How To Apply Makeup With These Nifty Tools & Gadgets

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Want to learn how to apply makeup like a pro? Or reduce the time you spend on makeup every morning so you can get a few more minutes of sleep? From electric foundation brushes to heated eyelash curlers, it’s about time you made your makeup application a breeze with these nifty tools.

If you’re a makeup newbie and have absolutely no idea how to apply makeup, find out what you need to create your first beauty collection before reading on.

1. Maintain an ideal complexion with the Neutrogena Acne Light Treatment Mask

Before learning how to apply makeup, you should first start with good complexion. Applying makeup is very similar to painting — for a beautiful piece of artwork, there should first be a good canvas to work on.

Ever wondered why Korean skincare routines are always so popular? Toners, serums and even moisturisers may seem unnecessary, but they actually play a pretty crucial role in maintaining state of your complexion.

Just imagine, without bumps on your face, you might not even need foundation, maybe just a tinge of concealer. Furthermore, applying foundation to problem areas to conceal them only worsens your skin condition, especially if the makeup isn’t properly removed. It’ll result in an endless, vicious cycle of having to conceal more spots. This is exactly why it’s necessary to maintain a smooth complexion for easier makeup application.


neutrogena light mask
(Credits: juancollections)

What could you do, then? The Neutrogena Acne Light Treatment Mask is highly raved by celebrities, and for good reason. Each light mask comes with 30 use opportunities, and each session is 10 minutes. After 30 sessions are completed, the remote needs to be replaced with a new one.

As there are eye slits for you to see through, it shouldn’t affect your daily tasks unless they involve using your mouth (as there is no mouth hole). This means that you can still continue watching Netflix, or reading your magazine while wearing the mask.

Reviews have boasted amazing results, from reducing bumps and breakouts to evening out skin tones. If you’re sick of having to deal with acne and zits, this mask might be a life saver! However, it is still best to seek advice from your dermatologist before trying any new skincare products or gadgets.

2. How to apply makeup with seamless blending? Try the electric foundation brush!

Sick of cakey foundation? Unsure of how to apply makeup for a smooth finish? Not only does this electric foundation brush create a smooth finish, it’ll also use lesser foundation. Say goodbye to streaks and uneven application with this high-tech brush!

Besides helping to blend contours and foundation, the seamless application will take minutes off your daily makeup routine. Do you have an issue with makeup ‘melting off’ too quickly? With this brush, your foundation will also stay on for longer periods of time, which means less touching up when you’re out and about.

Electric Foundation Brush

3. Wing it with the eyeliner guide

Watched countless eyeliner tutorials but still can’t wing it? Get an eyeliner guide and save yourself the frustration! Simply position the guide along your eye for the perfect angle to draw the wing of your eyeliner. Although it takes some getting used to, once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a real life saver.

However, you should also note that these eyeliner guides are not one-size-fits-all. Take into consideration your eye shape and type before purchasing them so that they fit properly. Alternatively, you could also change the position or angle of the guide so that it’ll match your eye shape, rather than following the exact position on the guide.

Eyeliner Guide

4. Protect your eyes from unwanted mascara stains with the mascara shield

Perfecting the mascara is one of the harder steps when it comes to learning how to apply makeup. From clumpy lashes to smudged mascara, the casualties are endless. Your greatest mascara nightmare is probably getting some on your beautifully blended eyeshadow. Or accidentally darkening your eyebags while applying them on your lower lashes. The horror!

The mascara shield comes in handy for times like this. Just like its name, it shields your eye so that mascara doesn’t get where you don’t want it to. This also means being able to have long, luscious lower lashes, instead of casually skipping them in the hopes of saving time from mascara cleanup. It even comes with a comb at the other end to comb out mascara clumps!

Mascara Shield

5. Longer lasting curls with the heated eyelash curler

Technology has advanced a whole lot. Now, there’s even the option of having your eyelashes permed, but that service is on the pricier side of things. Lashes that remain curled reduce the risk of smudged mascara, and add extra volume as well. Want to save cost while enjoying curled lashes that stay up throughout the day? Try the heated eyelash curler!

All you need to do is push the wand against your lashes, and it’ll stay locked in place after the mascara hardens. It is recommended that you curl the lashes with the regular eyelash curler, before applying mascara and then use the heated eyelash curler for the best effect.

For an even more cost-effective hack, you could use a hairdryer to heat up the regular eyelash curler, rather than buying a heated eyelash curler. This too, will help your eyelashes stay curled for longer periods of time. Do test for the temperature of the curler (by lightly pressing it against your hand), as heated metal could get really hot.

Heated Eyelash Curler

6. Transfer-proof lipstick with the lipstick tattoo

Lipstick has an effect of making you look dolled up even if it’s the only thing applied on your face for that day. However, we’re all well aware of how some lipsticks disappear quickly over the day, especially after meals.

If you’re sick of having to touch up your lipstick ever so often, why not get a lipstick tattoo? No, we don’t mean literally getting your lips tattooed. These special lipsticks are made to stay on all day, without transferring. Line your lips with a thick layer of the lip tattoo and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes for it to dry, before peeling it off!

Make sure you don’t have chapped lips (you could apply a lip mask before putting on the lip tattoo), so that you won’t have blotchy spots. Alternatively, ensure your lips are well moisturised with lip balm before applying the tattoo lipstick. You could also consider putting it on before sleeping, so that your lips are ready to go the next day.

Pro Tip: While applying the lipstick tattoo, it’s best to test it out on the inner parts of your lips first. Even if anything goes wrong, it’ll look like you have gradient lipstick on!

Lip Tattoo

7.  Bonus: Proper makeup removal with the makeup eraser towel

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s also important to remove makeup properly to prevent unnecessary breakouts. These breakouts ruin your complexion which will make makeup application a lot harder.

There are various makeup removers around, ranging from oil to water based, cleansing wipes and even this makeup eraser towel. We’ll go into details about the slightly more uncommon makeup eraser towel.

By simply wetting the towel with warm water and wiping your face, it’ll remove all traces of makeup. The towel is a great cost-saving alternative, especially since it’s reusable. No more going through multiple packets of disposable wipes or bottles of makeup removers within a short period!

Pro Tip: Since the towel has a large surface area, you can use different parts of it to clean your makeup off. As there’ll still be many clean sections, it’ll be able to last a week before needing a good wash!

makeup eraser towel
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