Getting That Runner’s High With The Best Men’s Running Shoes

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It’s never too late to commit to a regular running routine! Before hitting the trail, make sure you’re equipped with the best men’s running shoes. After all, the last thing you’ll want is to injure yourself because you aren’t properly laced up. It can certainly be overwhelming to choose the best running shoes given the number of things to look out for! From lightweight road running shoes to cross training shoes for gym workouts, our guide to the best men’s running shoes will make buying new running kicks a breeze!

How to choose the best men’s running shoes

Shoe fit and feel

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Overall shoe fit and feel is the most important factor when buying the best men’s running shoes! The last thing you’ll want is to shell out money for a pair that constantly bites into your ankles or flops about during runs.Here are some things to look out for:

  • Wiggle room: Your feet may swell during workouts, so leave at least half a centimetre of space over your big toe for expansion 
  • Lace up: Make sure your laces are tight enough so your feet can’t wiggle about. This will prevent abrasion and blisters from popping up on your feet.
  • Good cushioning: This helps dampen the overall impact so you can hit your stride without ruining your knees.

Shoe type

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Prefer running off-road trails to asphalt? It’s crucial that you get the best men’s running shoes to fit your preferred workout environment. Running shoes are usually split into three categories: cross-training shoes, road running shoes and trail running shoes.

Cross-training shoes are specifically designed for crossfit or gym workouts and allow wearers to have superior balance. The wider soles maximise your feet’s contact with the ground, allowing for more lateral movement.

Do you regularly jog around your neighbourhood? You’ll want to buy road running shoes that are optimised for handling repeated strides on asphalt. Being light and flexible, they’re equipped with shock-absorbent technology so your joints are shielded from heavy impact.

If you’re more of an off-road runner, you’ll appreciate the additional grip and durability of trail running shoes! Whether you’re battling steep inclines or dashing past puddle-filled routes, these running shoes are equipped to handle everything nature throws at you.

Now that you’re aware of what to look out for, read on for our recommendations for the best men’s running shoes!

Best men’s running shoes: Cross training shoes

1. On Cloud X

on cloud x best men's running shoes
(Credit: N-Zone Sports Official Store)

Crossfit junkies will love On Cloud X (available on N-Zone Sports Official Store). Featuring a featherweight midsole, Cloud X is a cross training shoe that’s great for short sprints or speed workouts at the gym. Short distance runners will appreciate how On cut down on excess cushioning and doubled down on responsiveness! This allows for exceptional freedom of movement and enhanced grip as you zip and sprint about.

Apart from being one of the best men’s running shoes for cross training, the CloudTec midsole is its major talking point as it grants explosive movement while making you look good in the process. This along with its slick and minimalist design earns this pair of On Cloud running shoes bonus points for us!

2. Skechers Go Run Mojo

skechers go run mojo best men's running shoes
(Credit: Skechers Singapore Official Store)

In a pinch while shopping for the best men’s running shoes? Why not check out Skechers’ Go Run Mojo (available on Skechers Singapore Official Store)! Winning over casual runners with its squishy outsole and flexible mould that accommodates any foot shape, the Go Run Mojo is especially ideal for beginners.

Borrowing from its success in the sneakers market, Skechers have placed heavy emphasis on heel-to-toe comfort and included a Goga Run insole and 5GEN midsole technology. This allows the Go Run Mojo to be one of Skechers best men’s running shoes in the realm of comfort, value and style.

Best men’s running shoes: Road running shoes

3. Saucony MS Freedom 3

saucony ms freedom 3 best men's running shoes
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Weighing in just over 200g, the Saucony Freedom 3 (available on N-Zone Sports Official Store) feels so light you feel like you might just tear through them on your first run. Yet, the Freedom 3 stays durable thanks to its innovative PWRRUN+ cushioning technology. This gives rise to a foam midsole made from fused plastic that allows for uptempo runs and springy comfort, regardless of how long your run is.

