Things To Do In Changi Airport: 15 Secret Spots For Your Travel OOTDs

Things to do in Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
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If you’re looking for places to chill in Singapore this weekend, look no further than our very own Changi Airport! Once a location for travel and duty-free goods, the airport is now blooming with attractions and activities! From food to shopping, there’s so many things to do in Changi Airport! But one of our favourite activities to do on a visit is to take some awesome photos! The airport is full of architectural masterpieces and exhibits that will spice up your OOTDs! Not sure where to find these places? No worries! Here’s a quick list of some of the picture perfect spots around Changi Airport to grab your weekly photos:

1) Horticulture Exhibits (Seasonal) (@ various locations around Changi Airport)

[caption id="attachment_21106" align="aligncenter" width="640"]changi airport horticulture deepavali peacock (Credit: Changi Airport)[/caption] One of the best things to do in Changi Airport – other than flying off – would be to take a photo with the Horticulture exhibits! These creative and vibrant exhibits change every few months based on a variety of festivals and seasons. Rest assured, there’s always something new to see with every visit – making it an ideal place to chill in Singapore! For now, check out their latest Deepavali Festival exhibits! [caption id="attachment_21107" align="aligncenter" width="640"]changi airport horticulture deepavali (Credit: Changi Airport)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21105" align="aligncenter" width="640"]changi airport horticulture deepavali lamps lights (Credit: Changi Airport)[/caption]

2) Coach Stand @ T3 If you love to look at architectural images on Instagram, then you’ll appreciate the aesthetic detail that has been put into every corner of the airport. Even their coach stand is decorated with modern-esque shapes and patterns! It’s a satisfying blend of minimalism along with the angular accents of modern architectural designs. You might even consider walking around and gazing at the architecture as one of the things to do in Changi Airport while waiting for a flight. If you’re looking for a symmetrical backdrop, we highly recommend this place!

3) Sunflower Garden @ T2 (Transit) You don’t have to travel overseas to find a nice field of sunflowers. Just check out the sunflower garden at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2! It’s a pretty good place to chill in Singapore if you like being in a calming environment. We recommend taking photos here if you’re looking for a floral  frame with warm colour tones!

4) Solari Board

[caption id="attachment_19755" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Things to do in Changi Airport Solaris Board (Credit: Changi Airport)[/caption] From the flipping text to the blinking lights, there’s just something about the mechanics of the solari board that screams heritage in the midst of the airport. One of our favourite things to do in Changi Airport is to grab a few good shots with the solari board! We know you want to as well 😉

5) Heritage Zone @ T4 (Transit) A great thing to do in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 transit area is to grab a bite of some local pastries from the cake shops along the heritage zone and take a stroll down memory lane. It’s also an ideal place to chill in Singapore while admiring these colourful Peranakan-inspired shophouses. Looking for a vintage-inspired backdrop for your weekly posts? This is the spot!  

6) Sculptural Tree Garden @ T1 (Transit) Need a breathtaking view before a long flight? Then check out the Sculptural Tree Garden at Terminal 1! The garden is filled with all shades of natural greens mixed with a good dose of sunlight. The general architecture of the garden is also something to marvel at! From the wooden bridges to the curved bars along the ceiling, framing the perfect shot in this garden is the best thing to do in Changi Airport for photographers who’re stuck on a layover.

7) Banana Leaves @ T2 One of the most common things to do in Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 is to grab a few memorable photos under the massive banana leaf-inspired ceilings. The terminal’s check-in hall is also a good place to chill in Singapore as the massive size of the building creates a calming ambience for folks waiting for a flight or for those wishing they were getting on a flight! We recommend posing for a symmetrical shot with the ceiling — the curvature and patterns along the ceiling make for an aesthetically pleasing shot!

8) Dragonfly Garden (Linkway Between T1 Arrival And Jewel Changi Airport) Although you might not find real dragonflies in this garden, you can still immerse yourself among a curated collection of tropical flora! The Dragonfly Garden can be found along the linkway between T1 and the upcoming Jewel Changi Airport. Grabbing a few shots with the flora is a great thing to do in Changi Airport while you’re making your way to Jewel. We recommend including the amazing palm trees in your frame. The jagged bark of the palm trees provide some unique texture to complement your backdrop.

9) Kinetic Rain @ T1 This exhibit looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. The coolest feature about the Kinetic Rain exhibit is that it isn’t static and changes form at regular intervals, easily captivating your  attention! If you’re looking for places to chill in Singapore, then grab a drink and gaze at the calmingly-smooth waves of the kinetic rain. It’s definitely on our checklist of things to do in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 whenever we’re there for a visit.

10) Travelators Around Changi Airport Transit Areas Similar to the coach stand, the folks at Changi Airport have made sure that every detail of the architecture enhances the experience of being in each terminal. These travelators are also ideal for more symmetrical shots! If you’re an aspiring photographer who’s in love with angular forms, one of the things to do in Changi Airport is to grab a number of shots with the travelator corridors. You could even get a friend to ride on it while you take a photo – it makes for a few comical shots!

11) Cactus Garden @ T1 (Transit) Another thing to do in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 transit area is to make a trip to the rooftop Cactus Garden! Find a variety of desert flora along with an amazing skyview. It’s definitely a place to chill in Singapore – especially when you have a great view of the planes overhead and a drink from the garden bar in your hand!

12) A Million Times @ T2

[caption id="attachment_19753" align="aligncenter" width="639"]Things to do in Changi Airport A Million Times (Credit: Changi Airport)[/caption] A popular thing to do at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 is to grab a photo with the ‘A Million Times’ exhibit. It features a giant wall filled with analog clocks that are programmed to form certain words and symbols. The exhibit has a museum-esque vibe and definitely makes Terminal 2 a good place to chill in Singapore if you like the sight of calming artworks. Try waiting for an  interesting pattern before grabbing a shot in front of the exhibit!

13) Love Birds @ T4 Taking a photo with the Love Birds is one of the things to do in Changi Airport with your partner if you’re there together!  It’s an especially romantic touch for travellers who are heading on a vacation with their partners. Start off your journey with some shots with the birds and add a bit of magic and spark to your IG post!

14) Butterfly Garden @ T3 Like the other gardens, the Butterfly Garden features a curated selection of tropical flora. The difference is that the flora in this garden is a lot similar to the ones you may have in your personal garden. It’s like a mini forest among all the concrete and steel around it. Definitely a place to chill in Singapore if you like being surrounded by greenery!

15) Steel In Bloom @ T4 Steel in Bloom is a unique exhibit located in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 that features an intricate set of natural shapes and patterns modelled in steel. The sculpture is inspired by the intermingling between human and nature. What’s more important though, is the fact that the sculpture provides some pretty cool patterns as a backdrop for an Instagram post! Making a trip to this exhibit is one of the things to do in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 if you want some fancy patterns in your photo!

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