24 Weirdly Interesting Phone Cases You’ll Want To Get

These incredibly weird phone cases may just get more likes than your selfies. We say the more bizarre, the better!

1. Make Colonel Sanders proud with a Fried Chicken Case.

Fried Chicken Case

2. Cause there’s no other way to proclaim your love for bacon than with a Streaky Pork Case.

Streaky Pork Case

3. Live your glutton life to the fullest with a Biscuit, Mee or Salmon Case.

Biscuit, Mee or Salmon Case

4. A Nutella, Sneakers or Skippy Case for all spread lovers out there.

Nutella, Sneakers or Skippy Case

5. Put the “win” in “wine” with this Wine Glass Case.

Wine Glass Case

6. A Vodka Case so happy hour can be held *any* time.

 Vodka Case

7. A case made out of 100% Boy Tears because #girlsrule.

Boy Tears Case

8. Squishy Polar Bear or Kitty that’s so squishy, we can die!

Squishy Polar Bear or Kitty Phone Case


cat case

9. A Fidget Spinner Case for all fidgety people out there.

Fidget Spinner Case

10. Keep others off your phone with a Poison Bottle Case.

Poison Bottle Case

11. Light up your life and selfies, with a LED Case.


LED Case

12. Channel your inner bookworm with these Book Case.

Book Case

13. This Brown Bear Case that will give your phone a tight grip and hug!

Brown Bear Case

14. A Sassy Cat Case to show just how many effs you don’t give.

 Sassy Cat Case

 15. Kick it back ol’ skool with a Gameboy or Cassette Case.

Gameboy or Cassette Case

16. Keep your phone squeaky clean with a Detergent Bottle Case.

Gameboy or Cassette Case

17. A Starbucks Drink Case whenever you need a pick-me-up!

Starbucks Case

18. A Baby Bottle Case for those days when you feel more infant than adult.

 Baby Bottle Case

19. A pair of Eyes Case to spy on that cute boy on the train.

Eyes Case

20. Bring majestic bliss to your next phone call with a Unicorn Head Case.

 Unicorn Head Case

21. A Powerpuff Girls Case for every empowered woman because Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

 Powerpuff Girls Case

22. A Rabbit Case that’s inviting you to pet their fuzzy tails.

Rabbit Case

23. Get the car of your dreams with this kick-ass Car Case.

 Car Case

24. Keep your privacy intact with a Gun Case.

  Gun Case
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