The Cyclists’ List: 15 Best Cycling Shoes To Wear

best cycling shoes singapore

From the scenic MacRitchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park to the expansive Coast-to-Coast Trail, Singapore has plenty of nature reserves and cycling routes that beckon for exploration. But before embarking on your journey, it’s important to don appropriate cycling gear to prevent injuries and enhance your experience as well. Case in point: a pair of comfortable cycling shoes. Curious to learn more? Read on to find out more about the benefits of owning a pair, as well as some of our top recommendations for the best cycling shoes in Singapore!

What are the best shoes to wear when cycling?

best cycling shoes singapore
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Even though you can wear any footwear for cycling (and yes, that includes flip-flops), the preferred choice would still be to wear a dedicated pair of outdoor cycling shoes or bike shoes. Unlike typical running shoes, cycling shoes are intentionally designed to have stiffer soles which allow for an efficient transfer of energy from your foot to the pedal. Some cycling shoes are also designed to fasten on bicycle pedals to prevent slipping when pedalling. Whether you’re scaling steep terrains or speeding along the road, your pair of cycling shoes help to deliver superb performance and brings out the best in you!

Do good cycling shoes make a difference?

best mtb shoes
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The answer is a resounding yes! The best pair of cycling shoes not only helps to support your body but also enhances the ride’s efficiency and safety. Here are some differences in cycling experience when wearing a pair of cycling shoes versus wearing other footwear.

  • Effort required

When cycling with a pair of cycling shoes, the power produced within the leg is efficiently channelled into pedalling rather than being absorbed by the sole’s cushion. This in turn creates a higher energy output and better cycling performance.

  • Foot alignment

Since some cycling shoes enable cyclists to clip onto the pedals, their feet are held in place and are prevented from slipping around. This helps the feet to stay aligned with the pedals and can reduce the likelihood of ankle, knee, and hip injuries.

  • Comfort level

Cyclists who wear common sports shoes or other footwear options often find it difficult to keep the balls of their feet over the centre of the pedals for cycling optimally. To keep your feet more comfortable, cycling shoes help to find the sweet spot and ensure that your leg has minimal discomfort.

  • Muscular development

Cycling helps to target one’s quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves that is only when power is effectively transferred to pedalling. Wearing the best cycling shoes will help you to push and pull the pedals without tiring your quads. Additionally, other muscle groups such as hip flexors and shoulders are relieved which improves your workout quality.

Is there a difference between spin shoes and bike shoes?

best indoor cycling shoes spin
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Spin shoes, also known as indoor cycling shoes, are made with special cleats that can attach to the pedals of an indoor cycling bike. But unlike bike shoes, spin shoes have more rubber on the sole. This provides proper traction for users to walk around the studio without slipping and falling. Comparatively heavier, these shoes can still be used for outdoor rides, albeit more suitable for indoor cycling classes.

Best outdoor cycling shoes in Singapore (2022)

1. Ride Concepts LIVEWIRE Biking Shoes

best mtb shoes livewire biking
(Credit: Colourwind)

Want to look fashionable while cycling all the time? Then wear the best pair of MTB cycling shoes to rock the Singapore streets! As casual as the Ride Concepts LIVEWIRE Biking Shoes (available on Colourwind) may seem, this pair of footwear features a myriad of useful features such as a high grip rubber outsole and an EVA midsole for efficient pedalling. Each pair of Ride Concept cycling shoes are also custom moulded to ensure that your toe and heel are well-protected while cruising along the road.

2. Suplest Road Pro Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore suplest road
(Credit: Bikes n Bites Official Store)

This pair of cycling shoes are the best in Singapore for competitive cyclists looking to race against the clock! A marvel to behold, the Suplest Road Pro Cycling Shoes (available on Bikes n Bites Official Store) were designed to integrate both efficiency and comfort within one pair of shoes. Made with Japanese thin microfibre and extra stiff carbon soles, Suplest cycling shoes deliver the best performance as maximum energy is transferred from the foot to the pedal while fitting their soles perfectly. Cycle away!

