7 Trending FILA Products You Need To Be Hypebeast

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CNY Sale 2021 - Shopee Singapore
CNY Sale 2021 - Shopee Singapore
CNY Sale 2021 - Shopee Singapore

FILA used to be a popular brand in the Nineties but seemed to fade away following the birth of the new millennium. Thankfully, the sportswear brand has reemerged to revitalise retro fashion in this era! Today, FILA products have become staple streetwear items. If you’re looking to get on the ‘brandwagon’, but you’re unsure of what to get, here are some pieces you should add to your wardrobe.


1. Disruptor 3

Riding on the “dad shoe” trend, these chunky-soled trainers resemble shoes that were popular decades ago – maybe something our parents wore. Although this may seem like an aggressive take on the fad, the thick soles provide additional comfort for your feet. For our petite friends, the shoe also amps up your height (and your confidence!). The size of the shoes is flattering on most people, especially on larger feet. Along with the fact that the jagged design is unique to the Disruptor series, you have more than enough reasons to make this one of your lifestyle footwear options.

2. BTS Jogger Pants

If you are a part of the BTS Army, it won’t surprise you that BTS has recently been announced as global brand ambassadors of FILA. The daring nature of both entities will definitely result in an epic partnership, with these pants being one of the many products. These joggers look like they came right out of Jungkook’s closet! If you want to emulate the style of BTS members or just want to have a dependable pair of bottoms, this is the way to go.

3. Ray Tracer

The neutral tones of this sneaker is what sets it apart from a lot of sneakers on the market, making it perfect for everyday usage. If you’re someone who doesn’t exercise a lot but wants to look like it, this is the pair of shoes for you! The curvy patterns don’t look tacky, instead adding a quirky touch to the otherwise classy shoes. These shoes take on the dad shoe trend in a more subdued manner, with not-so-chunky soles and colours that aren’t in your face.

4. Bucket hat 

What was once the internet’s most-hated accessory is now well and truly a fashion statement. Styled the right way, this ‘90s fisherman favourite can make you stand out from the crowd. The logo placed all over the hat looks like the monogrammed design a lot of high fashion brands seem to favour at the moment – another reason you should be ordering this item right now! Not only is it stylish, but the hat also protects you from harmful sun rays and keeps you cool.

5. Logo slippers

Isn’t it great that slides are back in fashion? For the lazy fashionista, this is going to be the key to your fit. You can lounge around in these slippers all day. They are lightweight and flexible too, making them SUPER comfortable to walk around in if you have to. Another plus point is that you don’t have to fiddle around with laces or straps to put the slides on – they just slip right on to your feet. Slides are the epitome of athleisure wear!

6. Color Block Hooded Jacket

Deck yourself out in FILA’s signature colours in this colour block-style jacket that’s perfect for our unpredictable rainy weather. The jacket is resistant to both wind and water, keeping your outfit dry and cool. The relaxed fit of the jacket will surely be complementary to your ‘fire’ street style! 

7. Crossbody bag

This crossbody bag will make sure your essentials are close to you, regardless of whether you’re a guy or a girl! It is so light, making it easy to carry around. Not only can you access your items easily in the front pocket, but you can use the inner slots of the bag to keep things like your credit cards and money secure. The monochromatic design makes it a welcomed addition to any outfit you want to pair it with.

FILA has been successfully navigating this age of sportswear for fashion with the aforementioned products and their recent collections. Now that you know what you should be adding to your cart, it’s time for you to unleash your inner hypebeast and parade around in your approved athleisure choices! Are you ready to be hypebae? Let us know in the comments section below if you are getting any of the products!

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