Be A Kiasu Singaporean And Plan Your Proposal With Items Under $20

Wedding proposals are not to be taken lightly. It’s the ONE opportunity you get to sweep her off her feet and knock her socks off before she says “yes” to a lifetime with you. Make it a memorable day or night by making sure you get all the decorations in order, right to the very last rose petal you place on the floor. While you’re saving up on the wedding ring she’s been eyeing (hinting) for, we’re here to help you save on your proposal decor. We are no wedding planners, but we do have a certain expertise in getting the best things at the lowest price (*cough* 59 things you can get for under $15 for your next party *cough*). Guys, here’s your checklist of 25 things under $20 you absolutely need to get to nail your dream wedding proposal!

1. Rose Petal

To start off, get Rose Petals ($1.20) because you’ll definitely need them to line the path to the place you’re planning to pop the actual question. Strewn the remaining on the bed because nothing is as romantic as a bed full of rose petals.

Flower Petals

2. Candles

On top of that, you can also strategically place Candles ($5.90 – $6.60) for the mysterious, romantic feel. Just make sure it doesn’t burn her dress.


3. Polaroid Frame Decoration

Develop and print out all your memories on film and use a Polaroid Frame Decoration ($6.21) to decorate the venue.


4. LED Clip Light

Add on LED Clip Lights ($2.50) for the extra feel~


5. ” I Love You” Wall Decoration Banners

Declare your love and decorate the walls with cheesy “I Love You” Wall Decoration Banners ($1.60).

I Love You Banner

6. Alphabet Balloons

Spell out her name with these Alphabet Balloons ($0.85).

Alphabet Letters

7. Alphabet Lights

Or use Alphabet Lights ($5.13) for the glow-in-the-dark effect.


8.”Will You Marry Me” Proposal Set

And pop the question with this “Will You Marry Me” Proposal Balloon Set ($4).

Will You Marry Me Balloon Set

9. “I Love You” Balloon Set

You can remind her time and time again about how much you love her with this “I Love You” Balloon Set ($3.33 – $3.44).

I Love You Balloon

10. ” Will You Marry Me” Balloons

And just in case she did not get the hint, these “Will You Marry Me” Balloons ($1.50) might just do the trick!


11. Latex Confetti Balloon

 Latex Confetti Balloon ($2.52) will definitely help add the extra oomph you need.

Confetti Balloons

12. Transparent LED Balloons

Or maybe a couple of these cool and trending Transparent LED Balloons ($1.75).

LED Balloons

13. “Love” Balloons

We’re already in love with this Rose Gold “Love” Balloon ($1.62 – $1.76) and we’re betting she will too!

Love Balloon

14. Neon “Love” Sign

Show her how much you love her with this retro Neon “Love” Sign ($8.04).


15. “I do” Ring Balloons

It’s always good to be confident about yourself, so get these “I do” Ring Balloons ($1.20) and prep for her “YES”.


16. Tissue Tassels

These simple, yet aesthetic Tissue Tassels ($2.00-2.50) will complement any other decoration.

17. Paper Garland Star Decoration

Or hang these Paper Garland Star Decoration ($2.12) for the magical starry effect.


18. Heart – Shaped Fairy Lights

Since it is a proposal, after all, we assure you that you will not be going over the top with these Heart-shaped Fairy Lights ($3.90).

Heart Shape Lights

19. Fairy Lights

But of course, for practicality sake, you can opt for plain Fairy Lights ($3.78) that will add the same magical effect to your venue.

Fairy Lights

20. LED Lightbox

Get an LED Lightbox ($6.76) and decorate it with all your favourite quotes or even your very first conversation.

Light Board

21. Felt Letter Board Sign

Alternatively, a Felt Letter Board Sign ($13.89-14.32) might be what you’re looking for.


22. Cotton Ball Decor Lights

Hang these adorable Cotton Ball Decor Lights ($5.02-$5.42) for that cosy feel.


23. Fake Baby’s Breath Decor

Of course, flowers. Fresh flowers are great but if you’re tight on budget, Fake Baby’s Breath Decor ($1.33) will be your best substitute!


24. Floral Wreath

If she’s all about flowers, she’ll definitely appreciate a Floral Wreath ($4.62), especially after she says “Yes” to you!

Flower Wreath

25. Confetti

And if you nailed the proposal, you’ll need to celebrate this joyous occasion with Confetti ($1.27)!


P.S. Guys, you’ll be happy to know that with all the money you saved from getting these decorations and props, you might have sufficient funds to get a decent ring from Tiffany & Co. Otherwise, this Diamond Engagement Ring ($13) might do just the trick!

Let us know what other decoration tips you have, and ladies, start tagging your Mr Right. 😉

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This article was updated on 23-01-2020. Additional research done by Elizabeth.