3. BUCKLOS Self-lock Road Bike Shoes

best mtb shoes bucklos

Conquering Singapore’s hilly terrains with your trusty mountain bike? Then, complete the set with one of the best MTB cycling shoes on the market! Made with faux leather and cotton fabric, the BUCKLOS Self-lock Road Bike Shoes (available on provide breathability to your soles while offering great dirt and water protection. Bucklos cycling shoes also feature detachable cleats that help to clamp your feet onto the pedal, providing excellent grip and maximum energy transferred for optimum pedalling. When not in use, simply unscrew them off and your shoes now become a pair of casual shoes that can be worn for any occasion.

4. Santic Ares Self-Lock Road Bike Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore santic road
(Credit: Rockbros Official Shop)

Strap up because you’re in for a ride! No matter what size your foot is, the Santic Ares Road Bike Shoes (available on Rockbros Official Shop) have three adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners to ensure that your soles fit perfectly in the shoes. With mesh on the upper and sides, Santic cycling shoes are designed to improve heat dissipation and airflow so that you can cycle all day without worrying about drenched socks. There’s no doubt that these are the best cycling shoes to be worn in Singapore’s hot climate!

5. Suplest Road Performance Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore suplest road
(Credit: Bikes n Bites Official Store)

With its sleek design, the Suplest Road Performance Cycling Shoes (available on Bikes n Bites Official Store) is one of the best road cycling shoes for those looking to propel themselves along Singapore’s winding roads! Innovative features, including a micro-adjustable dial, help to distribute power and pressure evenly across the foot. The shoes are then able to take on multiple foot shapes and widths, achieving maximum foothold and creating an enjoyable cycling experience. 

6. Blackbird R5/R5i Carbon Intelligence Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore blackbird intelligence
(Credit: West Biking Official Store)

You can now get the best cycling shoes in Singapore that help to monitor your own cycling performance! Dubbed the “Intelligence Shoes”, the Blackbird R5/R5i Carbon Intelligence Cycling Shoes (available on West Biking Official Store) has a sensor embedded within it that can be linked to various performance tracking applications on your smartphones, cycling computer software, and smartwatches. With this, you can now take on a data-driven approach to boost your cycling performance.Simply impressive!

7. GIANT Shuttle Cycling Shoes

best mtb shoes giant
(Credit: Tay Junction Official Store)

Here’s one of the best MTB cycling shoes in Singapore that does not compromise on performance and quality! Equipped with their proprietary Motion Efficiency System, the GIANT Shuttle Cycling Shoes (available on Tay Junction Official Store) tackles rugged terrains with ease and comfort! As you navigate your way around the twists and turns, the interiors of this pair of Giant cycling shoes help to protect your ankle and prevent water from seeping in. Go all out and enjoy yourselves!

8. Santic LongMarch Road Bike Shoes

beginner cycling shoes santic
(Credit: Rockbros Official Shop)

These pair of Santic LongMarch Road Bike Shoes (available on Rockbros Official Shop)  are the best cycling shoes for beginners in Singapore starting their own biking adventures! Designed with two heavy-duty hook & loop fasteners and a buckle strap, the shoes can be adjusted according to your feet size to ensure that force is evenly distributed across the foot. You won’t have to worry about suffering from foot injuries anymore! That’s because the curved heel cup helps to cushion the heel and ankle, providing ample support and stability. 

9. Suplest Road Sport Cycling Shoes

beginners cycling shoes suplest road
(Credit: Bikes n Bites Official Store)

One of the other best pairs of road cycling shoes beginners can consider would be the Suplest Road Sport Cycling Shoes (available on Bikes n Bites Official Store). While they may look ordinary, these cycling shoes fit comfortably on one’s soles and helps to deliver power from the foot to the pedal directly with its nylon composite material. Designed based on the ERGO 360 concept, the shoes tailor to cyclists looking to outperform themselves.

10. Shimano RC502 Road Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore shimano road
(Credit: New Era Cycle)

The Shimano RC502 Road Cycling Shoes (available on New Era Cycle) are perhaps one of the best you can find in Singapore this 2022! Incorporating the new S-PHYRE Fit DNA, Shimano cycling shoes provide excellent fit, comfort, and efficiency with their multitude of features. These include having an anatomically curved shape, low stack height, as well as a mix of dials and a toe strap for fastening the shoes. By reducing energy dissipation on long rides, you will save up sufficient energy to finish the last sprint!

