PSA: Apple iPhone XR, Grab $10 Codes And FitFlop Sandals Will Be Going At Up To 70% On 3 Mar Only

We’re nearing the end of our Shopee 3.3 Shopping Carnival but we’re not done giving you the best deals at the best possible price! Come 3 March, we will be holding our 3.3 Grand Finale Sale and ending everything off with a huge bang with 16 deals at up to 70% off. Here’s what not to be missed:

At 00:00 hrs:

1. We’re switching things up a little and we’re giving you a Nintendo Switch Console at just $388.

Nintendo Switch

U.P. $415.00

S.P. $388.00


2. You’ll also want to stay up and grab these $10 Grab codes that will be going at just $7.50.

Grab Vouchers

U.P. $10.00

S.P. $7.50


At 08:00 hrs:

3. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to “read more”, you’ll definitely want to bag this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 that will be going at 20% off!

Kindle Paperwhite

U.P. $199.90

S.P. $159.00


4. Mummies and daddies, set your alarms to grab a carton of Merries diapers for your precious LO at just $31.90.

Merries Diapers

U.P. $37.90

S.P. $31.90


At 10:00 hrs:

5. Camera-enthusiasts, you’ll want to capture the GoPro Hero 7 (Black) that will be discounted at 23% off.

GoPro Hero 7

U.P. $599.00

S.P. $459.00


6. Treat yo’self and get the cult favourite Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate that will be discounted at 59% off.

Kiehl's Midnight

U.P. $154.00

S.P. $62.90


At 12:00 hrs:

7. If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner in the market, look no further because Amazon’s best-seller Eufy By Anker RoboVac 11 will be going on sale at 36% off.

Anker Eufy

U.P. $279.00

S.P. $178.00


8. Get one of the best wireless earphones in 2019 and grab the Sudio Tolv True Wireless (that has a 7-hour play time!) at 30% off.

Sudio Wireless

U.P. $199.00

S.P. $139.00


At 16:00 hrs:

9. And if you’re on the hunt for a new mobile phone, look no further! The Apple iPhone XR in the 128 GB variant will be discounted to just $999.

iPhone XR

U.P. $1,299.00

S.P. $999.00


10. Make travelling with your LOs a whole lot easier with the Yoya Noble Cabin Stroller that has been highly raved about by many mummies and daddies.

Yoya Stroller

U.P. $99.00

S.P. $79.90


At 18:00 hrs:

11. Be juice the best and get a Hurom Slow Juicer that will be discounted at 55% off.

Hurom Slow Juicer

U.P. $648.00

S.P. $289.00


12. If you’re looking for the perfect portable hard drive to back those memories up, look no further because the Seagate Backup Plus with 4TB memory storage will be going on sale at just $125.

Seagate Drive

U.P. $169.00

S.P. $125.00


At 20:00 hrs:

13. Keep your bones and joints healthy with Blackmores Glucosamine Sulfate that will be going at just $39.90 for 200 tablets.

Blackmores Glucosamine

U.P. $73.00

S.P. $39.90


14. You’ll want to bag this Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag that will be going at 70% off too.

Marc Jacobs Camera Bag

U.P. $359.00

S.P. $109.00


At 22:00 hrs:

15. If you’re done Marie Kondo-ing your shoes, you can probably get this Shoe Cabinet Bench with storage to store all your precious kicks that will be discounted at 70% off.

Shoe Cabinet

U.P. $99.00

S.P. $29.90


16. Last but not the least, you’ll want to set your alarms to get a pair of these comfortable FITFLOP™ Flats Sandals that will be going at 64% off.

FitFlop Sandals

U.P. $139.00

S.P. $49.90


Which will you be camping out for? Let us know in the comments below! Psst, here’s other deals that you’d want to set your alarms for!

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* TNC Applies. Valid for new users from 26 Feb to 5 Mar only.

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