9 Fashionable Ways To Show Your Love For Food

“I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food: I want everything.” – Mindy Kaling

Wear your stomach on your sleeves, ears and everywhere else!

1. Food bags are an egg-cellent way to store your belongings!

sling bags
(aiwoko.sg and magicmall01.sg)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Hamburger Sling Bag, Fried Egg Sling Bag, Popcorn Sling Bag, French Fries Sling Bag

2. Wear your cravings out and proud with these apparels.

food tshirts
(cocoon21, oushinuo.sg, blissbliss12 and swrose.sg)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Sushi Tee, Tacos Tee, Burger Time Tee, Best Friends Tee

3. Savoury socks so your feet can also contribute to the outfit potluck.


(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Fries Socks, Pepperoni Socks, Shabu Shabu Socks, Burger Stack Socks

4. Plan dinner while staring at your feet.

fruits slippers
(alicego.sg and walkingrunning.sg)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Lemon Sandals, Apple Slippers, Watermelon Slippers, Assorted Fruits Slippers

5. Add a million and one brownie points to your life with these accessories.

(oushinuo.sg, leap.sg, eelzdxd.sg, gsld.sg, mnlsg and funwithartz)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Rainbow Cake Ring, Pineapple Shades, Flower Rings, Fruit Slices Hair Tie, Gummy Bear Necklace, Gummy Bear Studs

6. Subtly showcase your love for food with these adorable pins and brooches.

food pins
(hotwind.sg and cfstore.sg)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Pizza and Fruits Collar Pins, Acrylic Food Brooches, Fruit Collar Pins, Avocado and Peach Collar Pins

7. Get an appropriate phone case for your daily food delivery calls.

phone case
(issues, 2415.sg, eststore.sg and ciaoxshop.sg)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Biscuit, Ramen and Salmon Case, French Fries and Tomato Sauce Case, Nutella, Sneakers and Skippy Spread Case, Glittery Fries Case, French Fries Case, Lunchtime is Over Case

8. Put your money where your mouth is with these food pouches.

food pouch
(chiicagiftshop, gcubee, tuesday.sg and sureddoya)

(Clockwise, from Left to Right) Cartoon Fruit and Food Pouch, Macaroon and Crackers Pouch, Printed Fruits Pouch, Macaroon Shaped Pouch

9. And finally, complete your picnic with a food mat!

picnic mat

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