Build Your Dream Battle Station With These 10 Best Gaming Desks

white gaming desk with k-shaped legs

Apart from a rock solid gaming monitor and an ergonomic gaming chair, a gaming desk is the next thing that you should consider investing in to enjoy maximum comfort during your grinds. Gaming desks are specifically designed with gamers’ needs in mind — with features like a large desk space, built-in monitor stands, and hooks for gaming headsets. They’re also made of sturdy material such as steel that allows them to accommodate heavy gaming equipment. Thinking of getting one? Read on for our lowdown on the best gaming desks in Singapore!

How to choose the best gaming desk?

gaming setup with black gaming table, two monitors and black office chair
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If you’re unsure of how to choose a gaming desk, here a three important factors to look out for:

  • Size

The best gaming desks should be spacious enough to accommodate all of your gaming essentials and equipment. Make sure that it has enough room for your keyboard, monitors, mouse and speakers. As a general guideline, we recommend getting a gaming desk that’s at least 40 to 60 inches wide for two monitors and at least 20 inches in depth for your keyboard. 

  • Material

The best gaming desks should be made of sturdy, durable material that can withstand at least 100kg of weight. This takes into account the heavy equipment that often comes with gaming setups. We recommend getting a table made of steel legs for extra stability.

  • Features & accessories

One of the main reasons to get a gaming desk instead of a normal one is its unique features and accessories that are designed with gamers in mind. For instance, the best gaming tables come with built-in USB ports, headset hooks and cup holders to offer unmatched convenience for your gaming experience. Cable management features are also a must-have to keep things neat! You can also find the best gaming tables with RGB lights for a flashy gaming setup.

Best gaming desks above $200

1. Omnidesk Kenshi Static Gaming Desk

black omnidesk kenshi with black chair and PC best gaming desks singapore
(Credit: Omnidesk)

Omnidesk is widely regarded as the gold standard for standing desks — and their gaming tables don’t disappoint either. The Omnidesk Kenshi Static Gaming Desk (available on Omnidesk) is one of the best gaming desks in Singapore specially engineered for gamers. This desk carries some serious weight with its heavy duty steel legs, providing you with the stability and durability you’ll need for years to come. It also sports an ergonomic curved edge that prevents arm and wrist fatigue from long hours of intense gaming. What’s more, its mouse-friendly micro-textured powder-coat surface will give you a smooth glide for speed and accuracy.

2. Armageddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table

gaming desk with maple wood surface and white legs best gaming desks
(Credit: Armaggeddon Official Store)

If you’re a hardcore gamer, chances are you spend a bulk of your time sedentary. That can take a toll on your physical health, and cause tight knots all over your neck and shoulders. While the best gaming chairs can help to alleviate that, a height-adjustable table is also a worthy investment for your health. The Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table (available on Armaggeddon Official Store) is one of the best gaming desks in Singapore that is height adjustable with ultra smooth transition. Simply switch from sitting to standing with the press of a button!

3. SADES Alpha Carbon Fiber Professional Gaming Table

Monitor with demon slayer wallpaper on white and blush pink gaming table
(Credit: SADES Singapore Official Store)

Where aesthetics are concerned, the SADES Alpha Carbon Fiber Professional Gaming Table (available on SADES Singapore Official Store) tops the charts with its pastel pink accents and clean white body. That is, if you dig the pastel colour scheme of course. Alternatively, you can go for the SADES Alpha Carbon Fiber Gaming Table in blue and black (available on SADES Singapore Official Store) that’ll fit right into any man cave. 

Functionality wise, the SADES gaming table has everything an avid gamer needs. It has a large table surface that can accommodate two gaming monitors for the ultimate setup. You can also adjust its height to seven different levels for optimal comfort. What’s more, it comes with a headset hook, cable management holders and a USB hub to offer unmatched convenience. That’s why this is one of the best gaming desks in Singapore!

3. Hollin 38 X1 TIMOTION Electric Standing Desk

gaming setup with black hollin gaming desk, ergonomic chair and two gaming monitors best gaming desks
(Credit: Hollin Furniture Official Store)

The Hollin 38 X1 TIMOTION Desk (available on Hollin Furniture Official Store) is another worthy contender for the best gaming desks in Singapore. This slick gaming table sports a luxurious PU leather surface. It’s also equipped with a motor that lets you adjust the table height without making much noise. Plus, you can map out four different specific heights according to your preference into the controller, instead of being restricted by fixed heights! We also love how it allows you to customise the size of your desk surface, so those with multiple devices won’t have to worry about having a cramped desk. 

