13 Affordable K-Beauty Products Recommended By Song Ji-A For An Alluring V-Day Look

song ji a on single's inferno island

The latest South Korean dating reality show Single’s Inferno has been the talk of the town. One of its most popular contestants is Song Ji-A – a beauty and fashion content creator with super cute outfits and glib as honey. Apart from loving her confident personality, ladies have jumped to recreate her iconic makeup look that’s sultry and alluring. For budget babes out there – we’ve binged Song Ji-A’s makeup tutorials & GRWM videos to suss out the best affordable Korean makeup products she uses. Recreate her makeup look this Valentine’s Day 2022 with these K-beauty products under $35!

Who is Song Ji-A?

song ji-a with wavy curls
(Credit: dear.zia / Instagram [cropped])
Song Ji-A was a contestant on Single’s Inferno, a Netflix dating show where gorgeous individuals spend time together on an island in hopes of falling in love. Exuding bold confidence, an impeccable flirting game, and looking like Barbie IRL, she was the most popular female contestant of the show – Highlight for spoiler: Ji-A is so popular, she received three postcard confessions on the first day and three men vying for  her on the last! 

She has also amassed a whopping 3M followers on Instagram and 1.73M subscribers on Youtube (at time of writing), where she shares makeup tutorials, fashion advice and daily vlogs. If you want to radiate the same charm and visuals, start by recreating her makeup look to a tee with the best affordable Korean makeup products that she uses herself. 

Song Ji-A’s best affordable Korean base makeup recommendations

1. Clio Kill Cover Glow Foundation – $31.74

clio kill cover glow cushion foundation best korean budget makeup
(Credit: JEJUGEM)

Despite having already flawless skin, Song Ji-A from Single’s Inferno never skips foundation. She’s often seen using Clio’s cushion foundations, such as the highly raved Clio Kill Cover Fixer Cushion (available on Clubclio_official) that’s known to be a transfer-proof and high coverage. 

She also uses the Clio Kill Cover Glow Cushion (available on Clio Singapore Official Store) that contains green tea water and hydrating agents that’s perfect for dry skin. It boosts the moisture level of the skin and gives it a radiant glow! She recommends applying it in small amounts for a natural-looking finish. These best affordableKorean cushion foundations will help you to even out your skin tone and set the stage for the next steps in your makeup routine!

2. Luna Concealer –  $17.50

luna concealer song ji-a's best budget korean makeup
(Credit: AGE 20’S & LUNA OFFICIAL Store)

To erase blemishes and dark eye circles, Song Ji-A uses the Luna Long Lasting Tip Concealer (available on  AGE 20’S & LUNA OFFICIAL Store). Coming in at under $20, this is one of the best affordable Korean makeup products that is long lasting and offers high moisture and adherence to the skin. This concealer is formulated with vitamin E and chamomile extracts, making it feel extra comfortable on your skin throughout the day! Apart from tones like ivory, vanilla and beige, you can also get the bright Luna concealer that comes in a pink tone to help brighten your under eyes.

Song Ji-A’s best affordable Korean eye makeup recommendations

3. Rom&nd Better Than Eyes Palette – $15.06

rom&nd better than eyes palette mini
(Credit: SingSing)

Eye makeup is a huge part of Song Ji-A’s enchanting look. She pays attention to blending her eyeshadow for a smokey effect and to add more dimension to her eyes. One of her favourite affordable eyeshadow palettes is the Rom&nd Better Than Eyes Mini Palette (available on SingSing) in dry buckwheat flower which helps to create grayish shadows. She also uses the Rom&nd Better Than Eyes Palette (available on cosmetic angels) in rosebud garden, to add purple tones.

4. Wakemake Soft Blurring Eye Palette – $29.37

wakemake soft blurring eye palette daily blurring
(Credit: diveinseoul.sg)

Song Ji-A also uses the Wakemake Soft Blurring Eye Palette (available on COSMOKOR.SG) in daily blurring for a softer blend. The colours are pigmented and don’t flake, which is perfect for shading, even for beginners. You can even use this best affordable Korean wakemake makeup palette to contour your nose, line your eyes and fill in your brows! Apart from your eyelids, make sure to highlight the areas on your undereyes to make them more defined.

5. Clio Extreme Gelpresso Pencil Liner – $13.43

clio gelpresso pencil liner best budget korean makeup song ji-a
(Credit: Clubclio_official)

“You shouldn’t even breathe while drawing your eyeliner”, says Song Ji-A in one of her makeup tutorials. Well, to recreate her makeup, you must draw a cat-eye wing for a cutesy-sexy look. To do so, you can use the budget-friendly Clio Extreme Gelpresso Pencil Liner (available on Clubclio_official) that comes in different shades of brown for a softer, more natural everyday look. It is one of the best affordable Korean makeup products that Ji-A advocates for! She also advises drawing the cat-eye wing with a gentle flick instead of a strong stroke to avoid it turning out too chalky.

