45 Adorable Dog Costumes Under $15


Happy Puppy Day! Dress your puppy up with these adorable costumes under $15. You can have Bob The Puppy Minion or Pikachu The Dog. Ruff it out with us and check this out for more adorable treats this Puppy Day!

  1. With this Minion Costume ($4.60), your furry friend will definitely be one in a minion.

    Minion Dog


  2. Aloha! Get this adorable Stitch Costume ($8.55) for your pet and your “Ohana” will be complete.

    Stitch Costume


  3. Yes, your eyes aren’t tricking you. You can finally own (and train) a dragon with this Toothless Costume ($9.80-$11.21).

    Toothless Costume


  4. Or an original Dragon Costume ($7.42-$8.69).

    Dragon Costume


  5. Your little friend might finally be able to scare the robbers away with this Dinosaur Costume ($6.40).

    Dinosaur Costume


  6. With this Pikachu Costume ($8.25), you can finally go “Pikachu! I choose you!”

    Pikachu Costume


  7. Or you can finally be the very best with this adorably funny Psyduck Costume ($14.37).

    Psyduck Costume


  8. There’s even an Eevee Costume ($14.82).

    Eevee Costume


  9. Fans of Studio Ghibli, this is for you! Dress your best furry friend in this Totoro Costume ($4.29).

    Totoro Costume


  10. Let your dog live the dream with this mysterious Batman Costume ($12).

    Batman Costume


  11. Save the world with this Spiderman Costume ($14.82).

    Spiderman Costume


  12. It’s an airplane! No, it’s your furry friend in this adorable Superman Costume ($8.62), cape included!

    Superman Costume


  13. Let your best friend save the world with this iconic Wonder Woman Costume ($7.44).

    Wonder Woman Costume


  14. Bring out your favourite bouncy character with this Tigger Costume ($3.70).

    Tigger Costume


  15. Set sail with a Pirate Costume ($6.96-$9.31) in tow!

    Pirate Costume


  16. Quit horsing around and get a Cowboy Costume ($6.15) for your furry friend!

    Cowboy Costume


  17. Uphold order with this Policeman Costume ($5.73).

    Policeman Costume


  18. Fulfil his (or her) dreams and give him (or her) the confidence boost with this K-9 Unit Police Costume ($1.90-$2).

    K-9 Costume


  19. Chinese New Year might already be over, but there’s always next year! And nothing is more auspicious than a dressing your little pup up in this Chinese New Year Dog Costume ($9.10).

    CNY Costume


  20. Let your furry friend be the centre of attention with this Santa Costume ($4.24-$4.71).

    Santa Costume


  21. If you’re Santa, you’ll need your little Elf assistant. Dress your dog up in this Elf Costume ($9.93) for a merry good time!

    Elf Costume


  22. Your furry friend can also double up as reindeers with this Elk Costume ($8.78).

    Reindeer Costume


  23. Konichiwa~ the way into everyone’s heart with this Japanese Kimono ($5.60).

    Kimono Costume


  24. With this Hotdog Costume ($8.41), you’re really what you eat!

    Hotdog Costume


  25. Bee the best with this adorable Bumble Bee Costume ($2.14-$2.33).

    Bumble Bee Costume


  26. Chill out in this Dog Guitar Costume ($11.78).

    Guitar Costume


  27. Ahoy! Set sail with this smart Sailor Dog Costume ($3.74).

    Sailor Costume


  28. You can now own a panda. If you dress your furry friend up in this Panda Costume ($5.90)!

    Panda Costume


  29. And also a giraffe with this Giraffe Costume ($7.80)

    Giraffe Costume


  30. Since we’re at it, why not get a Cow Costume ($6.61) too?

    Cow Costume


  31. Make all eyes turn towards your dog with this Babe Magnet Tee ($1.40).

    Babe Magnet Tee


  32. Assure your dog that he doesn’t look fat in this Yellow Striped Costume ($8.09).

    Yellow Stripe Costume



  33. Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar… with this Lion Mane ($7.91).

    Lion Mane


  34. Or better yet, a Lion Mane with ears ($6.70).

    Lion Mane With Ears


  35. Suit up in this Tuxedo Costume ($8.96) and have your water bowl shaken, not stirred.

    Tuxedo Costume


  36. Dress to impress with this stunning Formal Red Bow Tie Costume ($2.56).

    Bow Tie Costume


  37. Perfect the Parent Teacher Meeting look with this Striped Necktie Costume ($3.34).

    Necktie Costume


  38. Or go cutesy~ with this Pink Rabbit Costume ($2.98).

    Pink rabbit Costume


  39. It is never too early to prepare for Halloween so why not grab this Spider Costume ($10.05) while you’re at it?

    Spider Costume


  40. Or save the damsel in distress with this Knight Robe Costume ($8.14) this Halloween.

    Knight Robe


  41. Or go back in time with this Elf Hood Costume ($8.54).

    Elf Robe Costume



  42. Bless them all with this Priest Costume ($9.76).

    Priest Costume


  43. Protect your furry friend from the rain with this Raincoat Costume ($6.74).

    Raincoat Costume


  44. This Adidog Costume ($2.71-$3.28) will be the best outfit to play fetch in!

    Adidog Costume



  45. Because when you’re celebrating this important milestone, your best friend has to dress the part in this Graduation Gown Costume ($6.15-$6.27) too!

    Grad Gown Costume



Which is your favourite costume? Paws and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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