Moving House Feng Shui Rituals You Can’t Turn Down For Huat

moving house feng shui rituals singapore

Contrary to popular belief, feng shui is not a religion, superstition or hearsay. Instead, it is a form of astrology and science that applies to everyone. As such, new homeowners often look to conduct moving house feng shui rituals which are said to help improve one’s quality of life. From rolling a pineapple into your new house to shouting auspicious sayings, read on to find out everything you need to know about new house rituals as recommended by professional feng shui masters in Singapore. 

Why do people conduct moving house feng shui rituals?

Why do people conduct moving house feng shui rituals?
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New house rituals in Singapore are taken seriously as it is believed that feng shui is the key to the quality of your life. According to Master Louis Cheung (Divineway Fengshui), the feng shui of one’s house can help to resolve, promote and improve:

  • Relationships between couples
  • Relationships between family members or residents living in the same house
  • Health issues, both mental and physical
  • Career issues
  • Wealth accumulation

Master David Tong (Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting) explains further that if a house has ‘good feng shui’, it is able to enhance the occupants’ luck in health, wealth and relationships. Meanwhile, if the house has ‘bad feng shui’, it may bring about a career downturn, sickness or disharmony within the household. 

Should moving house feng shui rituals be conducted before or after renovations?

Should moving house feng shui rituals be conducted before or after renovations?
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A common question that new homeowners have is whether these moving house feng shui rituals should be conducted before or after renovations. The short answer, according to Master Tong, is that the open-door new house ritual should be held before renovation. In particular, it should be done on the day when homeowners open the door for the very first time. This is to cleanse the house while symbolically blessing the occupants with good luck and many offsprings. However, there are other rituals to be done post-renovation on the moving-in day too. Check them out below!

Step-by-step moving house feng shui ritual: Open-door day (before renovation)

1. Choose an auspicious date 

choose an auspicious day
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When it comes to new house rituals in Singapore, the first thing homeowners need to do is to pick an auspicious date for the open-door day. Master Tong suggests using the Chinese Almanack online to check out which are the auspicious days for your household. 

Pro Tip: You will need to take note that the Chinese animal zodiac signs of every member of the household staying in the new house do not clash with the chosen date. 

Worried about moving into your new house during the 7th month of the lunar new year? While many events such as weddings are put on pause during the Ghost Month, Master Tong clarifies that there are still some auspicious dates in the 7th month of the lunar new year. So, if you have to move into your new home during this month, it is safer to pick from the auspicious dates within the month. 

While the Chinese Almanack approach may be a convenient way to determine your open-door day, Master Tong warns that the method is more generic and does not factor in the house direction. He recommends getting feng shui masters to go onsite to check out the house direction for a more accurate calculation of the auspicious date to conduct the moving house feng shui rituals.

2. Choose an auspicious timing 

feng shui ritual choose timing
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After picking an auspicious date, the next step is to pick an auspicious timing! These have to be determined after considering the birth date of all family members, especially that of the main homeowner. According to Master Tong, an inauspicious timing is akin to inviting bad energies into the home. What’s more, the moving house feng shui ritual should take place in the daytime when the Yang Qi is strong. Avoid doing it in the evening after sunset when the Yin Qi sets in.

3. Roll a pineapple into your new house

rolling pineapple
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The next thing to do as part of the moving house feng shui ritual is to roll a pineapple (available on SLHFRESHFRUITS) from the main door to the living room. As a popular Chinese ritual for moving into a new house, rolling a pineapple into a new house symbolises ushering in wealth and prosperity for the household. According to Master Cheung, this is because the hokkien pronunciation of pineapple (凤梨) (pronounced as ‘hong lai’) sounds similar to a Chinese term 旺来 (pronounced as ‘ong lai’) which means ‘good luck come’. 

4. Shout auspicious phrases 

moving house feng shui auspicious sayings
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When rolling the pineapple, you can also shout “Huat Ah!”, which is a part of the Chinese ritual for moving into a new house. According to Master Tong and Master Cheung, other auspicious sayings you can shout include: 

Chinese Saying Chinese Pronunciation  Symbolises (meaning)
身体健康  shēn tǐ jiàn kāng Good health 
开们大吉  kāi mén dà jí Good luck
财源广进  cái yuán guǎng jìn Wealth, income and fortune 
财源滚滚 cái yuán gǔn gǔn
出入平安  chū rù píng ān Safety and peace
合家平安 hé jiā píng ān

5. Open all windows

moving house feng shui windows
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The next step of the moving house feng shui ritual is to allow Qi energy to flow into the house. According to Master Cheung, this can be done by opening all the windows and turning on all electrical appliances. You can also choose to turn on the tap and let the water run for five minutes. 

