraging on their wealth of cheese tea brewing experience, the New Zealand-imported cheese foam  blends nicely with the subtle bitter undertones of the oolong tea, making every sip savoury without the feeling of mouth dryness.

Must-Try Drink – Cheezo King Fone ($5.50)

heytea cheese tea best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: Heytea / Facebook)

As a bonus, treat yourself with HeyTea’s Durian Soft Serve! Wrapped in a buttery waffle cone, the soft serve lacks the same pungence present in the original fruit and is welcoming enough even for non-durian lovers.

heytea durian soft serve
(Credit: Heytea / Facebook)

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B4-29, S(238801)
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

6. I Love Taimei – The Northern Lights in a cup

northern lights i love taimei best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: i love taimei 我愛台妹 / Facebook)

I Love Taimei is a familiar brand for most Singaporeans and has been serving up hearty Taiwanese street food portions since 2009. To keep things fresh, they’ve recently turned towards butterfly-pea flower tea to draw in new customers!

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, you won’t need to travel to Finland when you have the Northern Lights in your hands! For those with a sweet tooth, this is right up your alley as it features mango Sprite and pearls that are filled with mango juice. With variating shades depending on the acidity of the drink, this series is surely in the running for best bubble tea in Singapore for aesthetically pleasing beverages.

Must-Try Drink – Northern Lights ($4.90)

northern lights aurora best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: i love taimei 我愛台妹 / Facebook)

Address: 230 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #B1-K11, S(188024)
Alternatively, find them at various locations island-wide
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 10pm

7. Bobii Frutii – Pastel pearls to light up any Instagram feed

bobii frutii range best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: Bobii Frutii Singapore / Facebook)

Spearheaded by local celebrity Nat Ho himself, Bobii Frutii markets itself as a bar with non-alcoholic cocktails! Their creativity and love for bubble tea shows for itself in the many flamboyant and vibrant options offered. The star of the show here is the visually-pleasing pastel pearls!

In Nat Ho’s eyes, Mermaid Tears is the best bubble tea in Singapore and is worth your money if you can only buy one. Aside from its intricate layering, the drink tastes as wild as it looks, combining the acidity of lemon with the sweetness of mango and honey to cause an explosion of flavours in your mouth!

Must-Try Drink – Mermaid Tears ($5.90)

mermaid tears pastel pearls best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: Bobii Frutii Singapore / Facebook)

Address: 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, The Clementi Mall, #04-K4, S(129588)
Alternatively, find them at various locations island-wide
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 9.45pm

8. Woobbee – Breaking bubble tea boundaries

woobbee range best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: Woobbee / Facebook)

As new entrants continue to enter the bubble tea market, it’s becoming increasingly tough for brands to differentiate themselves from the competition without taking some form of risk. To give its drinks an advantage, Woobbee is using the Pei Pa Koa cough medicine that we grew up with as a main ingredient for their bubble tea.

The result is a sweet beverage that gives peppermint tea a run for its money when it comes to soothing both your throat and taste buds. Given that Pei Pa Koa is a divisive ingredient, you definitely have to try it for yourself since many claim that it’s the sleeper hit when it comes to nominees for best bubble tea in Singapore. Interestingly, Woobbee has been serving this minty concoction since 2013 but it’s only recently that the drink has gained traction among bubble tea fans.

Must-Try Drink – HerbalMint Milk Tea ($4.10)

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-18, S(082001)
Alternatively, find them at various locations island-wide
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 7.30pm, 10.30am – 8.30pm (Chinatown)
Sat: 11am – 5.30pm, 10.30am – 7.30pm (Chinatown)
Sun: 11am – 5.30pm (Shaw Tower), 10.30am – 7.30pm (Chinatown)

9. The Local Box – Bubble tea with Baileys

the local box
(Credit: The Local Box / Facebook)

If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t an option for alcoholic bubble tea, you just have to dig deeper. Known for their affordable local fare, you wouldn’t expect this quaint eating house to sell such an interesting concoction! The Local Box’s Nutella Baileys Milk Tea provides a new take on the term ‘drunk on bubble tea’ and is a mix of Nutella chocolate spread with black tea and Baileys for an added kick!

The result is not bad for Singapore’s first alcoholic bubble tea! It tastes like something you’ll find in a bar as the Irish whiskey does its trick in providing some much needed variety to the dense chocolate mix.

Must-Try Drink – Nutella Baileys Milk Tea ($11)

nutella baileys best bubble tea in singapore
(Credit: The Local Box / Facebook)

Address: 8 Enggor Street, #01-05, S(079718)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 6pm
Sat: 8.30am – 2pm


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