9 Tips For Finding The Right Bra Fit For Every Singaporean Girl

Just because it’s worn on the inside doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. If you’re one of the many who likes to rip off your bra the moment you get home, it might be because you’re not wearing the right fit. Get rid of all the discomfort you’re feeling with these 9 essential tips and find the right fit for yourself here:

1. Find the right fit by following this equation for your band and cup size at home

Bra Fitting
(Lane Bryant)

Yes, there’s an equation to follow to find out the right band and cup size for yourself. To measure this at home, you’ll need a measuring tape and two measurements, in inches.

Band Size – Cup Size = Alphabet Cup Size

Firstly, you’ll need to measure around your back and under your bust for your band size. Secondly, you’ll need the measurements around your back and over your nipples for your cup size. Next, subtract the difference, and that number will correspond to a letter in the alphabet.
E.g. If your bust measures 38 inches, and your underbust measures 35 inches, you’ll be a 35C because 38 – 35 = 3 and 3 corresponds to the letter C.
Of course. if this is too troublesome, you can also get a professional to measure and do the fitting for you at a boutique.

2. If you find that your breasts are of different sizes, round up!

Bra Fitting
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It is not unusual to have breasts in different sizes, so do not worry about that. It does make bra shopping a little more tedious though. But as a general rule of thumb, do buy a bra that fits the larger breast. Psst, you can always get a bra with removable pads and removing them on the big side too.

3. Did you know that most support comes from the band?

Yes, surprise surprise, did you know the band is actually responsible for about 90% of the actual support? The cups and the straps are actually there to hold the breasts in place and shape them respectively. Which is why strapless bras also exist. Essentially, if your band and cup both fit well, you should be able to remove your straps!

4. If the bra straps are digging into your shoulders, it might be a sign that the bands are too big…

Bra Fitting Guide

When the bands are too big or too loose, it will put more pressure onto the straps, thus causing the straps to dig into your shoulders, which can be very uncomfortable.

5. …or the cups too small

And if the cups are too small, you might find your breasts spilling out around the edges, thus putting more pressure onto the straps as well. Instead of loosening the straps, you might want to consider getting bras with larger cups instead.

6. The centre panel of the bra should lie flat against the middle of your chest

Bra Fitting
(Find a Bra That Fits)

Ideally, the centre panel on the front of your bra between the cups is supposed to be touching your chest and if this centre panel is floating away from your chest, it is a sign that your cup might be too big, and you might want to go down a cup size.

7. Take note that the band has to be snug

After measuring your band size, you should still be able to comfortably fit your finger between your back and strap. When you’re able to fit your finger with only about an inch of stretch, it is a good indicator that you’ve got the right size! Psst, if the band is too tight, it might squeeze and dig into your breast tissue, which is definitely not good in the long run. If it is too loose, your breast won’t get the necessary support as well (remember point #3?).
Pro-tip! To keep your bra band fitting as long as possible, you can start off by wearing your bra on the loosest hook first. When it starts to loosen and get worn out, you can slowly progress inwards and use the second and third hook for more support and grip.

8. Get different bra styles and materials for different purposes

Bra Fitting Styles

Of course, like clothes, you should wear different bra styles and bras made of different materials for different purposes. You can’t just get one kind and hope it fits all occasions. Here’s the basic breakdown:

– The Everyday Bra

This is the basic bra that should cover approximately 70% of your wardrobe.

The Sports Bra

This is the bra that you should be wearing to exercise. It should minimise bounce but at the same time, not impede performance.

– The Non-Underwire Bra or Bralette

For days when you feel like just lounging around, this will be your best bet. Just remember to get pieces with adjustable straps so that you can get the best fit.

– The Convertible Bra

These can be strapless, halter necks or even lace bras to suit different occasions and needs, for e.g. when you have to attend a formal dinner and the only dress you have is a maxi tube dress.
And for mothers out there, this is for you:

The Nursing Bra

These bras come with detachable cups for ease when nursing your child.

9. Lastly, bras do not last forever

Throw away Bra

Sadly, bras don’t last forever. You will have to replace our favourite one probably after a year because it no longer gives you the support it used to.
Do you have any more tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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