6. Sprinkle rice and salt in the house

sprinkling rice ritual
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Master Tong recommends that homeowners should mix some rice and salt (both available on Shopee Supermarket) together as part of a new house ritual. It is to note that instead of salt, tea leaves can be used too. This mixture should then be sprinkled at all corners of the house. As silly as it sounds, this step of the moving house feng shui ritual is not without reason. The rice represents an abundance of food in future while the salt is believed to get rid of spirits and ghosts in the house. It is also believed that spirits hide in corners of the house, hence people normally throw them at the corners. 

Do remember to use the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners to vacuum away all the mixture on the floor three days later. This is especially so if you have wooden flooring as the salt will melt in the sun and spoil the wood. 

7. Grow some green beans 

growing green beans feng shui
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Here’s an important step for young couples who are hoping to bear fruits in their new home. Master Tong encourages couples to grow some green beans (available on Shopee Supermarket) in the living room. Green beans represent having children in the household. It is believed that when the beans eventually sprout, there will be lots of offspring to come! Simply place the beans on some wet cotton wool and let it take its time to sprout. Clear the beans only after they have sprouted. 

8. Prepare a plate of fruits

moving house feng shui plate of fruits
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Master Cheung also suggests placing a plate of fruits in the middle of the dining table or kitchen as part of the moving house feng shui ritual. While optional, the fruits symbolise prosperity and good health. In particular, bananas represent good fortune, apples represent safety and oranges represent good luck. Note that these fruits should not be rolled, unlike the pineapple.

Step-by-step moving house feng shui ritual: Moving-in day (after renovation)

1. Buy new cleaning appliances 

new cleaning appliances
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Master Cheung advises that it is important not to bring sharp objects or old cleaning appliances like brooms, dusters and cloths to your new home. This is because the old things should not be mixed into a new environment, as it carries the bad luck from the past. As such, the first step of the new house ritual on moving-in day is to shop for the best steam mops, best robot vacuum cleaners, best household cleaning products and other household appliances!

2. Start the stove

fengshui start the stove
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To further symbolise the big move-in, Master Cheung recommends that the stove should be activated on the move-in day. This step of the Chinese ritual for moving into a new house means that you have to cook something to eat or boil water on that day. As such, remember to get a brand new cooking pot! The significance behind this step of the moving house feng shui ritual lies in the fact that the Chinese word for ‘moving in’ is known as 入火 (ru huo), while fire in Chinese is known as 火 (huo). The stove represents the positive Yang energy being brought into the house, which would usher in more prosperity!

3. Sleep overnight 

feng shui new house sleepover
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An often overlooked step of the Chinese ritual for moving into a new house is the fact that homeowners have to stay overnight on the move-in day. According to Master Tong, this step is important so as to allow the Man, Heaven and Earth Qi to connect on the move-in night. Should the Qi be connected on the move-in day, it will bring good luck to the occupants. This step of the moving house feng shui ritual thus also means that homeowners should not go back to their old home to sleep after doing all the move-in procedures. Don’t forget to invest in the best mattresses and learn how to improve your sleep quality

Other moving house feng shui tips

  • Minimise time spent in the house

minimise time spent in the new feng shui house
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After renovations are completed, it might be tempting to want to spend as much time in your humble new abode. However, Master Cheung advises homeowners to minimise the time spent there before officially moving in. While spending a few hours unpacking and cleaning up is fine, one should not work from home at the new place from day till night, play mahjong or throw a party. Homeowners should try to minimise the human energy (人气) before moving in, which is an important aspect of moving house feng shui. Too much human energy may lead the house to “think” that you have already moved in. This could result in bad luck such as health issues, accidents or a career downturn.

  • Stay happy

moving house feng shui stay happy
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As much as possible, Master Cheung also advises households not to argue as part of something to take note of during the new house rituals. This includes not using vulgarities and not scolding children. Such acts will bring bad energies into the house and affect the moving house feng shui. 

Moving house feng shui rituals to follow for more huat

We hope this article has helped you learn more about moving house feng shui rituals in Singapore and the significance behind them. Download a copy of our moving house feng shui ritual checklist to keep track of all the items you need to prepare. 

moving house feng shui checklist

Once the moving house rituals are done, you can follow some of these feng shui tips for your home and feng shui tips for your bedroom too. Alternatively, grab some of the best mahjong gifts to ‘huat’ up your humble abode even more! Otherwise, it’s also necessary to furnish your home with main centrepieces like the best dining tables and best sofas that are both stylish and practical.

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