37 Interesting Flavoured Chips Every Singaporean Needs To Try


Regardless of price or flavour, we Singaporeans swear by our potato chips. Tasty deep fried sheets of crispy potato goodness… what’s not to love? The spate of unique flavoured potato chips flooding the market has got us in a tizzy: bak Kwa chips, Indomie Goreng chips, yoghurt chips? We. are. sold.

  1. Chinese New Year may be long over but that won’t stop us from getting our hands on a packet of Bak Kwa Chips.

    Bak Kwa Chips
    (Jack N Jill HK)


  2. If these Indomie Goreng Chitato Chips taste anything like the mouth-watering, springy noodles that we as a nation of passionate food critics all know and love, you better be ready to fight us for them!

    Chitato Indomie
    (Chips & Crisps)


  3. We assure you the Nissin Cup Noodles Chips will be an awesome remedy if you’ve got the late night munchies.

    Nissin Chips


  4. Feel a little less guilty chowing down these “healthy” Yogurt Chips.

    Yoghurt Chips


  5. Cool yourself down in this mad Singapore heat with a packet of Cucumber Chips.

    Cucumber Chips


  6. Or maybe a packet of Cool Lime Chips might just be what you need!

    Cool Lime Chips


  7. If you’re a fan of spice and often find yourself craving the fiery and numbing sensation of mala, then these addictive Mala Chips are perfect for you!

    Mala Chips


  8. The tangy flavoured Italian Red Meat Chips will just leave you wanting more.

    Italian Red Meat Chips


  9. We might not be able to sell you fresh oysters or hawker-style oyster omelettes, but we can definitely sell you these packets of yummy Oyster Omelette Chips.

    Oyster Chips


  10. We might also not be able to get you fresh Okonomiyaki, but these Okonomiyaki Chips are definitely your next best alternative!

    Okonomiyaki Chips


  11. Chilli crab is one of our city-state’s most well-known dishes and a great source of national pride for us Singaporeans. No other dish exemplifies the genius of the Singaporean kitchen as well as chilli crab and so the need for an iteration was apparent. We proudly present to you: Chilli Crab Chips!

    Chilli Crab Chips


  12. We’re challenging you to finish a packet of Spicy Crab Chips without drinking water >:).

    Spicy Crab Chips


  13. While we are still on the topic of crabs, why not throw these very inviting Black Pepper Crab Chips into your cart too?

    Black Pepper Chips


  14. Or get the ultimate combo with these Cheese Bacon Chips.

    Cheese Bacon Chips


  15. Enjoy a bowl packet of Lobster Bisque Chips.

    Lobster Bisque Chips


  16. Or get these Roasted Chicken Wing Chips and a pint of beer for the ultimate chimaek combi!

    Roasted Chicken Wing Chips


  17. Cater to your oriental palette with packets of Braised Pork Chips.

    Braised Pork Chips


  18. Grab a bottle of wine and savour these Black Pepper Rib Eye Steak Chips the atas way.

    Rib Eye Steak Chips


  19. Well, don’t be a sotong lah and get your packets of uniquely flavoured Singapore Potato Chips now! We’re talking about Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak and Satay flavoured chips!

    Singapore Chips


  20. Get a pizza of my heart with this Spicy Pizza Potato Chips from Calbee!

    Spicy Pizza Chips


  21. Of course, the legendary Honey Butter Chips!

    Honey Butter Chips


  22. And did you know? The same people who brought you Honey Butter Chips have released Maple Syrup Chips too!

    Maple Chips


  23. Welcome Spring with this delicious pack of Cherry Blossom Chips from the same creators of the Honey Butter Chips!

    Cherry Blossom Chips


  24. Make chips your after dinner dessert with this packet of Chocolate Potato Chips from the cult-favourite Calbee.

    Calbee Chocolate Chips


  25. Get your favourite beverage in the form of Coke Chips!
    Cola Chips
  26. Or quench your thirst with these interesting Cider Chips~
    Cider Chips
  27. For the younger ones, munch on these unique Grape Juice Chips!

    Grape Chips


  28. Refresh your day with these cool Coconut Chips.

    Coconut Chips


  29. Be the fun-guy and grab these Mushroom Chips for your next party!

    Mushroom Chips


  30. Or maybe packets of Oyster Mushroom Chips will do just the trick!

    Oyster Mushroom Chips


  31. Spicy yet sweet Kimchi Chips will be the perfect supplement to your Korean Bento Set meal!

    Kimchi Chips


  32. Enjoy this healthier alternative Sea Salt Chips.

    Sea Salt Chips


  33. Build up muscles and bulk up with these delicious Protein Chips.

    Protein Chips


  34. Literally F.EAST on these Singaporean-approved Chicken Rice and Laksa Chips.

    FEAST Chips


  35. Challenge your friends to finish these Hot & Spicy Seaweed Chips.

    Hot & Spicy Chips


  36. Munch on these tasty Basil Chips.

    Basil Chips


  37. And we’ll end off this list with the interesting combination of Volcanic Roots & Sweet Potato Chips.

    Sweet Potato Chips


What’s your dream flavoured potato chips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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