6 Struggles All Working Moms Can Relate To (Happy Mother’s Day!)


Human newborns are arguably the most reliant baby mammals in the world. They’re fragile, clingy and loud; they puke a lot, can’t walk the dog, and don’t contribute to the family fund.

Hmm hang on, I take the last bit back.

Select babies are actually making tons of money off Instagram.

You get my point though.

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With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought we’d take time to appreciate common struggles that every  mom goes through. You, my lady, do it with so much strength and grace – if you’re not Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, I really don’t know what you are.

And if you’re a working mom or a mom looking to re-enter the workforce, we want you to know that you’ll always have a place with us!

For now, let’s head into the dark, dark realm of mom life. Shall we?

1. Crying babies = sleepless nights

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My mom friends tell me they don’t sleep in the first 6 months of a newborn’s life; they nap. Excuse me? Naps are for cats. Are you a cat?

Alas, what can you do? The cry of a child often signifies something has gone awry. Maybe they feel pain in their tiny bodies, or perhaps they’re scared of being alone. Until you wisen up and realise that 30% of those cries are simply to get your attention, you’ll be walking about like a zombie trying to get yourself together.

Our care-for-moms package includes a napping room, free-flow coffee and tea, and flexible working hours depending on business needs.

2. Childless friends unfollowing you IRL

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I’m personally on the fence with this. I have friends who:

  • Post an overwhelming amount of their offspring’s photos on every social media platform possible
  • Like these updates and comment “Ermagad so cute!” on every photo
  • Vehemently dislike all of the above and resort to quietly unfollowing

Well, you do you, boo. I personally think it’s ok to unfollow one another on Instagram but still remain friends IRL. Perhaps think about what it’s like being your friend, who may be childless by choice or between a rock and a hard place. Real friends give real updates in person anyway. No biggie – be cool, ladies!

Make more like-minded friends! Shopee Singapore has a Parents Group that meets quarterly to share resources and lobby for more progressive parenthood benefits. There’s also a Mothers’ Skype chat for urgent matters or casual banter!

3. Mid-day APS (Angry Parent Syndrome)

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APS is rather easy to spot. Flared nostrils, steam billowing out of your ears, spiking irritability – right before your regular pupils turn into slits of the night.

And the kicker for our moms? You won’t be able to help it. Haters will call you “emotional” and “crazy”, but we know it’s the hormones influencing your responses. Just… reel yourself back and take a moment to breathe, okay?

Cope with your hormones by creating a lifestyle that boosts endorphins! Your Shopee employee pass gives you access to free in-house wellness classes and subsidised gym memberships. Our pantry comes with happy-foods like chocolate, nuts, oranges and the occasional strawberries. You can even book yourself a free in-house massage!

4. Pains where your supple breasts used to be

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There’re so many online threads of mothers warring against each other on the topic of breast-feeding. But guess what? It’s a real shame watching people fight over what’s ultimately a personal decision.

It’s definitely good to discuss the pros and cons of breast-feeding – if we do it intellectually without imposing or criticising. After all, “mother knows best” (cue Mother Gothel) – everyone’s body is different so how ‘bout we cut each other some slack?

Our nursing room is a tranquil sanctuary for working mothers looking to pump milk. There’s a mini refrigerator too – perfect for keeping your milk chilled till it’s time to go home!

5. Loud noises omg

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As an introvert, I get allergic reactions to loud sounds. I just can’t deal with high-intensity dins – whether in the form of  overly-excited chatterboxes or clanging cymbals (the era of techno was a reign of terror). In fact, I would very much prefer if everyone spoke in a gentle whisper all the time.

Can you imagine being an introvert, an employee/boss and a mom? Halp.

Two words: prayer room. You can use it to find 5 minutes of silence and/or ask God to expand your patience and emotional capacity. Sometimes, divine intervention is the only thing that can help us get through the day!

6. Tbh, mess causes sooo much distress 🙁

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I must confess that mess is a sure way to transgress, especially when continual efforts lead to regress and un-success.

Most kids are big balls of frantic energy; it’s just how they are and how they will continue to be for quite some time. That iPad you’re pacifying them with? It’s probably causing their tiny little brains to be even more active. Rather than blow your top at their natural tendencies, it may be wiser for you to simply get them hooked on fun physical activities!

Shopee organises the occasional family event either at the office or at an external location (e.g. Singapore Zoo). Our Take Your Kids To Work Day was a huge hit!

Ready, mama? Get in touch with us here!

Note: All benefits mentioned are specific to Shopee Singapore. Though some of them have been replicated to our other offices, each location has its unique set of answers to working moms’ needs. Should you be interested, feel free to send us your CV first and ask your recruiter for parenthood perks during the recruitment process.