4. Cooler Master GD160 Gaming Desk

cooler master black gaming desk with purple details
(Credit: Cooler Master Official Store)

For a no-frills gaming desk that’s built to last, go for the Cooler Master GD160 Gaming Desk (available on Cooler Master Official Store), one of the best gaming desks in Singapore. It offers ample desk space to fit two gaming monitors, and is completely covered with a water-resistant mouse mat. This makes it easy to clean and maintain in the long run. The table also allows for height adjustments to three different levels so you can find your optimal gaming position. 

Best gaming desks below $200

5. Desiny RGB Light Gaming Table

desiny black gaming tabke
(Credit: Desiny.SG)

If your ideal gaming setup is a showy war room deck out in RGB lights, then the Desiny RGB Light Gaming Table (available on Desiny.SG) is one of the best gaming desks to achieve that without breaking the bank. Its fancy RGB lights help you create the ideal ambience for your after hours gaming sesh. You can play around with multiple lighting modes and seven different colours like green, blue and red. Coming in at well below $200, the Desiny gaming table doesn’t scrimp on its features. It comes with a handy headset hook, and offers two size options to choose from. This table also sports K-shaped legs — a common gaming desk feature that makes it more stable and sturdy.

6. SHEEP Gaming Table With Light

sheep gaming desk with headphone hook
(Credit: Sheep)

The SHEEP Gaming Table (available on Sheep) is another option that sports RGB lights. If ambience is something that makes your gaming experience better, this is definitely one of the best gaming tables for your setup that won’t break the bank. This gaming table also comes with additional features like a headphone holder as well as a cable box to keep things neat. 

7. GTGAMEZ 4FT Z Series Matt Surface Gaming Table

z series white and pink gaming desk
(Credit: Homezsg)

If RGB lights are too gaudy for you, the GTGAMEZ Z Series Matt Surface Gaming Desk (available on Homezsg) is a simple yet yet solid option that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Its Z shaped design makes it extra sturdy so you won’t have to be bothered with wobbling while you game. This gaming desk also comes with a waterproof matt surface that is scratch-resistant. Another great feature that this budget-friendly option offers is an ergonomic arc that lets you game in comfort. Choose between a multitude of colour combos such as pink and white, black and red, as well as black and white. Overall, this gaming desk is one of the best tables for any gaming setup.

8. Corner L Shaped Computer Table

corner l shape desk with wooden surface and black legs
(Credit: luckybabymummy)

For the ultimate setup for work and play, this Corner L Shaped Computed Table (available on luckybabymummy) is one of the best options to consider. You can have your gaming equipment on one side, and your workstation on the other. Plus, this gaming table also helps to save space as it tucks nicely in the corner, which makes it one of the best gaming desks for your gaming setup. It also comes with an add-on platform that allows you to elevate your accessories such as your speakers for crisp audio. 

9. UMD Professional Gaming Table With Water And Heat Resistance

black gaming desk with two gaming monitors
(Credit: umdlife [cropped])

For hardcore gamers who go on for extended hours with each round, you’ll want to invest in a heat resistant surface for your desk. The UMD Professional Gaming Table (available on umdlife) boasts just that, and is water resistant too! This is also one of the best budget gaming desks that provides you with a large desk space that can accommodate two gaming monitors without appearing cramped. Its K-shaped legs also ensures extra stability so that you won’t experience any wobbling. We also love its red details on the legs that add extra flair, which makes this one of the best gaming tables for your setup.

10. Tempered Glass Gaming Table

tempered glass gaming table
(Credit: Select premium store)

It may be inevitable that your desk eventually accumulates scratches over the years, but you can mitigate that by protecting it with a layer of tempered glass. This Tempered Glass Gaming Table (available on Select premium store) is one of the best gaming desks in Singapore decked out in strong and durable tempered glass. Apart from being scratch-resistant, the glass table top also brightens up your room and allows for easy cleaning. This gaming desk also sports a K-shaped leg structure made of steel that provides a stable and strong load bearing gamers need. If you have young’uns at home, this would be the best gaming table option for you as it comes with rounded corners to prevent injuries from collisions. 

Complete your battle station with the best gaming tables in Singapore

From tables with RGB lights to height adjustable ones, build your ideal gaming setup with the best gaming tables in Singapore. For an immersive, life-like gaming experience, check out the best gaming monitors and the best gaming laptops in Singapore. Don’t forget to take a peek at our roundup of the best gaming mousepads that allow for precise control and quick flicks! Check out other high quality furniture which you can purchase at great discounts during our Shopee Home Furniture Sale!

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