7 Natural Deodorant Brands In Singapore To Feel Fresh All Day

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Thanks to the unforgiving weather in Singapore, slabbing on deodorant to keep us fresh and odour-less all day is the norm. But regular deodorants have several pit-falls. They can cause skin irritations and pose potential health risks after prolonged usage. Switch to natural deodorants in Singapore to prevent these issues from occurring. Not sure about what types of aluminium-free deodorants to get in Singapore? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered with some of the best underarm armours to battle the heat in Singapore. 

Deodorants and why we need them

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(Credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)

Sweating is completely normal and in fact, necessary. It helps to regulate our temperature and cools our body down. But it can make us feel icky, uncomfortable and conscious of any odour we’re producing. Deodorants can mask that smell (note that antiperspirants prevent sweat while deodorants curb odour), so you feel fresh and confident while you go about your daily routines. However, the harmful chemicals in many regular deodorants can do more harm than good. How is that so? Read on to find out more.

Environmental and health concerns associated with regular deodorants and anti-perspirants

Health problems

Anti-perspirants (more than deodorants) contain aluminium and there have been some links drawn between the use of anti-perspirants and breast cancer. Since it’s applied on the skin near the breasts, chemicals and compounds like aluminium and paraben are absorbed through your skin. Although there haven’t been any studies that have confirmed this, it’s safer to use aluminium-free anti-deodorants where possible!

Aluminium can also clog the pores in your underarm and your body is not allowed to properly release the sweat. Because of this, skin irritation can happen. Darkening of the skin is also likely due to harsh chemicals in regular deodorants.

Environment problems

Spray deodorant contains aerosol which is very damaging to the environment. It depletes the ozone layer that is responsible for preventing harmful UV rays that come from the sun. With every spritz of your aerosol deodorant, you raise your carbon footprint. To slow down the rate of air pollution, switch to natural deodorant in Singapore.

7 natural and aluminium-free deodorants you can switch to 

1. Sukin Natural Deodorant

sukin natural deodorant singapore
(Credit: SukinSG)

Sukin natural deodorant (available on SukinSG) is an alternative to prevent any unwanted odour from your underarms. This natural deodorant spray releases a spritz of fine mist with hints of citrus. The blend of aloe vera, burdock and nettle extract helps to cool and soothe your skin. As such, this leaves the underarms smooth and without any crusty residue. Enjoy the fresh aroma of tangerine, lavender, mandarin and vanillin essential oils too. Since it dries quickly after application, it’s a good option if you’re wearing delicate materials like silk.

2. A’kin Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant

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(Credit: McPherson’s Consumer Products (MCP) Official Store)

Giving off a more herbal scent, A’kin geranium and cedarwood natural deodorant (available on McPherson’s Consumer Products (MCP) Official Store) is a good aluminium-free deodorant to get in Singapore. It contains a blend of geranium, cedarwood and patchouli oil all in one bottle. So, this natural deodorant available in Singapore provides the perfect odour-neutralizing underarm care. What’s great about mist is that you can spray more deodorant throughout the day. Doing so allows for ample coverage and protection from odour. All you have to do is transfer some of the deodorant liquid into a spray bottle (available on BIOAQUA Shopping Mall.sg) and pop it into your handbag

Alternatively, opt for the A’kin Rose & Australian Sandalwood Natural Roll-On Deodorant (available on McPherson’s Consumer Products (MCP) Official Store). This rose and Australian sandalwood fragranced deodorant is equally effective in combating sweat odour with its antibacterial ingredients. It’s quick-drying and non-irritating on the skin, helping to absorb any underarm wetness. With this aluminium-free deodorant in Singapore’s weather, you’ll feel dry and fresh all day.

3. Dr Natural Deodorant Stick

dr natural roll on natural deodorant singapore
(Credit: DrNaturalSingapore)

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Dr Natural deodorant stick (available on DrNaturalSingapore) is a must-try aluminium free deodorant to use in Singapore’s humid weather. Choose from scents like natural powder, bergamot lime and wild lavender. These refreshing fragrances give you long-lasting protection without the use of any harsh chemicals! 

4. Jomingo Grapefruit Aluminium Free Natural Deodorant Stick

jomingo natural deodorant singapore
(Credit: Jomingo Official Store)

The first thing you’d notice about Jomingo aluminium free natural deodorant stick (available on Jomingo Official Store) is the gorgeous biodegradable packaging. Then comes the next attractive feature — made fully from plant-based ingredients! This Singapore produced natural deodorant contains cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, ethically-sourced cocoa butter, non-GMO plus gluten-free tapioca starch and baking soda with essential oils and vitamin E. If this list doesn’t scream ethical and natural, we don’t know what will. This natural and aluminium free deodorant applies smoothly on your pits. It also neutralises odour and does not stain your clothes. Not to mention, it works for all skin type so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

5. CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant Stick

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(Credit: ohsofresh)

It’s hard to believe that this CRYSTAL mineral deodorant stick (available on ohsofresh) is made mostly from mineral salts. Despite that, it’s effective in keeping your underarms from smelling bad. This natural deodorant in Singapore prevents body odour by delivering an invisible solid formula onto your underarm. The unscented formula casts a protective shield and curbs any odour-causing bacteria from nesting.

How do you use it? Simply moisten the top of the mineral stone with water before applying it on clean, dry underarms or even your feet (bye-bye feet odour)! What’s good about this aluminium-free deodorant when used in sunny Singapore? You don’t have to worry about white chalky stains on your skin and blouses!

6. MooGoo Natural Fresh Cream Deodorant Cream

moogoo natural deodorant singapore
(Credit: Agape Babies)

Say goodbye to funky smelling underarms with this natural, aluminium free, cream deodorant. Moogoo natural fresh cream deodorant (available on Agape Babies) is a good choice for preventing odour-causing bacterias from forming due to sweat. The lemon myrtle leaf oil helps to control bacteria from proliferating on the skin. When using this, allow it to dry before wearing your clothes to prevent staining. 

7. Smelly-No-More Natural Crystal Roll-On Deodorant Stick

smelly no more natural deodorant singapore
(Credit: Dreamworks Mart)

Eliminate body odour naturally with this Smelly-No-More natural crystal roll-on deodorant (available on Dreamworks Mart)! This natural crystal roll-on deodorant is made from pure and natural salts which are effective in preventing any sweat bacteria growth. Since it’s alcohol-free, chemical-free, you won’t have to battle with dark underarms or clothes stains too!

Stay stink-free with natural deodorants in Singapore

Switch to natural, aluminium-free deodorants in Singapore! Worried that your skin may flare up with the abrupt change to natural deodorants? Fret not! If your skin becomes itchy and red, be sure to treat it with dermatologically-tested, best CeraVe products. Take stock of other harmful ingredients you may be applying on your skin and go for cleaner alternatives instead. This roundup of the best organic skincare products is a good place to start!