Plea-Scent Times With These 19 Best Room Sprays

best room sprays singapore

There are many ways to make your home more comfortable and lived-in, including keeping it clean and smelling fresh. That’s why you should invest in the room sprays that give your home an instant burst of fragrance. Especially if you have pets or cook often, room sprays are the fastest solution to removing unpleasant odours at home. That’s why we’ve sussed out the 19 best room sprays in Singapore for you to check out this 2023!

What is the difference between room sprays, air fresheners, and diffusers?

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(Credit: Karolina Grabowska)

Room sprays, air fresheners, and diffusers are all popular choices for enhancing the ambience of your living spaces, but they differ in their application, scent dispersion, and purpose. If you’re looking for something that gives you an instant burst of fragrance, the best option to invest in is room sprays in Singapore. Especially for smaller spaces like your bedrooms or toilets. Oftentimes, they can even be used directly on your bedsheets to enhance your sleep and relaxation at home!

To help you differentiate between room sprays and their closely related counterparts, here’s a quick breakdown of their differences:

Room spray Air freshener Diffuser
  • Liquid spray
  • Liquid spray
  • Candles
  • Gels
  • Essential Oils
Primary Function
  • Instant fragrance
  • Continuous scent
  • Aromatherapy
Duration of Scent
  • Short
  • Up to a few hours
  • Short to medium
  • Up to a few days
  • Long-lasting
  • Up to a few days
  • Quick application
  • Easy disposal
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to replace
  • Requires set up
  • Requires regular maintenance
Price point
  • Affordable
  • Medium to expensive
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Depends on type of diffuser

Best everyday room sprays in Singapore (2023)

1. Pristine Room Spray Hotel Scent

best room spray singapore pristine hotel scent
(Credit: Pristine Aroma)

Pristine Aroma is a homegrown brand that’s known for providing luxurious, yet affordable aromatherapy products. On top of their best-selling essential oils, Pristine Aroma also developed some of the best room spray formulas in Singapore! The brand’s Pristine Room Spray Hotel Scent is designed to replicate a hotel experience through scents. Take a look at the components of Swiss Chteau: it combines the moist scent of freshly cut grass, the fragrance of roses and raspberries, along with the woody undertones of cedarwood. All it takes is one spray and you’ll be instantly transported to a Swiss countryside Airbnb!

Whether you’re daydreaming about travelling to the countryside or a villa along the beach, this Hotel Scent series will help create the perfect ambience. You can choose from four unique scents, including Japanese Ryokan, Maldives Villa, Swiss Chteau, and English Country Inn. Otherwise, you can also try out the Pristine Room Spray Himalayan Tea (all available on Pristine Aroma), which has a milder, everyday-friendly formula.

2. Millefiori Lychee Rose Room Spray

best room spray singapore millefiori
(Credit: Strawberrynet SG Official Store)

Made from one of the most intensely fragrant blooms, Damascena rose, the Millefiori Lychee Rose Room Spray (available on Strawberrynet SG Official Store) is rich and addictive. For those who love floral scents that are deep and long-lasting, this is one of the best room spray choices you should consider in Singapore this 2023! This room spray also complements the rose essence with a tinge of spice from Timur Pepper and fruity notes of lychee. Altogether, they’ll leave your room smelling intriguing and pleasant!

3. M&S Sleep Room Spray

best room spray singapore M&S Sleep Room Spray
(Credit: Marks and Spencer SG)

It’s no surprise that Marks and Spencer has some of the most amazing room sprays they’ve never disappointed with any of their other products! In fact, they’re also cruelty-free and BUAV-approved. Just a few spritzes of the M&S Sleep Room Spray will envelop your bedroom in comforting scents from jasmine, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils. The fragrance is sure to send you into a relaxing and restful sleep! For something more suitable for everyday aromatherapy, the M&S Calm Room Spray (both available on Marks and Spencer SG) comes with citrusy and earthy scents of orange and sage. It can even be used on your sheets that’ll leave it with a delicate fragrance!

