5 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas To Sleigh This Festive Season

diy christmas tree idea

With Halloween over, it’s time for us to start putting up our Christmas trees! Add cheer and festive spirit to your home this year by jazzing up your tree in snowy coats, or go all out with a Disney-inspired theme! Here are five DIY Christmas tree ideas for you to get inspired.

1. Snowy-themed DIY Christmas tree 

snowy frosted diy christmas tree idea
(Credits: TSM, huyisheng.sg, yayustore.sg)

Although we can’t experience snow here in Singapore, there’s no reason we can’t play make-believe with a snow-capped tree! This easy Christmas tree idea just needs a white Christmas tree (available on TSM), some traditional Christmas ornaments (available on TSM) and a LED star tree topper (available on huyisheng.sg). Wrap snowflake fairy lights (available on yayustore.sg) around your DIY Christmas tree to complete the Frozen experience. 

2. Reindeer-themed DIY Christmas tree 

reindeer inspired diy christmas tree idea
(Credits: TSM, sosweet.sg, Patriot.sg, baifano1.sg)

Who doesn’t love the jingle Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? If you’re a fan of Santa’s  pet with the shiny nose, then try out this reindeer-themed Christmas tree idea! Simply hang some reindeer Christmas tree candy bags (available on baifano1.sg) onto a green Christmas tree (available on TSM) and light it up with a Christmas elk battery operated fairy lights (available on Patriot.sg). Complete your tree by topping it up with a cute elk topper (available on sosweet.sg) that will win the hearts of kids and adults alike!

3. Floral DIY Christmas tree 

garden floral diy christmas tree idea
(Credits: Partyforte, onion.sg, cuteiu.sg, Warm Station)

Create your own Christmas garden at home with this floral DIY Christmas tree! Simply pair your pine Christmas tree (available on Partyforte) with some glittery butterfly ornaments (available on cuteiu.sg) that’ll make a great alternative to a standard garland. Add a glitter leaf Christmas tree topper (available on onion.sg) and LED rose flower string lights (available on Warm Station) for a holly jolly season! 

4. Candy cane DIY Christmas tree 

candy cane inspired diy christmas tree idea
(Credits: CIAXY-Furniture, hinode.os.sg, ❤Lucky Clover ❤Shop-sg)

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than candy cane. Make your home more magical with this candy cane Christmas tree idea! Transform your plain green Christmas tree (available on CIAXY-Furniture) with a red Christmas tinsel garland (available on hinode.os.sg) and hang some candy canes (available on ❤Lucky Clover ❤Shop-sg) on it. To complete this DIY Christmas tree, we chose a red 3D star tree topper (available on hinode.os.sg) with white patterns as they represent the colours of a candy cane! 

5. Disney-inspired DIY Christmas tree 

disney inspired diy christmas tree idea
(Credit: CIAXY-Furniture, nihon_yorozuya.sg)

Planning to decorate your Christmas tree with your little ones? They will definitely love this cute Disney inspired Christmas tree idea that features a unique pink Christmas tree (available on CIAXY-Furniture) and a Christmas Mickey wreath (available on nihon_yorozuya.sg)! Hang some cute Chip & Dale plush keychains (available on nihon_yorozuya.sg) that can be doubled up and used as Christmas tree ornaments! Lastly, add a finishing touch to this Christmas tree with the Stitch LED garland fairy lights (available on nihon_yorozuya.sg)! 

Go all out with these fun DIY Christmas tree ideas

Christmas decorations are all about expressing cheer and warmth that the festive season brings throughout your own home. We hope that these Christmas tree ideas have given you some inspiration in refreshing your tree! Looking for more fun activities to do with your little ones this festive season? Try out these fun and easy DIY Christmas cards ideas with your kids! Alternatively, check out these ultimate Christmas gift ideas for some inspiration if you’re still clueless on what to buy for your friends and family!