Rain, Rain, Go Away! 11 Best Umbrellas To Stay Dry

best umbrellas singapore

Picture this: it’s pouring and there’s no sheltered way to your destination. Even if it’s just a short walk, not having an umbrella means you’ll either have to wait indefinitely or brave the rain and get soaking wet. This is especially so during the monsoon season, so it’s all the more crucial to have a handy umbrella with you at all times. Need some recommendations? Here’s our roundup of the best umbrellas in Singapore! 

What are the different types of umbrellas? 

Umbrellas are simply umbrellas, no? You’d be surprised at the wide variety of umbrella types available in the market right now! From ultra-portable ones to umbrellas specially designed for passenger use, we’ve rounded them up for you below. 

Type of umbrella Features
  • Manually open up canopy
  • Can usually accommodate 2 people
  • Diameter is usually about 53 – 63cm
  • Utilises reverse open and close technique, where water is funnelled into umbrella
  • Prevents you and your surroundings from getting wet due to dripping water
  • Typically small and mini-sized since they can be closed easily
  • Some automatic options that function with just a button
  • Have special coating on surfaces to block out ultraviolet rays
  • Generally smaller versions of umbrellas
  • Usually have cute patterns and designs

Best standard umbrellas in Singapore (2023)

1. MUJI Unisex Markable Umbrella

MUJI Unisex Markable Umbrella
(Credit: MUJI Official Store)

MUJI is known for its high-quality minimalistic products and their MUJI Unisex Markable Umbrella (available on MUJI Official Store) is no exception! As one of the best umbrellas in Singapore, it provides a sleek design that both genders of all ages will love. What’s more, this MUJI umbrella is also available in chequered patterns to turn your aesthetics up a notch! 

2. JUJIAJIA Standard Umbrella

JUJIAJIA Standard Umbrella
(Credit: JUJIAJIA Official Store)

The JUJIAJIA Standard Umbrella (available on JUJIAJIA Official Store) is a sturdy choice when it comes to the best umbrellas. That’s because it’s equipped with 16 fibre windproof ribs that are made to last even in the harshest of weather conditions. This lightweight umbrella also comes with a retractable waterproof cover that is equipped with a drainage port to prolong its service life. 

3. H&M Transparent Umbrella

best umbrella singapore H&M Transparent Umbrella
(Credit: H&M Official)

There’s just something about transparent umbrellas that can make you feel all whimsical even during a thunderstorm. Take for instance the H&M Transparent Umbrella (available on H&M Official) which has a large dome made of see-through vinyl. This way, you can feel the raindrops closer to you. It also helps that this umbrella is exactly like those in Japan – it really feels like you’re there!

Best inverted umbrellas in Singapore (2023)

4. Automatic Reversible Umbrella

best umbrella singapore Automatic Reversible Umbrella
(Credit: TOOPRE)

Made to resist strong winds, the Automatic Reversible Umbrella (available on TOOPRE) will always shelter you on rainy days. The heart of this inverted umbrella lies in its strong aluminium alloy structure that flexes back into shape while turning the umbrella inside out when closing. Its handle also has a torchlight feature to shine your path as you navigate through stormy weather. Not only that, but the umbrella has a reflective strip that’s strong enough to indicate your position to others. That way, no one’s going to bump into you in the dark!

6. Splashing Monkey Inverted Umbrella

Splashing Monkey Inverted Umbrella
(Credit: Splashing Monkey)

Hands up if you’re a dinosaur lover! This aptly-designed Splashing Monkey Inverted Umbrella (available on Splashing Monkey) will be right up your alley for its cute portrayal of dino pals. Function-wise, it is one of the best inverted umbrellas designed to keep the rain off when you close the umbrella. This is especially useful when coming in and out of a car. Don’t forget to add this foldable umbrella to your list of must-have car accessories too!

Best foldable umbrellas in Singapore (2023)

6. Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim Manual Umbrella

Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim Manual Umbrella
(Credit: The Planet Traveller Official Store)

When it comes to foldable umbrellas, the Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim Manual Umbrella (available on The Planet Traveller Official Store) is a top option. With a weight of 130g, this lightweight umbrella is even lighter than an apple and can be slotted into most of the best carry-on luggage! Furthermore, this mini umbrella can withstand wind speeds of up to 100km/h without being damaged. It may be small but it sure is mighty! 

7. HAILSTORM Automatic Foldable Umbrella

HAILSTORM Automatic Foldable Umbrella
(Credit: SeasonFun)

Automatic umbrellas have the added benefit of being fuss-free to use and the HAILSTORM Automatic Foldable Umbrella (available on SeasonFun) is proof of that. With a simple touch of a button, you can open this foldable umbrella even if your hands are rather full. Beyond that, this umbrella is big enough for two people to share while still being compact enough to keep in the best laptop tote bags when not in use! 

Best umbrellas for kids in Singapore (2023)

8. FUNKYsg x Mideer Children Umbrella 

FUNKYsg x Mideer Children Umbrella 
(Credit: Funky Kids)

The best kids’ umbrellas are those with safety features to protect your little one. Case in point: the FUNKYsg x Mideer Children Umbrella (available on Funky Kids) which has a waterproof clear canopy for maximum visibility. More than that, this lightweight transparent umbrella has an opening safety system that prevents fingers from being caught. Design-wise, these mini umbrellas are decorated with cute caterpillar and dinosaur prints. Your kids will surely love it! 

9. Bubble Magical Colour Changing Umbrella

Bubble Magical Colour Changing Umbrella
(Credit: First Few Years Official Store)

Whoever said that rainy days are dull obviously haven’t used the Bubble Magical Colour Changing Umbrella (available on First Few Years Official Store) before. Yes, you read that right. This lightweight umbrella can change colour when it comes in contact with the rain, adding a bit of excitement to your kids’ rainy day. With adorable prints of flamingos, pirates or unicorns, it is without a doubt that this is one of the best umbrellas for kids! 

Best UV umbrellas in Singapore (2023)

10. ILIFE UV Automatic Umbrella

best umbrella singapore ILIFE UV Automatic Umbrella
(Credit: ilife.official.sg)

While umbrellas are mainly used for rain protection, they can also double up as sun protection too! The ILIFE UV Automatic Umbrella (available on ilife.official.sg) is a trusty multi-purpose umbrella that comes with UV protection on its panel. Moreover, this is one of the best foldable UV umbrellas that has been reviewed for its one-button function too. All you have to do is press the button to automatically open the umbrella, and press it again to close. It’s as simple as that! Now, you no longer have to worry that the best sunscreens in Singapore are not enough to protect you from the sun!

11. PGM Straight Umbrella 

best umbrella singapore PGM Straight Umbrella
(Credit: PGM GOLF Official Store)

While its large panels can effectively shelter you from the rain, don’t keep the PGM Straight Umbrella (available on PGM GOLF Official Store) away once the sun is up. That’s because it has a mini fan included on the top of its roof to beat the heat, just like the best portable fans. Its special UV-coated panels also provide extra protection against the sun. All these features make it one of the best UV umbrellas in 2023!

Stay dry with the best umbrellas in Singapore (2023)

From transparent umbrellas to mini foldable umbrellas, we hope you’ll never have to get drenched in the rain ever again. For ways to keep warm from the rainy weather indoors, enjoy a hotpot at home with these best steamboat pots or roast some meat on the best indoor BBQ grills. Once the meal is over, enjoy warm showers with the best water heaters before snuggling in bed with the best blankets in Singapore

This article was updated on 5 December 2023. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.