Dive Into Neopets Mobile With These Features You Know And Love

The class has finally finished the typing assignment given by your form teacher. She generously rewards everyone with 30 minutes of free time in the computer lab. You immediately log on to your favourite game to spin the rainbow wheel and grab some free omelette!

If this scenario seems somewhat familiar to you, congratulations — you were part of the Neopets golden age! As a flash-based browser game that featured addictive minigames and colourful worlds, Neopets took the world by storm in its heyday. Desktop users will soon have to bid adieu to Neopia as Adobe Flash ends its support for the game in December, but here’s the good news — Neopets Mobile will — literally — bring the game to a screen near you! Take a trip down memory lane with us as we anticipate Neopets Mobile and revisit what we loved most from our years of playing Neopets in the early 2000s!

Features we can’t wait to revisit in Neopets Mobile

1. The Neopets themselves 

neopets anniversary neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets / Facebook)

Playing all those Neopets games and earning Neopoints would be for nought if you couldn’t splurge on your precious virtual pets! There are 42 readily available species so you’re bound to prefer some more than others. With familiar favourites like Kacheeks, Chias and Shoryus, these adorable virtual pets will be your pride and joy as you’ll be feeding, training and playing with them throughout your time on the site. Alternatively, pay a visit to the adoption pound to take in abandoned Neopets. You might also discover some of the 13 rarer, seasonal Neopets there!

2. The Giant Omelette

giant omelette neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets / Facebook)

One of the key things to keeping your Neopets content is a full stomach, and the best way to do that is through the game’s generous servings of free food! Out of these many options, none are as memorable as The Giant Omelette in Tyrannia. With over 30 possible rewards for players, the yellow food mass is a regular haunt among new and veteran players who visit daily in hopes of getting one random serving! While newbies treat The Giant Omelette as a constant food source, longtime players are always returning daily in hopes of scoring a rare omelette variation like Honey Blossom that can be sold for a handsome profit.

3. Revisiting old locations

neopia maps collage neopets mobile
(Credit: Happy Valley / Neopets, Tyrannia / Neopets)

One of the coolest features we loved about Neopets was the ability to explore their vibrant world. From winter vibes of Happy Valley to the medieval life in Meridell, each location is vividly brought to life with colourful illustrations! As a child, I remember excitedly clicking on each attraction to discover the items for sale and of course, play the themed Neopets games that occupied the area. Don’t recognise the locations above? They’re updated versions of familiar places! Here’s a comparison between the old and new Neopia Central!

neopia central collage neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets) — old (left) vs new (right)

4. Spinning the wheels

wheels in neopets mobile
(Credit: Wheel Of Excitement / Neopets, Wheel Of Mediocrity / Neopets)

If you have fond memories of spinning the Wheel Of Excitement, you’re not alone! For a paltry fee, each spin would get our hopes up as the wheel comes agonisingly close to landing on the top prize — only for it to snag onto a curse that harms our Neopets. Regardless, many players (including myself) chose to take on the risk in hopes of getting the jackpot Neopoint prize that can easily outvalue the healing and medicinal costs involved.

5. Finding your dream paint brush

paint brushes neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets)

Paint brushes are one of the most treasured possessions because they’ll give your Neopet a unique aesthetic! From transforming them into babies to giving them a ghostly aura, these decorative tools are a sign of wealth as they effectively help your pet stand out from the crowd. It’s no wonder then that rarer paint brushes are sold on the market for millions of Neopoints! With Neopets Mobile, paint brushes will certainly take centre stage again as your Neopets’ appearances will now more prominently be featured on the mobile platform.

6. Ogling the extravagant items in the Hidden Tower

hiddten tower neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets)

We all can agree that it’s nice to window shop at the Hidden Tower and pretend to be a billionaire! Part of the fun lies in finding the Hidden Tower itself (spot it in the background of Faerie City). Ranging from enchanted artifacts to powerful weapons for use in the Battledome, the Hidden Tower is home to an assortment of luxuries you won’t find anywhere else. Among the majority of players, you were definitely a status symbol if you could afford shopping at this exclusive shop!

7. Hidden secrets and quests

neopets secrets neopets mobile
(Credit: The Giant Jelly / Neopets, Hall Of Heroes / Neopets)

Speaking of secrets like the Hidden Tower, Neopets is chock-full-of secrets and easter eggs if you’re willing to put the time in to search for them! From the mythical Giant Jelly in Jelly World (that the team claims doesn’t exist) to cracking the Altador mystery, these secrets and quests add to the adventure aspect of Neopets! I recall being blown away when I discovered the lengths at which the team went to form a breadcrumb trail for you to investigate upon. Hopefully more of these get launched with the huge user base that’s bound to return with Neopets Mobile!

8. The advent calendar

advent calendar neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets / Facebook)

The school holiday period in December doesn’t just mean more time to play Neopets but also means looking forward to goodies from the Advent Calendar! With free daily items up for grabs, it’s the event Neopets players look forward to the most. From elaborate furniture to books for your Neopet to read, the Advent Calendar also rewards you with additional prizes if you interact with the hidden santa hats.

9. Neopets dailies

neopets dailies neopets mobile
(Credit: The Snowager / Neopets, Tiki Tack Tombola / Neopets)

While on the topic of logging on every day, there’s plenty of activities to participate in aside from the ones we’ve listed above! After all, who doesn’t love getting more stuff in their inventory to fiddle around with? These daily activities include venturing into the Snowager’s nest at specific times and getting random Mystery Island knick-knacks from the Tiki Tack Tombola.

10. Relaxing, casual flash games

neopets casual games collage neopets mobile
(Credit: Meerca Chase II / Neopets, Beach Volleyball / Neopets)

As the primary way of earning additional Neopoints, casual games incentivise you to go for that high score. From the Snake-inspired Meerca Chase II to the light-hearted Beach Volleyball, these casual Neopets games provide enough challenge without being too difficult! It’s no wonder players both young and old keep coming back to these flash games. With Neopets Mobile, we’re confident players will definitely be trying to squeeze in a quick session during their downtime.

11. Intense, action-packed Neopets games

neopets action games collage neopets mobile
(Credit: Attack Of The Revenge / Neopets , Evil Fuzzles / Neopets)

Contrary to popular belief, Neopets games aren’t all two-button clones of classic games! After all, Neopets wouldn’t have held such a special place in our hearts if not for its incredible library of fun and interactive games. With action titles like Attack Of The Revenge and Evil Fuzzles, you’ll be stretched to your limits as you’re frantically clicking and pressing buttons to keep up with what’s happening on screen.

12. Exploring the growing Neopia universe

neopia world map neopets mobile
(Credit: Neopets / Facebook)

Even after two decades, Neopets is going strong! With regular updates from their weekly newsletter, you’ll discover new games, shops and events that offer even more content and things to do online. In addition to classic locations like Krawk Island and Haunted Woods, the team continues to flesh out the fantasy aspect of Neopia by introducing brand new areas like the fiery pits of Moltara and the exotic Shenkuu empire. WIth no barrier to entry and a loyal fanbase that continues to patronise the game to this day, it’s safe to say Neopets is here for good now that the Neopets Mobile transition is almost complete!

Embrace the nostalgia with Neopets Mobile today

Has all this piqued your interest? Simply sign up for Neopets Mobile beta and you’ll be good to go! Didn’t see your favourite childhood Neopets memory being mentioned? Why not share them with us in the comments below! If you’re missing the good old days of classic gaming, don’t fret because we have you covered. Check out our guides to retro mobile games and 8-bit games that’ll scratch that retro gaming itch!

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