Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa Claus Landed His Sleigh Early At Shopee Indonesia

The sound of bells jingling “ting-a-ling” was reverberating through the entire floor, accompanied by heavy laughter and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You. It can only mean one thing – yes that’s right, Christmas is just right around the corner!

There may not be snow that covers the streets of Jakarta or multi-coloured lights hanging from tree to tree, but that definitely didn’t deter us at Shopee Indonesia, seeing as how we’ve brought Christmas vibes to our offices!

Here are some of the highlights from our Christmas Celebration featuring Mr. Santa!

Hearty greetings: It’s Christmas all in balloons! Shopee is taking the celebration over the top with a fancy balloon arch!
Winter magic: Santa’s Elves have done a good job in turning Shopee Indonesia into a Christmas Wonderland!
Nothing says Christmas more than a hamper packed with delicious choco flakes, cheese cookies, a comfy blanket, a calendar and a greetings card
Delightful treats make Christmas sweeter but those smiles and happy faces are the most beguiling!
Peek-a-boo: Is it a present or Santa Claus? Spoiler alert– Santa Claus is the present!
Raining snowflakes: It’s rainy season here in Indonesia, so an umbrella is an item very essential to all of us. But who would’ve thought – turns out, you can also catch fluffy snowflakes with an umbrella! #OnlyAtShopeeIndonesia
Listening to carollers lifting up their angelic voices to Michael Buble’s Jingle Bells is the best way to start Christmas
It’s a feast! What do you anticipate the most for Christmas? The gifts? For me, it’s always the feast! Nothing is more heartwarming than hearty Christmas staples
The Christmas feast icon. The roast beef that Shopee had prepared makes all of our stomachs growl in hunger and anticipation!
Say no more, there is always room for dessert in our stomachs!
Good food, great friends and magical Christmas celebrations. What’s not to love?
Yumm, can you guess what’s on her plate? It’s Lobster Au Gratin!
Look who we have here! Santa paid a visit to Shopee Indonesia despite his busy schedule. Shopee must be filled with nice people 😀
Happy moments are definitely contagious. As you can imagine, everyone had a blast welcoming Santa! Look at that warm bear hug though!
Santa and his helpers spreading joy, handing out candy canes to everyone in Shopee
Getting into the joyous spirit with cute, luscious candy canes
It’s simply amazing to see the smiles light up on everyone’s faces with Santa gearing up for the new year!

Our Christmas and New Year’s celebration at Shopee Indonesia was chock-full of joy, laughter, and happiness. Pure bliss! Huge thanks to the Employee Relations team, who masterfully organized and made the holiday spirit come to life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

If you’re keen to start a new journey in a new year with us, join our team now! 2019 waits for no one!