7 Ways The Nintendo Switch Lite Is A Lifesaver For Singaporeans

featured nintendo switch lite review
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Why bother buying a Switch Lite when it can’t be docked or support multiplayer gaming?

If you’re in this camp, we have some news for you. As an ode to the Game Boy days, Nintendo has fine-tuned the Switch Lite to double down on portable aspects. The result is a pocket-friendly gaming device perfect for both short gaming bursts and long virtual adventures. 

Wondering how the Nintendo Switch Lite (available on GameXtreme.sg) is perfect for everyday life in Singapore? Read on for our (unbiased) Nintendo Switch Lite review. We’ll highlight uniquely Singaporean situations where you’ll be thankful for Nintendo’s newest gaming console!

Nintendo Switch Lite review for typical Singaporean moments

1. While waiting for the GF to finish shopping

Seven hours of gaming time

shopping nintendo switch lite review
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Long shopping trips leaving you bored to tears? With the Switch Lite’s extensive battery life, you can enjoy a satisfying gaming session instead of idling in the ‘Boyfriend Corner’! Armed with up to seven hours of gaming time on a full charge, the Switch Lite ensures you stay entertained, regardless of how long it takes your girlfriend to return with her shopping haul.

While our Nintendo Switch Lite review praises the console’s battery life, there’s no way it’s surviving seven hours with a graphically intensive game on maximum brightness. Check out this list of best power banks so you can charge anywhere on the go!

2. When you just BTO-ed and don’t want a TV

Built-in controllers and a sharper screen

lounging in BTO nintendo switch lite review
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Before you dismiss the Lite as a Switch that can’t well, switch, hear us out! You may in fact, not need to dock it to a television at all! That’s especially so if you prefer watching shows on your laptop and haven’t watched TV in forever.

With BTO flats already costing a bomb, buying a costly smart TV that you wouldn’t watch much may not be the best idea. So why not opt for a Nintendo Switch Lite instead? Possessing the same specifications as the original Switch, the Switch Lite guarantees you’re getting the same (if not better) portable gaming experience. Enjoy Switch Lite’s handheld-friendly features with built-in controllers and a screen with higher pixel density.

3. While waiting for your friends to take that perfect IG shot

Lightweight, compact and portable

ig shot nintendo switch lite review
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A huge complaint of the original Switch was its overall clunkiness that often made gaming on the go inconvenient. Given the Switch Lite’s smaller dimensions (208mm x 91mm x14mm) and light weight at 277g, handheld gaming has never felt more comfortable! Instead of feeling unwieldy, carrying the console around in our pockets throughout our Nintendo Switch Lite review felt natural and intuitive.

Have you ever gotten bored of watching your friends make micro-adjustments while framing the perfect Instagram shot? Instead of sitting idly by, why not get out your Switch Lite to work on that ever-growing backlog! Whipping it out of your pocket and playing on it feels as lightweight and compact as a smartphone.

4. While queuing for food or drinks

Extensive library of casual games

queuing in line nintendo switch lite review
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In our opinion, there was no better time to play the Nintendo Switch Lite than when we were queuing in line for our favourite drink. With the Switch Lite’s extensive library of casual games that are perfect for short 15 minute bursts, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! From nailing combos in Mortal Kombat 11 to designing levels in Super Mario Maker 2 (both available on GameXtreme.sg), these titles are made better with the Switch Lite’s handheld-friendly refinements. Take advantage of the cross-shaped directional pad for easier in-game navigation and a narrower frame that makes it easier to reach for the touch screen!

5. To dodge unwanted conversations at family gatherings

More than just a single player console

dodging conversations nintendo switch lite review
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Contrary to popular opinion, the Switch Lite doesn’t restrict you to handheld mode! With an extra pair of joycons, you’re free to play games in tabletop mode. This lesser known feature can be an absolute lifesaver during family gatherings when your nosy relatives bug you about career and marriage prospects! Simply hand them a joycon and sidetrack them with an engaging game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (available on GameXtreme.sg). Hint: The Switch Lite will be the perfect companion at upcoming CNY gatherings, just saying!

6. When the entire household loves gaming on the Switch

Game sharing and Nintendo Family Membership Plan

playing together nintendo switch lite review
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Already own a Switch and think you don’t need a Switch Lite? Think again! With the wealth of quality single player titles and multiplayer games, it can be difficult ensuring everyone has a fair turn at playing, especially if you belong in a household of Switch fans. Fortunately, Nintendo’s Family Membership Plan accommodates this and lets up to eight accounts gain access to handy features like online multiplayer and game-sharing! This allows everyone to enjoy games like Splatoon 2 (available on GameXtreme.sg) even if you’re playing on two different consoles.

game sharing gif nintendo switch lite review
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Wondering how game sharing works? Simply designate one console as the Primary Switch and the other as the Secondary Switch. Then, sign into the Nintendo account that doesn’t own the title on the Primary Switch. Following this, sign into your game-owning account on the Secondary Switch. Now you can juggle digital games across multiple accounts and Switch systems as you load up the same game on both your Switch and Switch Lite!

7. When you don’t know how to spend your GST voucher

Wallet-friendly price

gst voucher nintendo switch lite review
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Just received your GST Voucher and don’t know how to spend it? Why not treat yourself to the best portable (and affordable) console this generation! The Switch Lite is priced at $319, making it a bargain for gamers who were initially hesitant to jump on the Switch bandwagon. Whether you’re a perpetually broke student or a parent looking to reward your child, the Switch Lite is the perfect Christmas gift to get without breaking the bank!

Nintendo Switch Lite at a glance for tech savvy buyers

Specifications Nintendo Switch Lite
Price $319
Screen 5.5 inches, LCD Touchscreen, 1280 X 720 resolution

32GB built-in storage

(expands up to 2TB via microSD card)

Battery 3570mAh battery, 3 to 7 hours of on-screen time
Weight 277g
Dimensions 208mm * 91mm * 14mm
Console design

Directional pad for greater control

Quiet and tactile buttons

Comes in 3 colours; Turquoise, Yellow and Grey

Our verdict

All in all, we had a blast reviewing the console during our Nintendo Switch Lite review as it brought back fond memories of the days when handheld gaming was popular. While the Switch Lite may not have the docking capabilities of the original, it’s definitely worth owning if you miss the good old DS and Game Boy days. Nintendo has crafted a spiritual successor with handheld refinements that makes holding the Switch Lite intuitive and optimal for on the go action!

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Convinced by our Nintendo Switch Lite review but still deciding on which home console to purchase? Let our comprehensive guide to the best gaming consoles fill you in! Alternatively, if you’re thinking of stocking up on quality games, browse GameXtreme.sg’s collection for Nintendo Switch games that you’ll have a blast with.