The Best Premium, Value-For-Money And Budget Samsung Phones Of 2021

best samsung phones budget new galaxy z flip 3 5g

Have you been rooting for Team Android or are you looking to switch over from Team iOS? Get to know the best Samsung phones for your every need. Nonetheless, whether you’re one to chase the latest models or keep your purchases pegged to a budget — here’s a round-up of the best Samsung phones for you!

Best Premium Samsung phones: for those after new phone models

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

samsung galaxy z flip 3 5g newest model gold best samsung phone
(Credit: Samsung [Cropped])

Live your flip phone dreams with the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G (available on Samsung) that’s up for preorder now! Following the success of the previous Z Flip series, the latest Z Flip 3 comes with more improvements and impressive features. If the previous tiny notification screen on the front of the folded device turns you off, you’ll be pleased to know it’s gotten much bigger on the new Z Flip 3. This time, the phone comes with a 1.9-inch cover screen coloured display that not only shows you the weather, time and message notifications, but also lets you interact with it for quick access. Psst, the cover screen even doubles as a selfie preview when you’re shooting with the rear camera (12MP) so you can capture the best resolution photos! 

Did we also mention that the device has finally attained the IPX8 rating so you no longer have to worry about bringing your phone along for pool time? But that’s not to say you shouldn’t accessorise your new device with a Z Flip 3 case, such as this  Together with butter-smooth 120Hz refresh rate on the 6.7-inch Infinity Flex Display, lag is a word of the past on this swanky Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

2. Samsung Z Fold 3 5G

samsung z fold 3 5g premium samsung phone new best
(Credit: Samsung [Cropped])

Greedy for a bigger screen to watch your dramas or work on your spreadsheets? Instead of a tablet, why not enjoy the big screen on the Samsung Z Fold 3 5G (available on Samsung) instead! The huge 7.6-inch screen (unfolded) boasts a brilliant display at a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling. The QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display also guarantees an immersive experience with sharp graphics and true colours. While the predecessors faced issues with app compatibility, Samsung claims to be putting in more efforts in optimising apps to make full advantage of the Z Fold 3’s potential. 

If taking notes on your device is a must for you, the Z Fold 3 will not disappoint. It now supports the S Pen as an optional accessory so you don’t have to reach for the bigger devices whenever an idea hits you. Still hesitant because of the Z Fold 3’s premium price tag? Here’s another reason why it’s worth the splurge — a five camera setup peppered across the phone. You’ll find a 4MP front camera, a 10MP cover camera a triple camera setup in the rear with 12MP ultra wide, 12MP wide angle and 12MP telephoto lens. Folded or not, you’ll never miss a shot with the Z Fold 3. 

The Z Fold 3 doesn’t come cheap, so you’ll definitely need a trustable phone casing for extra protection. Check out Z Fold 3 cases such as the impact-resistant UAG Galaxy Z Fold 3 Case (available on UAG Official by Tech House) and Design Hard Drop Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (available on HiCase).

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra best samsung phone 2021 singapore
(Credit: alphatelecomsg)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (available on alphatelecomsg) pits itself as a phone that works like a computer. For instance, both gaming and serious work can be done with this stylus pen phone too. Scribble your notes, turn them into text and transform them into PowerPoint slides seamlessly. Expect a quad-camera, a 6.9-inch edge Infinity-O display, 120Hz refresh rate and much more with this model. Phone specs aside, the gorgeous frosted mauve matte shade and sleek design can turn any non-believer into a fan. To conclude, if you don’t mind spending a bit more on this supreme Samsung model, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is for you!

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

galaxy s20 plus best samsung phone
(Credit: TECH 2021)

If you deem the performance of a mobile phone on what’s under the hood, the Galaxy S20 Plus (available on TECH 2021) easily makes the cut for one of the best Samsung phones. You’ll be won over by stellar specs with a 120Hz refresh rate to curb any screen lags. The Galaxy S20 Plus comes with impressive updates from the previous year’s S10 series. Photographers will also love the quad 12MP camera featuring the telephoto lens for an in-built zoom effect and bokeh photo effect. It also packs a more powerful chipset, a bigger battery and of course, 5G support!

5. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g best samsung phones
(Credit: Samsung Official Store)

If you’re an avid Samsung user, you would have heard of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (available on Samsung Official Store). This model has a unique curved screen design available only to the Ultra variant. With hyper-fast 5G and 5000mAh battery capacity, this phone is perfect for users who desire a more professional-grade performance. It doesn’t skimp on performance too, as the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G packs a powerful processor and four cameras. It includes the 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 108MP Wide-angle Camera, 10MP Telephoto Camera, and 10MP Telephoto Camera. If you’re looking to take high-resolution images, this is the best Samsung phone to own.



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Display size 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED  7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 6.9-inch AMOLED 6.7-inch AMOLED 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x 
Battery 3300 mAh 4400 mAh 4500 mAh 4500 mAh 5000 mAh
Camera 10MP (front) + 12MP wide + 12MP ultra wide  4MP (front) + 10MP (cover) + 12MP wide + 12MP telephoto + 12MP ultra wide 10MP (front) + 108MP wide + 12MP periscope telephoto + 12MP ultra wide 10MP (front) + 12MP wide + 64MP telephoto + 12MP ultrawide 40MP (front) + 108MP wide + 10MP periscope telephoto + 10MP telephoto + 12MP ultra wide 
Weight 183g 271g 208g 186g 227g
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ Exynos 990 / Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Exynos 2100 / Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 
Memory Up to 256GB; 8GB RAM Up to 512GB; 12GB RAM Up to 512GB; 12GB RAM Up to 512GB; 12GB RAM 256GB; 12GB RAM
Special Features Foldable, 5G connectivity, 1.9-inch fully coloured cover screen, 120Hz refresh rate, water/dust-resistant (IPX8) Foldable, 5G connectivity, 120Hz refresh rate, water/dust-resistant (IPX8) 5x optical zoom, S Pen stylus, 5G Connectivity, Wireless PowerShare, Water/Dust-resistant (IP68) 5G Connectivity; 120Hz refresh rate; Water/Dust Resistant (IP68) 20Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate, Water/Dust Resistant (IP68)

Best Samsung phones: for those who want good value

7. Samsung Note 10 Plus 

samsung galaxy note 10+ plus best samsung phone 2021 singapore
(Credit: SVIP_SG)

As Samsung releases newer generation models, it’s probably a good idea to look back at the best pick of the previous generation phones and take advantage of the price drop. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (available on SVIP_SG) is a great example and may be just within your budget at less than $700. It boasts a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, a triple rear camera set-up and the S-pen that works with air gestures — perfect to impress bosses at work! Admittedly, its camera performance may not match up to the Note 20 Ultra, but it still wins on a sleek design and a stronger all-day battery life.

Considering getting this phone? Check out our full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and the review video below:

8. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

s10 galaxy lite best samsung phone (1)
(Credit: univercelmobile)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (available on univercelmobile) is a value-for-money flagship killer that’s not talked about much but actually has a fair bit going for it. Its 6.7-inch display comes with an impressive 48MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide lens and 5MP macro camera to give bright pictures with HDR10+ processing. Interestingly, the polycarbonate backing on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is what saves cost here and although not water or dust resistant, you won’t really feel much of a difference compared to its pricier counterparts with a glass backing. In other words, this is the best Samsung phone if you’re looking for a value-for-money option with fast charging as a 30-minute charge to last a whole day.

