5 Singaporean #ShopeeGirlBoss That Will Inspire You This International Women’s Day


5 Singaporean #ShopeeGirlBoss That Will Inspire You This International Women’s Day

Let’s just take a moment to reflect – what were you doing when you were 19? Most of us were still in school and some of us might have already taken on the working world. But for some, they were already starting to build an empire on their own!

Check out these 5 #ShopeeGirlBoss we’re honouring this International Women’s Day and follow their store or journey for your next favourite outfit or inspiration!

  1. Chow Liying
    Our Bralette Club
    Brand: Our Bralette Club (OBC)

    Society is always telling us to accept our body the way it is. But, if you haven’t realised, there is no brand that is actually doing anything about this. That is before Our Bralette Club was founded. Meet Liying (or better known as Chow). Being plus-sized all her life, she understood that many women were dissatisfied with their bodies and were afraid to wear bralettes because they feared how society might perceive them to be. Thus, Chow decided to start OBC, a brand that carries a wide range of sizes and even custom-made pieces because of their firm belief that there is a bralette for every body, no matter the size.

  2. Amy Kwa
    Her Jewellelry
    Brand: Her Jewellery

    Amy is THE success story. After three failed businesses and even a near bankruptcy (yes, it is that jialat), Amy made her mark and launched what we know as today – Her Jewellery – at the age of 28. With the vision to work with prestigious brands and make jewellery with high-quality materials, Amy channelled her efforts into setting up her own factory in China. This clearly paid off because Her Jewellery is actually the first company to be Swarovski Zirconia’s partner in Singapore. The brand is currently present in both Singapore and Malaysia and there are even plans to open 10 outlets by 2019!  

  3. Charmaine Tan
    Charmed on 9th Ave
    Brand: Charmed on 9th Avenue

    Charmaine is the perfect example that proves success has no age limit. At the age of 30, she co-founded Charmed On 9th Avenue. With no background in fashion/design, Charmaine was left with little choice and the brand actually started off by selling clothes sourced from overseas. Things started to change after her first child at 31, when Charmaine kickstarted her matching mother and kidswear line. After her second child, she decided to branch out into breastfeeding outfits with matching baby wear. Charmed On 9th Avenue is now a well-known brand that prides themselves on various collections designed based on the everyday lives of real women.

  4. Angela Ang
    MGP Label
    Brand: MGP Label

    Angela is one of the co-founders of MGP Label, otherwise known as the SQ of the online store industry. At a tender age of 19, she co-founded the brand when she was still enrolled at Singapore Polytechnic. With absolutely no background in fashion/design (She graduated from NTU with good honours), Angela made it big by devoting time and effort to understanding her customers and the fashion industry. Now, MGP Label prides themselves on great customer service (FYI, They were actually one of the first brands to offer WhatsApp alert!) and even overseas stores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

  5. Geraldine Soh
    Brand: Geraldine

    If you haven’t already heard of the brand GERALDINE, we’re here to tell you all about its brand and also, the woman behind this all – Geraldine Soh. Another entrepreneur that started young at 19, Geraldine started this brand with her hard-earned money from part-time jobs held when she was still in Junior College. She overcame the various challenges that threatened her business, such as suppliers that doubted her capabilities and tough competition from overseas sellers. Differentiating herself from other brands, GERALDINE prides themselves on their delivery and service standards – Providing a 7-days return and refund feature and prompt customer service. Currently, Geraldine has plans to bring the brand abroad to tap into the overseas market.


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