4. Kintsukuroi Dream Elixir Lullaby Pillow Mist

kintsukuroi room spray
(Credit: Kintsukuroi Studio Official Store)

This next recommendation is an all-in-one living companion nothing less you’d expect from one of the best room sprays in Singapore. Cue the Kintsukuroi Dream Elixir Lullaby Pillow Mist (available on Kintsukuroi Studio Official Store). Not only will it freshen up your home, but it also has anti-bacterial properties! This means that giving your pillow cases and sheets a few spritzes of this Kintsukuroi room spray can help kill germs and bacteria that linger. Most importantly, this will help to prevent breakouts! Now, you can truly focus on getting that restorative rest at home.

5. Alodia Shangri-La Home Deluxe Spray

best room spray singapore Alodia Shangri-La Home Deluxe Spray

The Alodia Shangri-La Home Deluxe Spray (available on ALODIA OFFICIAL STORE) allows you to bring the scent of Shangri-La home with you! This room spray combines the top notes of sweet orange and aldehyde, middle notes of lavender and violet saffron, and base notes of sandalwood to recreate the same serenity that comes with a Shangri-La stay. Not only is the fragrance therapeutic and captivating, but it’ll be as if you were transported to the hotel itself!

6. Hysses Room Scent

hysses room spray
(Credit: HYSSES Official Store)

For those looking for a room spray that’s travel-friendly, give the Hysses Room Scent in Lavender Chamomile (available on HYSSES Official Store) a go! Coming in a 165ml bottle, this room spray is portable and compact enough to be taken anywhere with you so long as you can store it in checked-in luggage! Now, you don’t need to worry about musty Airbnbs or rental cars, because this HYSSES sprays floral scents will instantly refresh the space. Both the fragrance of lavender and chamomile are great for helping you rejuvenate after a long day of activities!

7. Calypsoul Life Disney-Inspired Room Sprays

best room spray singapore Calypsoul Life Disney-Inspired Room Sprays
(Credit: CalypsoulLife)

Inspired by iconic Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, it can be said that the Calypsoul Life Disney-Inspired Room Sprays (available on CalypsoulLife) are your nostalgic childhood memories in a bottle! It comes in five intriguing scents which you can probably guess what movie it’s inspired by: White As Snow, Under The Sea, A Whole New World, Carriage Dreams, and Be Our Guest. Where else can you find a collection like this one? Calypsoul is surely one of the best and most versatile brands to buy room sprays from in Singapore!

You can go for something crisp and earthy like White As Snow, which combines the fragrance of white tea leaves and green tea that’s reminiscent of Snow White’s journey through the forest. Be Our Guest is also great for creating a more intimate atmosphere, with its romantic blend of Bulgarian Rose and Linden Blossom.

8. Engels Sense White Tea And Fig Enbience Room Spray

engel's sense white tea and fig room
(Credit: Engel’s Sense)

Engel’s Sense is a homegrown perfumery that specialises in scents for businesses in Singapore. In fact, they’ve been working with premium clubs and hotels all over Singapore, including Keppel Club and the five-star Hotel Fort Canning! If you want your home to smell as exquisite as these locations, check out Engels Senses best room spray offerings in Singapore.

One of their bestsellers is the Engel’s Sense White Tea & Fig Fragrance Scent EnBience Odour Eliminator Room Spray. The White Tea & Fig Room Spray in particular has a unique formula, which includes zesty notes like lemon and more intense ones like Amber and musk. Finally, this room spray comes from the brand’s All Time Favourite Series, which also features other renditions like the White Tea & Lily Fragrance Scent and White Tea & Ginger Fragrance Scent (all available on Engel’s Sense)!

9. Scent Fresh Room Spray

scent fresh room spray
(Credit: Duprex_Singapore_Official)

The Scent Fresh Room Spray (available on Duprex_Singapore_Official) is a versatile product that can be used to refresh any space! From your humble abode to offices and gyms, it ensures that these spaces stay fresh for a long time. Just a few spritzes are all you need to keep musky and unpleasant odours at bay, no matter the size of the room. In fact, it doubles as a fabric freshener, infusing your bedsheets and towels with a luxurious fragrance.