Don’t let featherweight properties fool you — the Freedom 3 possesses plenty of grip to ensure you aren’t giving up traction for speed. Specifically, its outsole uses crystal rubber and ensures high traction for when you need to pick up the pace on low-grip surfaces. This lets you zip downhill or sprint on rain-slicked pathways without fears of slipping. 

4. Adidas Ultraboost All Terrain

ultraboost all terrain best mens running shoes
(Credit: Sport Planet Warehouse Outlet)

The Adidas UltraBoost All Terrain (available on Sport Planet Warehouse Outlet) isn’t just a fashion piece! Beneath its aesthetic streetwear appeal, lies a winning UltraBoost formula that delivers a fantastic running experience. A huge reason why the UltraBoost 19 feels better than predecessor models lies in its new heel counter. While previous UltraBoost shoes offered minimal support, the improved heel counter locks your foot in so there’s reinforced support when you’re making sharp turns!

The refinements don’t stop there! The UltraBoost All Terrain prides itself on enhanced foot support and achieves this with its all-new Primeknit 360 material. The open-weave mesh wraps around your foot to accommodate any natural movements and prevents wobbling. Ultimately, it’s all these handy additions that make this pair of Adidas sports shoes one of the best men’s running shoes for casual racing!

5. Nike Flex Contact 3

nike flex contact 3 best men's running shoes
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Bored of the same ol’ running shoe designs? As one of the go-to men’s running shoe brands, the Nike Flex Contact 3 (available on crownsportsg) pushes conventional design boundaries with its slip-on design. Despite omitting laces, you won’t have any issues with shoe fit as the shoe provides superior support. Add to this the shoe’s knitted upper for continuous airflow that helps to transfer heat and perspiration away from the shoe interior!

Innovative shoe design aside, Nike has also paid special attention to the overall feel and comfort of its running shoe. By utilising a dual-density foam in its midsole and a cushioned footbed, the Flex Contact 3 offers underfoot protection and support as you’re casually running along roads.

Best men’s running shoes: Trail running shoes

6. New Balance 247v2

new balance 247v2 best men's running shoes
(Credit: New Balance SG Official Store)

Searching for the best men’s running shoes that won’t leave you with aching feet? The New Balance 247v2 (available on New Balance SG Official Store) is a fantastic option! With a midsole that uses REVlite foam technology, the 247v2 offers maximum comfort and responsiveness while cushioning your feet during longer trail runs.

Besides making running as comfortable as possible, this New Balance running shoe is light enough for you to perform well on the track and durable enough to conquer rocky trails. While most running shoes veer to either end of the spectrum, the 247v2 sits in the middle and adapts to road and trail terrains perfectly.

7. Hoka One One Clifton 6

hoka one one clifton 6 best men's running shoes
(Credit: Running Lab Flagship Store)

Making a huge splash with the original Clifton, Hoka One One running shoes are back with its best men running shoes yet — the Hoka One One Clifton 6 (available on Running Lab Flagship Store). From the outset, the Clifton 6 looks deceptively light but don’t be fooled. It’s cleverly layered with its signature cushioning and is designed to be one of the best men’s running shoes for long-distance runs..

Also worth mentioning is Clifton 6’s greatly improved mesh upper that secures your feet while running so you can enjoy a solid mix of shock absorption and lightweight performance! Overall, Hoka One One has placed greater emphasis on improving the overall fit and breathability by including mico ventilation holes and clever midfoot stitching. If not for anything else, its eye-catching colour fades will surely win you over like it did for us! 

Best men’s running shoes to guarantee a spring in your step

You’re now ready to conquer any running environment thanks to these men’s sports shoes! Need some music to get hyped? From rap to rock, check out our playlist consisting of the best workout songs. If you need recommendations on how to make the most of your cross training shoes, read our guide to our easy home workout routine and our beginner’s guide on how to use gym equipment.