9. Samsung Galaxy A52

samsung galaxy a52 mint green best budget samsung phone singapore 2021
(Credit: The Handphone Company)

Budget Samsung phones are one to consider if you don’t want to fork out $1,000 for fancier models! The Samsung Galaxy A52 (available on The Handphone Company) is the latest budget Samsung phone to join the ranks and there are quite a few things to love about it. This sub-$600 phone boasts a 6.5-inch Infinity-O display, a main 64MP camera, 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 5MP macro camera. It even has an impressive 48-hour battery life! The Samsung Galaxy A52 also boasts 120Hz refresh rate (meaning faster loading times) and is IP67-rated for water resistance similar to all the other phones in the series.

Features/Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Samsung Galaxy A52
Display size 6.8-inch AMOLED 6.7-inch AMOLED 6.5-inch AMOLED
Battery 4300 mAh 4500 mAh 4,500 mAh
Camera 10MP (front) + 12MP wide + 12MP telephoto + 16MP ultra wide 32MP (front) + 48MP wide + 12MP ultra wide 32MP (front) + 64MP wide + 12MP ultra wide
Weight 198g 186g 189g
Processor Qualcomm Qualcomm Qualcomm Snapdragon
Memory Up to 512GB; 12GB RAM Up to 512GB; 6-8GB RAM Up to 256GB; 8GB RAM
Special Features S Pen stylus, Wireless PowerShare, Water-resistant (IP68) Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, ANT+ Eye Comfort Shield, Real Smooth

Best budget Samsung phones: for the budget-conscious

9. Samsung Galaxy A22

samsung galaxy a22 best budget samsung phone singapore 2021
(Credit: Samsung)

You don’t have to break the bank for a 5G smartphone. Experience the rapid speed of 5G mobile data network with the Samsung Galaxy A22 (available on Samsung) which costs only around $300! This ensures incredibly smooth gaming and streaming. It also comes with a 5,000 mAh battery so you never run out of juice when you’re out and about. 

The last thing we’d expect for a smartphone as affordable as the A22 is a triple rear camera setup. Yes, you read that right! The A22 comes with a 48MP main camera alongside a 5MP ultra wide and a 2MP depth camera — a setup commonly seen on higher-end smartphones. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A22 a value buy in all aspects. 

10. Samsung Galaxy M22

samsung galaxy m22 budget best phone singapore 2021
(Credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy M22 (available on Samsung) is the newest addition to the brand’s affordable mid-range smartphones and exceeds its predecessors in many areas.  In fact, the Samsung Galaxy M22 features a  6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display with 90Hz refresh rate and a large 5,000 mAh battery which mobile gamers will surely appreciate. In addition, it’s also powered by the MediaTek Helio G80, which although not the best processor, is still capable of handling routine tasks without a hitch.

11. Samsung Galaxy A11

samsung galaxy a11 budget phone best singapore 2021

The Samsung Galaxy A11 (available on rings in for less than $200. Its affordable price point makes it one of the best budget Samsung phones for your school-going kids! They’ll get a large 6.4-inch display and a depth-sensing triple camera. Although the 2GB of RAM may seem little at first, you’ll realise it’s just enough for handling basic functions and apps without causing a lag. The 32GB of data in the Galaxy A11 is also expendable with a micoSD memory card.

Features/Phone Samsung Galaxy A22 Samsung Galaxy M22 Samsung Galaxy A11
Display size 6.44-inch Super AMOLED 6.4-inch Super AMOLED 6.4-inch HD+
Battery 5,000 mAh 5,000 mAh 4,000 mAh
Camera 13MP (front) + 48MP wide + 8MP ultra wide + 2MP depth 13MP (front) + 48MP wide + 8MP ultra wide 8MP (front) + 13MP wide + 5MP ultra wide
Weight 186g 185g 177g
Processor Mediatek Helio G80 MediaTek Helio P65 Qualcomm
Memory Up to 128GB; 4-6GM RAM Up to 128GB; 4GB RAM Up to 32GB; 2GB RAM
Special Features Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, One UI Core Fingerprint (under display) Face Recognition, Fingerprint (rear)

Get on the fast lane with the best Samsung phones today!

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This article was updated on 13 October 2021. Additional research done by Iris Tan.

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