Saholea Shampoo In Singapore: Everything To Know About This Cult Product

Saholea Shampoos And Hair Treatment Singapore

As Singaporeans, there’s one thing we must not forget to do regularly — wash our hair! The hot and humid Singapore weather shows no mercy when it comes to our manes. By midday, our scalp starts to oil up and we’re left with a frizzy, floppy mess. Before you throw in the towel, check out the popular Saholea shampoo in Singapore, a cult product revered for tackling hair woes!

About Saholea

The popularity of Saholea shampoos has spread to our shores, making it one of the most sought-after shampoos in Singapore! However, how exactly did the world come to know about Saholea and what is the brand about? Read on to find out!

Saholea is better known in Taiwan but only a handful of Singaporeans were aware of the brand and its product. It was not until Saholea shampoos were featured on a popular Taiwanese beauty show, 一袋女王 (Lady Commander) — that shot Saholea to huge international fame!

As a brand, Saholea (森歐黎) adheres to the LOHAS concept and advocates for a green and sustainable way of living. The brand treads off the beaten path, boasting a series of no-frills, wholesome products, packed with numerous benefits. Relying mainly on natural ingredients, Saholea hair products are free of unnecessary chemicals, alcohol, artificial colouring and silicone, making it a good alternative for those with sensitive skin! Additionally, all products are cruelty-free as the brand does not conduct animal testing.

All in all, Saholea aims to produce simple yet effective products for different skin and hair types and has been doing a fabulous job at that!

Saholea shampoos in Singapore

Now that we have a better understanding of Saholea as a brand, let’s find out what they have to offer! Saholea carries a wide range of personal care products, including shampoos, hair conditioners and shower gels. The Saholea shampoos are especially popular in Singapore!

1. Saholea Herbal Essences Pure Balance Shampoo

Struggling with flat and oily hair no matter how many times you wash it? You’re suffering from an oily scalp, which is a common problem many Singaporeans face due to our hot and humid weather. An oily scalp will cause your hair to lose volume, as the strands tend to stick together. Furthermore, not washing your hair can cause limp roots, waxy flakes and sometimes a strong odour — ew!

Cue the Saholea Herbal Essence Pure Balance Shampoo (available on, our saviour for oily scalps! As the brand’s most popular product, this Saholea shampoo claims to effectively control greasiness for up to 24 hours! Most importantly, the shampoo deeply cleanses any sebum buildup and purifies the pores to allow clean and healthy hair growth.

Similar to oily skin, a greasy scalp needs to stay moisturised and hydrated to prevent excessive sebum production. Instead of buying a shampoo in Singapore that’ll dry your hair out, you need to invest in a good shampoo that’s purifying yet moisturising! Infused with hyaluronic acid, this Saholea shampoo helps to moisturise and protect your locks without exacerbating your oily scalp problems! If that’s not good enough, the shampoo is formulated with eight types of amino acids to revitalise your hair and scalp, improving your hair condition!

Also infused with aromatic chamomile and woody scents, the shampoo effectively masks any unpleasant odour that might arise!

2. Saholea Herbal Essence Pure Balance Conditioner

Saholea herbal essences pure balance conditioner

Similar to the Saholea Herbal Essence Pure Balance Shampoo, this conditioner is also formulated for oily scalp and hair! Keep your locks healthy with this fuss-free hair treatment in Singapore!

The Saholea Herbal Essence Pure Balance Conditioner (available on contains hyaluronic acid and olive extracts to hydrate your strands and transform greasy hair into glossy and luscious locks! Furthermore, it also contains the eight vital amino acids to strengthen your hair and protect them from environmental damage.

Use this together with the Saholea Herbal Essence Pure Balance Shampoo to enjoy the best results!

3. Saholea Verbena Anti-Allergy Shampoo

Saholea Anti-Allergy Verbena Shampoo Singapore

Do you have a sensitive and dry scalp? Sensitive scalp can be tricky to care for as many hair products contain harsh ingredients that may irritate your scalp and skin.

Fret not, Saholea is here to the rescue! Another one of the best selling Saholea shampoos, the professional salon grade Saholea Verbena Anti-allergy Shampoo (available on is specifically formulated for sensitive scalp and fragile hair. This Saholea shampoo is free from unnecessary chemicals, alcohol, silicone and artificial colouring. In fact, it’s also infused with Verbena extracts that purify and soothe sensitive scalp to strengthen hair condition. That’s not all! This Saholea shampoo also contains hydrolysed royal jelly, which helps to nourish the hair and minimise frizziness. The formula is low in pH levels, making this a gentle shampoo for sensitive scalps.

Did we also mention that the Saholea Verbena Anti-allergy Shampoo has a long-lasting and heavenly tangy scent? Formulated with three notes, the Saholea shampoo starts off with a citrusy tangerine scent before moving into a zesty lime fragrance. After a few hours, the fragrance transforms into an exciting celebration of tangerine, lime and oranges –how refreshing!

