9 High Heel Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Girls, we all know how wearing those heels gives you instant confidence as you strut around in them for a fancy event, a date or just a girl’s night out. But parading around in them from day to night is a painful process and leaves you drained out and sore by the end of the day. Here are 9 handy tips and tricks to make wearing heels more bearable and less of a chore. Feel fabulous sans the discomfort!

1. Tape your third and fourth toe

Here’s a fun biology fact for those who are interested – There’s a nerve right between your third and fourth toes, so taping them together helps to take pressure off the ball of the foot and minimizes any strain on the feet. You can get the nude or medical tape type, which is more flexible and comfortable to use.

2. Use deodorant/dry shampoo

We all know wearing heels are not the most comfortable kind of footwear, but add in a pair of sweaty feet after a whole day of wearing it, is absolutely the worst feeling to have. Learn this trick – spraying deodorant or a layer of dry shampoo keeps sweating at bay and also keeps your shoes smelling pleasant. No more slipping around while you keep the feet odor away!

3. Place tea bags/baking soda in heels

Do you know that putting dry tea bags or baking soda in smelly shoes will help to absorb the unpleasant odor? Now you have found a new way to use those tea bags after an afternoon tea break at work. Place them inside your shoes for 24 hours and your nose will thank you for it.

4. Sandpaper the bottom of your heels

If you have often faced slippery situations (no pun intended) because your heels have no traction, here’s a simple tip for extra grip. Use a sheet of sandpaper and gently sand up the bottom of your heels. Alternatively, using a readily available item at home like the nail file should do the job well too.

5. Silicone gel slips

Sometimes the fanciest looking heels are the most uncomfortable and painful to wear. But all for the sake of vanity right? Get yourself some silicone gel slips to wear inside your shoes so that your feet feel comfortably cushioned. These gel pouches helps to keep your feet from sliding and prevents blisters that can arise due to the friction. Essentially, a life saver invention for all the ladies out there.

6. Blow Dryer and socks


This is a cute trick I learnt from one of my heels-loving OL friend recently. If you bought a new pair of heels and realise that it is a bit too tight, here’s what you can do. Wear a pair of thick socks, slip into your new heels and aim a blow dryer at all the tight corners. The heat will help to stretch the material of your shoes and helps you to break into your new shoes quicker. Pro tip: Try flexing your feet as you do this to speed up the stretching process.

7. Freeze your shoes with ice overnight


Okay I know this sounds weird, but apparently my girl friend swears by this method. To break into your new heels, fill plastic bags with water and fit them into the toe box of your heels. Throw everything into the freezer overnight (yes, even the heels) and as the water freezes, the bags will expand and magically stretch out your heels.

8. Stuff cotton balls 

Strutting around with heels the entire day can take a toll on the soles of your feet. One tip to help cushion your feet is to stuff some cotton balls under your toes and balls of your feet. They are so soft and fluffy that you will feel like you are walking on clouds (literally and figuratively)!

9. Baby oil/lip balm as lubricant

Blisters at the back and side of the feet are the bane of every heel-wearer’s existence. These blisters are often caused because of friction. To prevent this, apply lip balm or baby oil on your feet, especially at the area where the skin meets the shoes. This will help form an extra layer and reduce the friction or any chance of any nasty blisters from forming.

10. Fun fact: Bite your shoes before they bite you back!

Here’s a bonus fun fact tip for you! Ever heard your mum telling you to “bite” your new pair of shoes before they “bite” you back? Apparently this old wives’ tale method worked like a miracle every single time for my mum, and she never got any blisters from new shoes. Although I think this might be more of a psychological thing, I’m not taking any risks. I have been proudly biting my shoes ever since I heard of this trick, and have been relatively lucky in my battle against blisters. Did this tip work or was it just pure luck? Guess I will never know!
Tried any of the tips above and they work? Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tricks to share too!
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