Priced at $13, this best affordable Korean eyeliner will go a long way for a more defined makeup look! She also uses her eyeliners to draw beauty marks around her eyes to change up her look. She recommends using reddish brown colours instead of black for a more natural finish.  

6. Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara – $20.18

clio kill lash superproof mascara
(Credit: Clubclio_official)

Want to achieve Song Ji-A’s fluttery lashes for a dreamy look this Valentine’s day? Get the Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (available on Clubclio_official), one of the best affordable Korean makeup products that helps you create defined lashes. Make sure to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying it! Ji-A recommends using a lighter to heat the curler up before using it, so that the curl is more long-lasting. After applying the mascara, you can use a tweezer to separate and fan out the lashes.

Song Ji-A’s best affordable Korean brow makeup recommendations

7. LUNA Brow Maker – $13.34

luna brow maker best korean makeup
(Credit: AGE 20’S & LUNA OFFICIAL Store)

Another hallmark of Song Ji-A’s makeup look is bushy brows – she spends time filling in her brows with soft strokes to give it a natural look. One of the best affordable Korean brow products that she recommends is the LUNA Brow Maker (available on AGE 20’S & LUNA OFFICIAL Store), which was spotted in several of her makeup tutorials. It is a three in one product that comes with a refined pen for drawing brow strokes, a natural powder brush to fill in the gaps, as well as a spoolie to blend everything out. 

8. TPSY Brow Conspirators Eyebrow Liner & Gel – $35

tpsy brow conspirators eyebrow liner and gel best korean makeup
(Credit: soboksodam.sg)

For brows, Song Ji-A is often seen using the TPSY Brow Conspirators Eyebrow Liner & Gel (available on soboksodam.sg) that’s available in black and different shades of brown. The refined triangle shaped brow liner makes it easy to draw thin strokes, creating a rich and natural brow makeup look. It is also extremely long-lasting and doesn’t clump! This best affordable Korean brow makeup product comes with a brow fixing gel which you can blend out using the spoolie. 

Song Ji-A’s best affordable Korean blusher recommendations

9. Too Cool For School Rodin Blusher De Ginger – $14.50

too cool for school rodin blusher de ginger
(Credit: kosatoz)

Don’t skimp on blushers in your makeup routine, as it helps to make your face look more youthful and radiant. Pay close attention to your blush placement too, as it helps to change up your face shape. Song Ji-A applies her blushers widely across her entire cheek apples to her temples for a blown out blush look. Another key point when recreating her makeup is to blend the blusher onto your nose bridge for a more dolly effect.

She uses the Too Cool For School Rodin Blusher De Ginger (available on kosatoz), one of the best affordable Korean makeup products that comes in three different shades, including coral and peachy colours. She advises layering two different shades of powder blushes to make the colours pop!

10. Clio Prism Highlighter Duo – $25.80

clio prism duo highlighter best budget korean makeup
(Credit: Clubclio_official)

Apart from blushers, use the Clio Prism Highlighter Duo (available on Clubclio_official) in Cream Fizz for a dewy finish! This dual formula comes with a shimmery pink as well as a pearl colour that you can use to create a beautiful shine. Simply use your fingers to dab it and lightly apply it on the top corners of your cheek apples!

Song Ji-A’s best affordable lip product recommendations

11. 3CE Matte Lipstick – $23.25

3ce matte lipstick speak to me
(Credit: 3CE Official Store)

A pouty, plump lip is essential to Song Ji-A’s sexy makeup look, and one of the best affordable Korean lip makeup product that she recommends is the 3CE Soft Matte Lipstick (available on 3CE Official Store) in the shade Speak To Me – a dark, rosy colour that gives you a healthy look. She only applies it on half of her lower lip, and blends it out. However, if you have thinner lips and would like to achieve Ji-A’s plump lips, simply overline your lips with the lipstick for a sexy, kissable look!

12. 3CE Velvet Lip Tint – $7.50

3ce velvet lip tint
(Credit: nearndear.sg)

Song Ji-A is also a loyal fan of the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint (available on nearndear.sg) in the shade Cheeky Rose, one of the best Korean lip tints that she’s been recommending to Pringies (Song Ji-A’s fan base) for the past three years! It has a sherbet-like texture that melts into your lips with a matte finish.

13. Clio Dewy Blur Tint

clio dewy blur tint
(Credit: diveinseoul.sg)

Another best affordable Korean lip makeup product recommended by Song Ji-A from Single’s Inferno is the Clio Dewy Blur Tint (available on diveinseoul.sg) in the shade Evening Pale. It gives her lips a watery finish and it blurs smoothly when blended out. You can also use this to create an ombre lip when paired with a darker lip product for an eye-catching look.

Achieve Song Ji-A’s sultry makeup look for your Valentine’s Day date 

Charm your date this Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank with these best affordable Korean makeup recommendations from Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-A! For a more comprehensive guide, check out her makeup tutorial to watch how she does it! 


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