30 Watches You’ll Never Believe Cost Less Than S$2


Yes, you read that right. We’ve narrowed down 30 watches that you can get on Shopee that costs less than a plate of Chicken Rice, and arranged them according to the occasions you can wear them on!

*Ppst, price not inclusive of shipping!

When you’re on a budget but still have to attend formal events

  1. Live on the edge with this unique Rhinestone Watch ($1.84).

    Rhinestone Watch


  2. Make a (bold) statement with this Quartz Watch ($1.75).

    Quartz Watch


  3. This basic Leather Watch ($1.96) will be the perfect complement to any outfit.

    Leather Watch


  4. Ladies, make a statement with this Classic Women’s Watch ($1.32).

    Classic Women's Watch


  5. Once again, this classic Leather Band Watch ($1.99) will never go wrong!

    Leather Band Watch


  6. This classic Roman Numerals Watch ($1.64) will never go wrong too!

    White Beige Watch


  7. Move over because this Slim Leather Band Watch ($1.60) is here to impress.

    Slim Leather Watch


  8. This dainty Slim Strap Watch ($1.98) will be the perfect accompaniment to your outfit!

    Slim Leather Watch

When you want a FitBit, but can’t really afford it

  1. Go sporty with this colourful waterproof LED Watch ($0.74).

    LED Watch


  2. Or opt for this simple Sports Bracelet Watch ($1.00).

    LED Sports Watch
  3. This Touch Screen LED Silicone Sports Watch ($1.20) looks like a device that came out from Black Mirror.

    Touch Screen LED Silicone Sports Watch
  4. This Waterproof Digital Watch ($1.82) looks uncannily like G-Shock and we’re pretty sure they’re just as durable!

    Waterproof Digital Watch


When you just want to show off the animal lover in you


  1. And also a Cute Cat With Glasses Watch ($1.50) that comes in either white or black. And if you’re actually thinking which to get, well… JUST GET BOTH!

    Cat Glasses Watch


  2. Get this Cat Watch ($1.89) and be as surprised as this Cat because how can a watch be this affordable?!

    Wow Cat


  3. Show your love for this adorable bears with this Panda Watch ($1.88).

    Panda Watch


  4. Well, this adorable Elephant Watch ($1.56) can be the perfect addition to your zoo outfit!

    Elephant Watch


When you are just going for the casual look

  1. Simplicity is really at its best with this Retro Vinyl Leather Watch ($1.42).

    Retro Vinyl Leather Watch
  2. Go basic with this classy Marble Watch ($1.20).

    Marble Watch


  3. Or you could go classy but not too over-the-top with this Stainless Steel Digital Watch ($2.00).

    Stainless Steel Digital Watch


  4. Math Nerds will definitely appreciate this (smart) Math Watch ($1.76).

    Math Watch
  5. Channel your inner Mozart or Beethoven with this Musical Watch ($1.72).

    Musical Watch
  6. The hippie in you will want this Vintage Feather Watch ($1.75).

    Vintage Feather Watch


  7. Go nautical-theme with this Striped Watch ($0.90).

    Striped Watch
  8. The subtle touches to this Flower Watch ($1.50) screams girly and yet dressy at the same time!

    Flower Watch


  9. This is a Pineapple. This is a Watch. Pineapple Watch ($1.98).

    Pineapple Watch
  10. Turn heads with this unique Textured Watch ($1.73).

    Textured Watch


  11. The flower power is strong with this Daisy Watch ($1.42).

    Daisy Watch


  12. Aww! Fash yourself up with this cute Graphic Transparent Watch ($1.80).
    Graphic Transparent Watch


  13. Start your day refreshed with this Watermelon Watch ($1.67).

    Watermelon Watch


  14. Create your own colour spectrum with this pretty Gradient Watch ($1.89).

    Gradient Watch


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