Best indoor cycling shoes in Singapore (2022)

11. Shimano IC1 Indoor Cycling Shoes

beginner cycling shoes indoor shimano
(Credit: 12Cycle)

Compatible with all popular pedal systems, the Shimano IC1 Indoor Cycling Shoes (available on 12Cycle) is one of the best cycling shoes to use in Singapore for any indoor cycling workouts. A 5-hole outsole found on the undersole helps the shoes fit into most cleats and pedals. Simply stretch the mesh and slip into these shoes; you’ll be ready to take on any spin sessions. Such simplicity definitely makes it one of the best pairs of indoor cycling shoes for beginners to wear for their workouts as well!

12. Santic Pudu Clipless Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore santic mtb
(Credit: Santic Official Store)

If you’re finding the best multi-purpose cycling shoes in Singapore, then definitely consider these Santic Pudu Clipless Cycling Shoes (available on Santic Official Store)! Its special multi-functional design helps it to differentiate itself from other pairs of lightweight cycling shoes. Simply attach some cleat and the shoes now become a pair of lick MTB cycling shoes! As the shoe’s SPD cleat assembly is recessed, you can still walk around comfortably in between breaks before hopping back onto your bike for another session. How cool’s that!

13. Sport Indoor Cycling Shoes

best unisex cycling shoes singapore

Still looking high and low for that perfect cycling shoes? If so, then stop searching because the best unisex cycling shoes in Singapore is right here! This Sport Indoor Cycling Shoes (available on has a sturdy and durable nylon sole that allows for effective energy transfer from the legs to the pedal, helping the rider maintain balance and reduce the occurrences of bruises and sprains. The shoes’ three ergonomic Velcro straps help to fasten your foot securely and safely for any of your rides. Snag yours today!

14. Shimano IC500W Indoor Cycling Shoes

best cycling shoes singapore suplest
(Credit: 12Cycle)

Ladies, step right up because this is definitely the right fit for you! The Shimano IC500W Indoor Cycling Shoes (available on 12Cycle) is a high-performance pair of indoor cycling shoes perfect for workouts of increased difficulty. Aside from an adjustable dial, its full-length reinforced plate and rubber sole increase comfort and power transfer as well. With such benefits, this is one of the best cycling shoes in Singapore for ladies to consider!

15. TABOLU SHR5 Indoor Cycling Shoes

best mtb shoes tabolu

Tabolu cycling shoes are by far the best MTB cycling shoes in Singapore for those who love cycling! TABOLU SHR5 Indoor Cycling Shoes (available on are specially designed to perform well on even the most demanding road surfaces. The shoes’ nylon outsole and inverse scales help to increase grip and absorb shocks for efficient pedalling while cycling. When switching to cycling indoors, simply detach your road or mountain locks 

Best cycling shoes accessories to enhance your performance

  • Cleats

cleat cycling accesories

Most cycling shoes come with holes in their outsoles that allows the attachment of cleats. Cleats are palm-sized accessories that come in two-bolt, three-bolt or four-bolt systems. You can easily attached them to the cycling shoes by screwing them into the holes.  Although most cycling shoes are compatible with the SPD two-bolt cleats, the Look Pedal three-bolt cleats or SPD-SL three-bolt cleats, professional cyclists will opt for the higher-end Speedplay four-bolt system as they can easily be adjusted for clip pressure and float. 

  • Cleat adapters

cleat adapters cycling accessories

Bought the wrong cleats to fit onto your shoes? Cleat adapters are here to save the day! With a 2-hole cleat adaptor, your 3-hole road cycling shoes will now become compatible with any 2-hole cleats and corresponding pedals.

  • Clipless pedals

clipless pedals cycling accessories
(Credit: Online Bicycle)

Most bikes come with flat pedals which are not optimal for those looking for a thrilling cycling experience. The foot is not constantly attached to these pedals, causing inefficient pedal stroke and power output. To optimise your use of your bikes, switch them out for clipless pedals instead! The pedals clutch onto the cleats to create a constant link between your legs and pedals. By doing so, you can maintain your posture and drive maximum energy towards pedalling.

Step up your biking experience with the best cycling shoes in Singapore (2022) 

Strap on some of the best cycling shoes in Singapore and cycle away! For those thinking of taking a breather outdoors, here are some of the best city bikes or the best foldable bikes you can get to navigate around the various spots in Singapore. But always remember to check out the best sunscreens to apply before heading on your adventures; you wouldn’t want any nasty sunburns to ruin your beach day!