10. Bath and Body Works Room Spray

best room spray singapore bath and body works
(Credit: Scent Station)

You’re probably no stranger to Bath and Body Works by now. The retail chain is the place to get the best soaps, lotions, fragrances, candles and of course, room sprays in Singapore. Besides, no one can beat their selection of Bath and Body Works Room Spray (available on Scent Station), which includes a whopping 33 scents! That’s not all, each of these room sprays has been formulated to create a particular mood, like the whimsical A Thousand Wishes and the clean, citrusy Japanese Cherry Blossom. You can even spray Eucalyptus Rain in your room to create a relaxing and stress-relieving ambience.

11. Yankee Candle Concentrated Room Spray

yankee candle concentrated spray
(Credit: Madera SG)

Yankee Candles are known for their long-lasting burns and amazing scents! But did you know that the brand sold room sprays too? The Yankee Candle Concentrated Room Spray (available on Madera SG) comes with a floral-woody fragrance that reminds you of an outdoor farmers market. Spray this in the corner of your room to bring out the tangy and herbal scents of White Peppercorn and Bergamot. It’s mild yet refreshing, making it one of the best room spray options to try in Singapore!

12. Hooga Miniature Room Spray

best room spray singapore Hooga Miniature Room Spray
(Credit: Hooga Official Store)

Looking for another compact room spray that you can bring anywhere with you? The Hooga Miniature Room Spray Earth Series (available on Hooga Official Store) is exactly what you need. Coming in slim 100ml tubes, these Hooga room sprays can be easily slipped into your handbags. Its volume is also suitable for carry-on luggage, should you feel the need to freshen up your hotel room while travelling! Also, did you know that this is the best room spray to get in Singapore if you want to reduce your carbon footprint? This room spray comes from Hoogas Earth Series collection, which features non-plastic packaging!

Best luxury room sprays in Singapore (2023)

13. Lynk Artisan Room Spray

best room spray singapore Lynk Artisan
(Credit: Lynk Fragrances Official Store)

You can support local with our next recommendation! The Lynk Artisan Room Sprays (available on Lynk Fragrances Official Store) offer the perfect essential oil blend that’s been curated specially for wellness benefits. It boasts an impressive range of 24 scents that you can freshen up any room with. You can even spray it in your bathrooms! The best part of these luxury room sprays is that its handmade by perfumery experts right here in Singapore they retain a sense of quality and craftsmanship that’s hard to find elsewhere!

14. Artisan of Sense Orange & Grapefruit Organic Room Spray

artisan of sense orange and grapefruit spray
(Credit: Artisan of Sense Official Store)

The aesthetic design of the Artisan of Sense Orange & Grapefruit Organic Room Spray’s packaging just screams understated elegance. The frosted bottle sports curved edges and keeps other details to a minimum. Top it off with a metal cap and you got yourself a stylish room spray. But of course, we can’t forget about its contents! This Artisan of Sense room spray contains organic orange and grapefruit essential oils, which come together to create a playful, tropical scent that’s perfect for livening up your home. You can also try out the Artisan of Sense Rosemary & Eucalyptus Organic Room Spray for a more leafy, crisp fragrance.

However, if you prefer a scent that’s heavier and muskier, the Artisan of Sense Sandalwood & Rose Organic Room Spray (all available on Artisan of Sense Official Store) is something we’re sure you’d like. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this room spray also doubles up as a linen spray, air freshener, and body mist! Now, you can bring these sophisticated scents along with you, wherever you go. It sure is one of the best luxury room sprays this 2023!