4. Saholea Re-Volume Caffeine Shampoo

Saholea Re-Volume Caffeine Shampoo Singapore

Always desired model-like voluminous and glossy hair? Now you can, with the Saholea Re-Volume Caffeine Shampoo (available on!

Formulated with caffeine extracts, the Saholea Re-Volume Caffeine Shampoo strengthens hair roots, boosts volume, purifies pores and improves hair condition to prevent breakage or split ends. On top of that, this low pH level shampoo contains hydrolysed wheat protein which is absorbed deep into the hair shafts to revitalise and strengthen the hair to create more volume.

Similar to the Saholea Herbal Essences Pure Balance Shampoo, the Re-Volume Caffeine Shampoo is infused with chamomile extracts to neutralise unpleasant odours from the scalp and provide everlasting shine!

All of the Saholea shampoos smell amazing, and this one is no exception! Divided into three notes, the shampoo first emits a tangy scent of fresh oranges and lemons, followed by a refreshing blend of fruity and floral notes. Eventually, the shampoo concludes with its last note — a gentle combination of musk and vanilla! You’re bound to smell good all day long with this Saholea Shampoo!

5. Saholea Scalp Care Beer Hops Shampoo

Saholea Scalp Care Beer Hops Shampoo Singapore

Do you apply hair products such as hair wax or hairspray often? Are you too lazy to wash your hair at least once every two days? If so, your scalp is in need of a deep cleanse. Product buildup on the scalp can result in a grimy, greasy coating, causing your hair to appear flat and oily. In worse cases, product buildup may result in embarrassing flakiness!

To prevent unhealthy product buildup in your scalp, you need a clarifying shampoo such as Saholea Scalp Care Beer Hops Shampoo (available on! Do not be mistaken, the shampoo does not actually contain any beer. Instead, it’s formulated with common hops, a type of flower used in the beer brewing process! This floral extract functions as a clarifying agent, cleansing your scalp deeply to remove dirt and sebum. Containing a low pH value, this clarifying Saholea shampoo is effective yet gentle to the scalp!

Besides common hops, the shampoo also contains lemon balm extracts, which not only helps to cleanse your scalp but also strengthen your hair roots to create volume! You will also find rosemary extracts in the shampoo formula, which provides extra nourishment for the hair and increases volume.

If you enjoy musky and floral scents, you’ll fall in love with this Saholea Scalp Care Beer Hops Shampoo! The shampoo starts with a citrusy scent before the second notes of rose and tea leaves are released. Eventually, the fragrance transforms and ends with a warm, musky amber scent that’s soothing and pleasant!

6. Saholea Intensive Restructuring Treatment

Saholea Intensive Restructuring Treatment Singapore

In Singapore, several shampoos and chemical processes that dye, bleach, perm and rebond our hair can often cause detrimental damage that’s difficult to repair. In order to restore vitality to your hair and scalp, you need to use an extremely nourishing hair treatment.

However, we all know that hair treatments in Singapore can be costly. So instead of splurging, opt for a more affordable daily alternative by using Saholea Intensive Restructuring Treatment (available on! This low pH level shampoo contains powerful amino acids that provide essential vitamins necessary for hair recovery and maintenance. After a few uses, you’ll find your hair silkier and smoother to the touch!

Infused with Moroccan oil, the Saholea Intensive Restructuring Treatment penetrates deeply into each strand, providing much needed hydration. Furthermore, the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia extract helps to restructure your locks to prevent ageing hair as well as strengthens hair defence — leaving you with strong, well-nourished locks!

Application is also simple and fuss-free! Shampoo your hair and rinse well before applying the hair treatment thoroughly onto your hair (avoid the hair roots). Massage it into your hair for one to two minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Using this treatment will leave you with hair that looks good and smells even better, making this one Saholea shampoo to get in Singapore!

7. Saholea Aqua Smooth Herbal Essences Rose Shampoo

Saholea Aqua Smooth Herbal Essences Rose Shampoo Singapore

Do you wash your hair at least once every day? If the answer is yes, you need to have Saholea Aqua Smooth Herbal Essence Rose Shampoo in your life! Formulated with a low pH level, this is the perfect nourishing shampoo that’s gentle enough for daily use!

Similar to the other Saholea products, this shampoo does not contain alcohol, silicone or artificial colouring. Furthermore, this Saholea shampoo consists of eight essential amino acids in addition to hyaluronic acid and rose extracts.

Besides its gentle formula, the Saholea Aqua Smooth Herbal Essences Rose Shampoo is effective at cleansing your hair without stripping it of moisture, maintaining hair elasticity and strength.

That concludes our list of recommended shampoos from Saholea but that’s not where the goodness ends! Other than shampoos, Saholea’s Aqua Smooth Herbal Essences Rose Shower Gel (available on and Sahloea Rose Extract Herbal Essences Whitening Body Lotion have also been all the rave! Putting customers’ health and wellbeing as priority, it’s no wonder Saholea is so popular in Singapore!

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