Walk Down Memory Lane This Father’s Day With 7 Classic Movies To Watch On Netflix

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2020 has been off to a bit of a mad start, to say the least. That’s why for Father’s Day this year, I plan to take it easy and spend some quality time with dad at his favourite place — the couch in front of the television. Instead of joining the hyped rush to get him the latest tech gadgets or a new wallet, I’ve put together a list of classic movies to watch on Netflix (which includes his all-time favourite, Predator).

If you too want to celebrate Father’s Day differently, this guide on classic movies (from the 70s’ to 90s’) will definitely help! While not all fathers are the same, they can definitely appreciate action-packed flicks that have stood the test of time. Here’s my take on must-watch classic movies on Netflix and why your dad will love them too! 

Timeless classic movies to watch on Netflix

1. The Godfather

Why your dad will love it: It’s the film that reinvented gangster movies, with a good dose of class

Rated as one of the greatest classic movies to watch of all time, The Godfather is held in high regard by film buffs. The central story revolves around Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) inheriting his father’s drug empire. While initially unwilling, he’s forced to lead his family when his father Vito (played by Marlon Brando) falls ill. As a movie filled with stellar cinematography, you’ll adore The Godfather’s narrative that’s brimming with deception and power struggles. Till this day, you’ll find many fans (my father included) quoting memorable lines like “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” — try getting your dad to quote his, too!

2. Ghostbusters

Why your dad will love it: nostalgic comedy that pokes fun at sci-fi cliches

With the likes of comedians Bill Murray and Harold Famis at the helm, it’s no wonder Ghostbusters became a smash hit that’s loved by fans till this day! Set in New York City, the story leverages upon strong satire and light-hearted banter and revolves around an eccentric trio of parapsychologists that catch ghosts. As the 80s was a hotbed for science-fiction flicks like Star Wars and Blade Runner, Ghostbusters’ numerous jabs at the absurdity of the situation was a breath of fresh air! Ultimately, it’s this self-awareness and tongue in cheek humour that makes Ghostbusters a fun ride throughout its duration.

3. Catch Me If You Can

Why your dad will love it: crime biography that highlights the importance of fatherly love

This classic film breaks our initial rule of only including pre-noughties titles and for good reason! Based on the true story of expert conman Frank Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can is a dramatised retelling of his escapades as he strives to stay ahead of the pursuing FBI. Starring A-listers like Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks, you’ll love the back-and-forth between both co-stars as Abagnale outsmarts and evades agent Hanratty. Over time, the pair develop an unlikely bond as Hanratty acknowledges Abagnale’s expertise in forgery and helps the conman discover his true life calling by being the closest thing to a father figure he’s ever had.

4. Predator

Why your dad will love it: legendary sci-fi thriller that ages like fine wine

When it comes to action-based classic movies to watch on Netflix, it’s tough to find a better example than Predator! Far from being a stereotypical 80s’ creature feature, Predator showcases what you can achieve with atmospheric storytelling and believable characters. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Dutch, commander of an elite mercenary team tasked with hostage rescuing. The challenge: He is interrupted by a formidable extraterrestrial that stalks and picks off the crew in grotesque fashion. What follows is non-stop action as the breakneck pacing of the film never lets up! From storming the base to showdowns with the beast, you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the conclusion.

5. Police Story (警察故事)

Why your dad will love it: breathtaking stunts and set pieces

As a Hong Kong action film icon, Jackie Chan is renowned for his death-defying stunts and innovative choreography. One of his best performances was in Police Story (1985), a classic movie to watch on Netflix if you adore high-octane action set pieces! As officer Chan celebrates the closing of a big case, he goes up against a drug lord bent on revenge. What follows are huge fights against swarms of henchmen that push the boundaries of choreographed brawls! One highlight that takes the cake for my dad and I is the massive mall brawl, where Chan smoothly slides down a pole draped in lightbulbs before crashing dramatically through a glass ceiling!

6. Once Upon A Time In China (黄飞鸿)


Why your dad will love it: the film that launched Jet Li to fame

Better known by its Chinese title Huang Fei Hong, Once Upon A Time In China casts the titular martial arts master played by Jet Li in a setting most martial arts movie fans will be familiar with. From defending his school from rival gangs to making peace with dubious western powers, this classic movie marks the first of a long running Huang Fei Hong series. Compared with Jackie Chan’s more slapstick style of physical comedy, Li’s fights and duels are definitely more hard-hitting as he waltzes past enemies with fancy footwork and flashy techniques. Also, it won’t be long before you’re humming to the legendary theme song — an awe-inspiring melody that’s constantly played throughout the film.

7. God Of Gamblers (赌神)

Why your dad will love it: star power from Hong Kong cinema veterans

No look at Hong Kong cinema would be complete without mentioning the famous God Of Gamblers! Casting superstars Andy Lau and Chow Yun-Fat, you’re in for a ride as the movie features comedy, violence and drama. With Ko Chun (played by Chow Yun-Fat) suffering from amnesia, the plot shows Ko tapping upon his gambling prowess while attempting to regain his memories. As with all Wong Jing films, the movie bends logic by letting Ko mentally change cards and have near-impossible luck! This leads to countless situations where he beats the odds in hilarious fashion. My dad and I were immersed from start to finish — one moment we found ourselves laughing at Ko’s gambling antics, the next we were in awe as he charismatically dominated his gambling foes across the table.

Kick back and relax with these classic movies to watch

With these classic movies on Netflix covering multiple genres, you’ll be hard-pressed when choosing the best to commemorate father’s day! We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy these films as much as me and my dad did. To help make the movie marathon more comfortable, make sure to shop for your favourite tidbits and drinks from our Shop From Home promo, where you’ll discover all sorts of products that can be delivered conveniently to your doorstep. More of a Korean drama fan? Don’t fret — here are the latest K-dramas on Netflix you have to add to your must-watch list! Alternatively, if you’re up for it, we’ve compiled a guide to the best horror movies to excite and scare yourself silly.

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