15. Aesop Olous Arous Aromatic Room Spray

best room spray singapore Aesop Olous Arous Aromatic Room Spray
(Credit: BEAUTY U & ME.SG Official Store)

Despite being a bougie brand with a relatively high price point, people still love to shop for products from Aesop. Is it the retro-inspired apothecary packaging, or their quality blends for essential oils? This Aesop Olous Arous Aromatic Room Spray (available on BEAUTY U & ME.SG Official Store) is a testament to both and is one of Aesop’s ventures into room sprays. Specifically, this room spray is part of the States of Being: Aromatique Room Spray Trio, which also includes the Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray and Aesop Cythera Aromatique Room Spray (all available on BEAUTY U & ME.SG Official Store).

Unlike most room sprays that focus on floral notes, these take a less conventional route with incense and tobacco notes, which balances out the sweetness of botanical blends. It’s no wonder why they’re one of the best luxury room sprays to get in Singapore! With every spray, your home and rooms will smell indulgent and resinous.

16. Diptyque Room Spray

best room spray singapore diptyque
(Credit: BEAUTY U & ME.SG Official Store)

Diptyque is a French fragrance brand that’s known for their high-end candles and scents. While they’re relatively pricier and targeted at younger demographics, it’s a popular brand regardless. In fact, the Diptyque Room Spray (available on BEAUTY U & ME.SG Official Store) is one of the best luxury room sprays to invest in. Its sweet but youthful blend of orange and roses can instantly make any room smell soft and comforting. Furthermore, it’s not restricted to open spaces, as it’s suitable for use in wardrobes, luggage and on curtains! Simply stand at least 30cm away from your subject before spraying to get the best performance.

17. Bath & Bloom En Toute Saison Room Fragrance Spray

best room spray singapore Bath & Bloom En Toute Saison Room Fragrance Spray
(Credit: Madera SG)

The Bath & Bloom En Toute Saison Room Fragrance Spray (available on Madera SG) is a lavish room spray that has been designed to bring the feeling of luxury into your home. Depending on the mood you want to create, you can choose from 12 different scents. Many of them contain less-common notes, including that of almond, iris, ylang ylang, and citronella! Another reason why these are some of the best luxury room sprays is their exquisite design. The glass bottle looks so sophisticated with its mini tassel, making it perfect as an aesthetic paperweight as well.

18. SocietyA Beauty DedCool Room+Linen Spray

SocietyA Beauty DedCool Room+Linen Spray
(Credit: SocietyA Beauty Official Store)

If you haven’t heard of DedCool, it’s an up and coming brand that’s gained attention for its addicting fragrance products. The SocietyA Beauty DedCool Room+Linen Spray (available on SocietyA Beauty Official Store) is one such product that has people coming back for more. It comes in three scents: Taunt, Blonde, and Milk, of which the last is its best-selling luxury room spray in Singapore. It’s been described to make your room and sheets smell like a warm hug and clean shower combined what an interesting review for a room spray! This DedCool room spray was also designed to be layered, so you don’t need to worry about it clashing with your usual perfumes.

19. FLO Aromatic Spray

best room spray singapore FLO Aromatic Spray
(Credit: FLO Aroma)

Yet another multi-use room spray, FLO’s Aromatic Sprays (available on FLO Aroma) has received rave reviews for the luxurious and delightful aroma it creates. With nine different scents, its made with 100% pure essential oils that do not irritate the skin and nose. That’s why it’s one of the best luxury room sprays for people with sensitive skin. Moreover, it can be used on almost every aspect of your home, including pillowcases, curtains, and even carpets! However, be sure not to use them on polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, and other delicate fabrics.

Elevate your humble abode with the best-smelling room sprays in Singapore

Now that we’ve introduced you to the best room spray options, we hope that you’ll be able to find one that suits your preferences and needs. Whether it’s the versatility or type of scent that these room sprays come along with, they’re guaranteed to make your home smell welcoming and heavenly. You can make sure that the air quality of your home is superb with these best air purifiers and best dehumidifiers in Singapore. Just remember to cop the promo deals for these products during our 12.12 Birthday Sale this 2023!